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31 Oct 2016

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Bluebird by Aphoride

Rated: Mature Audiences • 8 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Past Featured Story

Wings arc from your body as you begin to soar, rising and curving towards the sun as it filters down towards you through the ink-blue sky.


Water fills your lungs in a steady drip, drip, drip, and you are drowning instead. 


|| FROGS 2017 Winner: Best Description ||

Reviewer: teh tarik Signed
Date: 23 Apr 2017 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: Little River Running

Laura <3 <3 <3

This is the long overdue review that I owe you, & I'm truly sorry it has taken me this long to write this. Since that time you first told me that you'd dedicated this gorgeous piece of writing to me, I've read this several more times. & I'm just really so blown away every time. By the amazing-ness of your writing, & also because you've gifted a fic to me of all people.

So. thank you. thank you so much. this means a lot to me *flails* *sobs* *dies an ineloquent death*

asdasfkjhkj THANK YOU for writing Ariana for me!! I love her character & I love fics that explore her in detail, because she has such a wasted narrative arc in canon, one that is always overshadowed by Albus. & your fic is a gorgeous rendition of her character, and her instability & all the traumas that afflict her. I really, really appreciate the level of detail that you've gone into to write her character, and how you've incorporated the myth of the Great Lynx, and how it ties in so deeply into her character. I had to look up the myth because I know nothing about Native American mythology, and I'm glad I had the chance to learn more about the Mishipeshu. Also! Apparently the Mishipeshu is always in opposition to the Thunderbird?? And Albus is the Thunderbird, if I remember correctly from your Kendra-centric fic (which is one of my favourite one-shots written by you!).

you shudder in time to the swish and the sway of the water below as it tumbles and gurgles a few feet below. It is solemn and discordant, a continuous rush of sibilant, miserable whispers - damp and weak, even as the wind rips at it from above, clawed hands scraping and catching at the tips of waves, ripping them taller, driving them away, away downstream and towards the sea.

^ sigh. Right from the beginning, such vivid gorgeous descriptive writing form you. & I always associate Ariana with water imagery, so this is just  wonderful.

wild flowers, dropped like breadcrumbs leading round and round in endless, wandering circles to nowhere, a shower of jewels in dimmed, shaded blues and buttercup-yellows, imperial violets and bright, violent crimson. In the weak sunlight, the darker colours sank and the lighter colours - the pale, blushing pinks, and the brilliant whites, ephemeral sky blue petals and tiny cream blossoms bursting out of their buds

^ wow!! your description is so vivid, so striking and I just, halskdjlkasjdas gorgeous use of colour and visual imagery. It also struck me that this is probably taking place in Ariana's head, and that she's not really 100% living in the real world.

You do not shiver; instead, you merely watch, fascinated, how if you breathe on the flecks, white-grey mist blossoming out of your mouth and reaching out long fingers to trail across your skin, they warm, melting into you and leaving only the barest trace of themselves behind.

^ this is just lovely detail! *heart eyes*

Butterflies, electric blue and turquoise and soft periwinkle, flutter out of your mouth with every breath you take, quick and skipping, darting off into the ether; they all only ever make it a few heartbeats, a handful of seconds, before their wings stiffen and weaken and they fall, littering the forest floor with a carpet of greying, dusty bodies.

^ excuse me while I die at the creepy beauty of this image alskjdlaks HOW DO YOU DO THIS THIS IS AMAZING *swoons*

Oh, Ariana, you hear again, and as the leaves shift overhead in the breeze, there is a sudden burst of light, bright and fierce and shimmering, and you see yourself reflected in rich blue eyes, a lock of auburn hair still heavy with water slipping down and leaving a trail of tiny, sparkling drops across a cheekbone.

^ I love how Albus is introduced in your fic. (I'm assuming it's Albus...if I'm wrong, please throw a buffalo at me...) I think Ariana kinda idolises him, the way she sees him with so much power and grace and beauty. I love how he's associated with the wind and light and all the things she's not - the contrast between them is done so well.

