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11 Apr 2018


reading order:


Nuclear Love

lionheart (can be read standalone)

Playing with Fire


Young Gods

Bad Habits


No Mercy.

Lex Talionis

Taste of Blood

If I Had a Heart (can be read standalone)

all my stories (except The Edge of Oblivion) are set in the same The Art of Being Nonchalant universe

award by abhorsen@HPFT

F.R.O.G.S.: best short-form romance: Nuclear Love (2019) | best dialogue: The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) (2019) | best reviewer runner-up (2019)

MFWHAT: best dark/horror: No Mercy. (2019) | best representation of a non-slytherin canon character: Astoria Greengrass in Nuclear Love (2019) | best OC&best multi-chaptered story: The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) (2019)


The Art of Being Nonchalant (Or Not) - chapter 16 - 0% done

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A collection of one shots and drabbles featuring Ethan Jones, a Hit Wizard and Selene Zhang, a mysterious broomstick designer.