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14 Mar 2018


Hi, I'm Emma! 24, Australian, I specialise in writing all your faves as queer and Jewish. Talk to me about how many terrible worldbuilding decisions JKR made. Happy to chat any time!


If you would like my non-HP fic, it's over at dropbear. I'm facingthenorthwind over on the forums, a Ravenclaw prefect. :D

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Emma's faves by facingthenorthwind

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These stories are not connected in any way, I am just making this because my page has a lot of stories on it and people may want suggestions for which ones to read. There's no order to the way they're listed here, though, it's not ranked or anything.

everybody lives by facingthenorthwind

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An AU where James and Lily survive 1981. It's listed in the order I wrote it (and should probably be read that way?), but chronologically it's a disastermess. Currently:

  1. A Pair of Open Graves [1983]

  2. Nothing Better [1993-4]

  3. Iconoclast [1995]

  4. Conditional Immortality [1996]


Hermione Before the Beit Din by facingthenorthwind

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You wouldn't find it in the Talmud, per se, let alone the Torah, but Wizarding Jewry doesn't obliviate people, and Hermione has broken the law.

last words soulmate au by facingthenorthwind

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These fics are all set in a universe where you have the last words your soulmate says to you tattooed on your wrist. Absolutely nothing else changes, because it turns out that doesn't change canon all that much at all.

Each pairing is self-contained.

losers who deserve each other by facingthenorthwind

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All the stories in this universe can stand alone but are also all directly related to each other. If you want to see anything in this 'verse PLEASE let me know because I love writing it but have currently run out of stories to tell in it!

space opera au by facingthenorthwind

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Pigfarts is the most renowned school in the galaxy. Unfortunately, prejudices exist even in space, and Welbers and humans aren't terribly popular...

Static by facingthenorthwind

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Apparently back in 2009 I had a think for Frank Longbottom/Narcissa Black. This series is the result of that thing.