A single eye, light and an icy, eggshell blue, glints in the dark; you cannot see another, and you shiver - wrong, wrong, wrong. walking

^ oooh, is that Gellert?? that icy eggshell blue eye of his is such perfect word choice. Perfect and also very unsettling. I love all the wrongness about him, and how intuitive Ariana is. She's so much more intuitive than Albus.

In the light, oil-blue and slick, sly, your brother looks older, tired, halfway to dead, with hollows under his eyes and strands of black littering his hair, ash amongst a fire; but when he glances at his friend, always, always a few steps behind, there is a hunger and a sweet ferocity, alive and dancing, which you do not recognise.

^ & here comes the Albus / Gellert. And all the unhealthiness of it. :p This paragraph sums them up so well - how Gellert changes Albus, and not for the best.

In the pool at your feet, reflected, you see the dark, vicious gleam in your eyes and the white points of your teeth, bared and snarling, the supple, languid way your arms and your legs move, your head rising first, too smooth and too elegant to be human.

^ I'm kinda imagining that Ariana looks into the pool & sees the Great Lynx as part of her. She too, has that wilderness in her, and there's something savage & predatory about her in this moment. she isn't just a traumatised girl; she definitely doesn't feel helpless, even if the whole world is against her, or if the whole world overlooks her as a person. I love this vicious other side to her character.

&& & I think I've gone through the whole thing again!! I'm still just so honoured that you wrote me this. It's absolutely beautiful & I love this so much THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

and OMG that note at the end. 18 months of planning & writing this fic? that is a LONG time, it's a LOT of work & i'm just humbled that you've taken so much time and put in so much detail. it truly is the perfect gift for me.

Laura, I'm so glad to have met you (online) - you are an amazing friend. & you always check up on me even if I'm not very active on the forums, or even on Twitter. Just know that you are an absolutely wonderful and beautiful person. And that you truly are an incredible writer with an amazing talent for creating the best descriptive prose, and the most well-crafted characters.

Thank you once again, truly.

much love,

The Serpent's Tale by Leo

Rated: All Audiences • 2 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Safiyah is a basilisk, bored and hungry. Salazar Slytherin visits her one last time before leaving Hogwarts.

Reviewer: teh tarik Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 21 Jan 2019 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: The Serpent's Tale



I loved this. This is such a creative and unique perspective. Chamber of Secrets has always been one of my favourite books in the series, simply because of the existence of the basilisk. I've always been interested in the whole giant deadly serpent which can kill with a glance, and to read a fic from the basilisk's point of view is wonderful.


And you definitely did a wonderful job creating Safiyah's voice and character. I always thought that the basilisk and Salazar were kind of companions during the Founders' days, and that perhaps Salazar took comfort in the rearing of his pet basilisk while he was constantly at odds with the other Founders in terms of their shared vision of Hogwarts. But you've presented a completely different kind of relationship between Salazar and his basilisk, to what I envisioned. I love what you've done - how Safiyah, in the end, is a snake, a creature who, like all other creatures, long for freedom, for a full belly, and just to be able to live their life.


I really enjoyed this - Safiyah's perspective is not as malicious or as bloodthirsty as Harry must have thought of her when he first ventured into the Chamber. In fact, she's very...snakelike. Wanting to bathe in the lake, hunt fresh prey, bask in the sun like other snakes...I did feel rather sorry for her. How badly Salazar misunderstands his own creature. Or perhaps he understands her but simply does not care about her needs.


The decision to give Safiyah a little friend in the form of Rafeek was such a lovely detail. And perhaps Safiyah's only link to the outside world. There's such a contrast between them. Yes, Safiyah may be the magnificent Queen of Serpents, but it's little Rafeek who has freedom, and who has the happier of lives. Until, of course, Safiyah eats him. Again, not out of ill will, but out of sheer hunger.


I know Salazar keeps talking about his heir, and Safiyah is bored about all his self-glorifying tales, and yet she's also hopeful that the heir might be a better person than Salazar? A better companion, perhaps? But I'm not sure that Tom Riddle would be better than Salazar Slytherin. He seems even more manipulative and arrogant and power hungry, and more likely to force her to obey his will...just like his ancestor.


I really enjoyed this unique little story about Safiyah, the basilisk! Thank you for sharing this.


(Magical Menagerie: Team Gorgon)

egg by justawillowtree

Rated: Mature Audiences • 6 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

| banner by stardusted* @ TDA |


banner featuring 'astrid' from how to train your dragon, titled


To Astrid's chagrin, her parents, who are far too old for this type of funny business, birth her an annoying, redfaced, wailing sister. When she's twenty. So when her parents name the baby Britta, Astrid calls her Burpy instead.


Messes are born, chaos ensues, and amidst it all, the baby somehow, somehow survives childhood. Not that Astrid cares or anything.


(for Bianca and her love of dragons)

Reviewer: teh tarik Signed
Date: 17 Jul 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: egg

Hello Eva!

I'm here as promised to read your JulNo fic. :D I think this is the first thing I've ever read by you and wow, what a gorgeous little fic this is. I'm so pleased that I'm actually familiar with HTTYD so maximum appreciation from me for this. You've got all the details of the HTTYD-verse beautifully, the littlest things that just brings all the scenes to live, e.g. the levers, flinging sheep up in the air for dragons to catch, Itchy Armpit, the pub -- all of them wonderful and just so lively - I loved all of it.

And of course, Astrid and Burpy. Burpy is absolutely adorable, and Astrid too. The way you write them and their interactions is lovely. Astrid is absolutely in-character with her tough-talking tough girl exterior (but the end just proves she's a giant softie, especially toward her sister). I lol-ed at Astrid giving newborn Burpy a whole long lecture about how to use an axe - her Viking side is definitely showing. It's great to see Astrid's journey as well from start to end -- she definitely grows along with Burpy, and by the end, that harrowing last scene, something definitely breaks open in her, breaks her open to Burpy. And it's beautiful; it's such a good development in Astrid's character. From all the humour to his moment where Astrid just feels so vulnerable and helpless (yet she still risks her life for her darling sister).

And I just want to  mention your other characters as well - how delightfully in-character they are. Ruffnut and Tuffnut, Fishlegs philosophising away, Hiccup and Toothless's interactions -- all of them were wonderful and beautifully and deftly portrayed. The humour and the dialogue are amazing. :)

So it's been a long long long while since I've actually read anything on these archives >.< But this has been such a wonderful heartwarming read, and the best way I could re-acquaint myself with these archives. You're an absolutely amazing writer, and I can't wait to see what else you'll write. Keep going at it! <3

a boy of hans by dirigibleplums

Rated: Mature Audiences • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

cr. ailhsa @tda



The books would paint it as something gloriously tragic. They would say that Draco is a work of art: copper stains on his teeth, wrists thin and carnations knitting together his ribs. A boy hopelessly and deliriously in love.


Perhaps that is true, but so is this - Draco Malfoy is dying and it's Hermione Granger who led him here.

Reviewer: teh tarik Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 07 Sep 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: broken petals of a heart

I was just browsing the recently added section because I felt like it...and your fic caught my eye, so I clicked and read. And read. And read.


Holy smokes this is amazing. Great AU, great use of the trope, great structuring of the fic, I love everything about this, from the non-linear structure, to Draco's shifting perspective, to the detail about the Hanahaki disease, and how you merge it so seamlessly into the wizarding world. That little story at the end was a bonus and I love love LOVED it. Even your side characters like Lycoris are so sharply and finely drawn.


Overall, such an amazing fic. I'm so glad I read this. Can't wait to read more from you.



Author's Response:

Ahhh thank you so much, that means a lot (especially coming from you since you write wonderfully)! I was experimenting a lot with the entire thing whether it was the order of the scenes or the way the trope was involved. The idea of making it a pureblood disease just grabbed me and wouldn't let me go, especially because I felt it would lend to the whole pureblood rhetoric in a way that had interesting implications. I'm glad you liked that story at the end because that was the part that gave me the most grief haha.


Thank you for the lovely review <33

Founders Four: Pillars of the Ages by shadowkat678

Rated: Mature Audiences • 84 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star







History speaks to us of four friends, a school they together founded, and a division that still echoes through the stone halls of Hogwarts today. Yet, that great castle was never truly the beginning, and most certainly wasn't the end. Maybe, it's time to find out what the history books didn't tell you.


Amazing banner by Marzipan on the DA forums!

Reviewer: teh tarik Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 25 Dec 2018 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: The Beginning

Hiya! I promised you a review for your fic, so here I am! And Merry Christmas by the way!


I'm intrigued with how you've written the Founders - or at least Godric and Salazar. I have read a bit of Founders fic during my time on HPFF/ HPFT, and I always love seeing other writers' interpretations of these characters.


Already in this first chapter, there's a lot of mystery and tension surrounding Godric, and his meeting with Ingvar. And it's really wonderful that Salazar's father is Godric's mentor - this adds such a complex layer to Godric and Salazar's relationship later on. We already know that Gryffindor and Slytherin were friends before they had their falling out, after which Slytherin left. But the fact that Godric knows, and is very well-liked by Salazar's parents adds a whole new dimension to the Founders' relationship with each other.


I love the detail about your original characters as well, e.g. Amara and Ingvar, and even Markus, who had a very brief but memorable scene. Markus does sound like a piece of work - I'm wondering if he'll pop up later on in the fic as some sort of antagonist. And Amara and Ingvar sound like great parents to Salazar!


Anyway, you've got my interest piqued - what could Godric be wanting to discuss with Ingvar? Does it have anything to do with the founding of Hogwarts?


I think you've got a wonderful start to your story with a fresh take on these characters. I look forward to reading more and hope you keep on writing - thanks for sharing your fic. :)


- teh

Author's Response:

Ello', teh!

Marcus should be showing up, though how that will be is spoilers, so you'll have to wait and see.

Thanks for the review, and hopefully I'll see you back when the next chapter is up!

A Yuletide Carol by hiddenhibernian

Rated: Mature Audiences • 3 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

"I shall not participate in any Christmas celebrations this year whatsoever. I refuse to spend one more evening surrounded by tinsel, tasteless ornaments or meaningless expressions of goodwill. From now on, I intend to observe pagan holidays – you and the students can have Christmas, Easter and the rest of it to yourselves."


Severus opts out of Christmas. It does not go as planned.

Reviewer: teh tarik Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 19 Jan 2019 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: Chapter 1



The summary of this caught my eye, and I always do love a good Christmas, uh, Yuletide fic with humour, as it cheers me up a good deal. I really enjoyed this! It's so original and creative and the humour is just wonderful and so in-character, for Severus. And Minerva as well. And there's just so much complexity to this little piece, even though at the beginning the premise of the whole story sounded like Severus just wanted to avoid Christmas, citing conversion to paganism as an excuse, and the other teachers just planning to pull some kind of joke on him.


I don't know which part of this I loved most -- Minerva's complicated plan, going to see Aberforth to procure a wild boar, Rolanda's potty mouth and love of drink (so fitting for the Quidditch coach), the fact that Severus hid behind desks, expecting to be attacked, and then later discovering that the other teachers had locked a wild boar in his office and planned to sacrifice it in front of him ... oh dear! And then of course, there was that wager between Albus and Severus. I loved that little scene between them - so perfectly in character.


That last section of the story caught me completely by surprise. This was quite a humorous fic with such a fun and light-hearted atmosphere, and that last bit - wow! There was definitely a different angle to the whole pagan tradition that Severus was joking about -- that Minerva and the other witches  are involved in. Absolutely lvoed that inclusion of Mōdraniht, and what it meant to all the women who taugh at the school. It was gorgeous, and so mysterious, and so beautifully written. I love stories like these, that surprise me in such unique ways. The shift in tone and atmosphere was wonderful.


And of course, that last sentence was perfection. It just tied the whole story together in the best way possible.


Thank you for sharing your story with us - I loved this and hope you continue writing more!


(Magical Menagerie 2: Team Gorgon)

on and on by VaguelyCreativeName

Rated: Teen Audiences • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Time heals all wounds, they say.


Reviewer: teh tarik Signed starstarstarstarstar
Date: 18 Jan 2019 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: I



I really loved what you have written here - this is short but is so compact and so profound. I love how tightly wound together this whole metaphor of Time is. It's like a really dense coil that just spirals on and on without end.


There's such a deep sense of despair in this whole piece. From the onset, with that first sentence, "time heals all wounds, they say" -- the way you started the piece with a rather overused and hackneyed phrase really sets the generally cynical tone of the whole piece.


It's sad to think that the character doesn't remember life as anything wholesome, as anything but this kind of deep festering pain. And how happiness is such a foreign and abstract concept, rather than a reality, or even a possibility for them. :(


I also especially liked how the character momentarily moved away from themself to wonder about others, if others deal with their own pain and their own life troubles better than them. It's something so human, something we all do. Even if we're wrapped up in our deepest misery, sometimes we do think about other people - if they handle their lives better than we do. (And of course, sometimes we convince ourselves that they do, and therefore we are insignificant and weak for not being able to deal with ourselves -- and so perpetuates the loop of despair)


The last sentence of this just really reinforced the whole despairing tone of the piece. And of course, it ends where it began - with the endless loop of Time, possibly the only thing that is left for the character.


This was a very thought-provoking piece of writing, and I really enjoyed this. Great use of second person point of view as well.


Thanks for the read!



When Death Eaters Make Dessert by aelaia

Rated: Teen Audiences • 6 Reviews starstarstarhalf-star

3rd Place Winner of UnluckyStar57's 'The Great British Bake Off AU Challenge'


Want to know what happens when you get a collection of Death Eaters together, in a tent, add a few Muggles and force them into a baking competition? With Draco, Yaxley and Voldemort's POV's, welcome, to the Great British Bake Off, Death Eater style!

Reviewer: teh tarik Signed
Date: 19 Jan 2019 Story: Chapter: Chapter 1: When Death Eaters Make Dessert


OH MY GOODNESS! DEATH EATERS MAKING DESSERT? Yes please! I love silly humour like this, and your fic was such a delight to read! I don't even know which part I enjoyed the most, or whose point of view was the most hilarious! I did like that you switched points of view several times during your fic, because everyone's perspective was so funny.

Voldemort at the beginning, though, questioning the ability and intelligence of his followers - I wish I could have been there to see his face when Snape told him this was a Muggle show they were on, and that they, a bunch of arrogant pureblood Death Eaters, were all competing fiercely with each other to impress a bunch of Muggles.


Aww, poor Draco! Always feeling inferior to Potter, always in someone else's shadow - I love how determined he is to prove himself by baking the best baked alaska. Perhaps this is something, a new skill maybe, that he can challenge Harry Potter in - something he can beat him in??? Bahahaha!

I LOVE all of the Dravo vs. Yaxley moments in the entire fic -- Yaxley is such a conniving scoundrel lol. Cheating at a Muggle baking competition! Bullying a kid. Sabotaging Draco's baked alaska. That blow to the jaw was something he deserved, though I was a little afraid for Draco, because Yaxley had his wand and could have hexed him something nasty!


And the way you ended the fic back in Voldemort's perspective was brilliant and so, so fitting! Voldemort mind controlling the Muggles via magic to announce him as the winner of the baking competition! Even though I assume he didn't even make anything, just stood around sneering at everything and consider Avada Kedavra-ing every living thing within a 5 mile radius? Bahaha! I think he got interested enough, though -- secretly he was very interested in the whole competition once he saw how completely involved everyone was. No wonder he had the Muggle woman declare him the winner.


Of course it was a dream. Oh dear. Now we know what the terrifying and supremely evil Dark Lord dreams about!! He dreams of the perfect cake, but his wish fulfilment is always thwarted because of the ineptitude of his followers!


His last words were a genius way to end the fic! The Dark Lord telling Snape that he requires cake is....such an iconic image, and I'm sure I'll be thinking about this for a while.


Thank you so much for writing this - your story cheered me up greatly (it's a grey rainy day outside), and I've enjoyed!


(Magical Menagerie 2: Team Gorgon)