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28 Mar 2018

I am Tgfoy, a married, middle aged, ex archaeologist, Steam railway enthusiast who it is probably safe to describe as something of an English Eccentric, especially where humour is concerned. I came back to creative writing after a 30 year gap through discovering Fanfic. Since then have enjoyed relearning forgotten skills, a process still ongoing.

I write stories, initially by hand, that I think I will enjoy, publishing them in the hope that others will too and I welcome constructive feedback, it helps me improve, we are none of us perfect after all. I look forward to reading any reviews left on my stories. So far I have completed several one shots as well as two novel length stories, the second a sequel to the first, in the Harry Potter Fandom. I have also written a one shot set in the Downton Abbey universe and a novel in the Tripods Trilogy one created by John Christopher, neither of which have sections here, at least not as yet. I have other stories in the pipeline as well.

Depending on when I can get them ready, the following are the stories I plan to publish here during 2019.

Lord of Tang. (Novel)
Sequel to Essence of Revenge. The parallel stories of two people living 1000 years apart, but their lives are twisted inexorably together. This story is set in both era's, yet is not time travel. I have tried to make the background to the founders era sections as accurate as possible based on our ever growing knowledge from the Archaeological record of the UK during the era. Some sensitive issues (such as slavery and sacrifice) as well as battle scenes are included. It is a story of discovery, betrayal and destiny, humour, romance and revenge, war and political manouverings. 

The Path (One shot) Now Published.
Set 500 years after the events of Essence of Revenge, a course in Archaeology descends on a certain clearing in the Castle grounds, one student has an ancient family secret to protect. 

The Eloise (Novel).
Set in the universe created by John Christopher in the four Tripods books he wrote, the first three written were a childhood favourite of mine. This is a story of homecoming set in the missing period in canon, between the destruction of the last city of the Tripods and the Conference of Man which was intended as a new beginning.

I am also re editing my one shots and some of the Essence of Revenge Chapters to catch some errors missed previously (we are all human after all).

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Stories by tgfoy

Essence of Revenge New! by tgfoy

Rated: Mature Audiences • 26 Reviews starstarstarstarstar


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The battle was over. The victors woke into a new dawn, a new era had been born. They were free to live, free to find happiness, free to love. But a cloud drew across their world almost unnoticed, a darkness gathered strength. A new plot conceived. Vengeance approached. Harry must face a new battle, a war for his very being. A story of the 14 months after the battle of Hogwarts.

The Path by tgfoy

Rated: Mature Audiences • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

the path

Banner by the Author.

It has lain undisturbed for five hundred years, safely hidden from those who would use it.

Can one boy prevent its rediscovery.

Can he prevent discovery of his ancestors secret.

When Hogwarts introduces a new subject from the muggle world, intended to verify some of what is recorded of the battle that had taken place here five centuries before. His ancestor had been central to those events, now he must find an object mislaid before anyone else. A secret protected by his family must be kept, to protect his world.



The Bride and Groom by tgfoy

Rated: Mature Audiences • 0 Reviews


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A Downton Abbey missing moment story.
"The Bride and Groom." Tom repeated, and everyone turned in surprise. He and Sybbie had arrived just in time to toast the newly weds, unannounced to the family at the end of their journey from Boston USA, but how had they got there. This is a story about that journey, the people they met on the way and a return to the home and family they had yearned for.    

To Hide a Dursley. by tgfoy

Rated: Mature Audiences • 3 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star


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What happened to the Dursleys after they left Privet Drive? Where did they go? What did they do? Did it change any of them?
Prequel to my Novel length Fic, Essence of Revenge.

The Call of Duty? by tgfoy

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The Battle of Hogwarts, through the eyes of an easily overlooked participant. Did they fight because they wanted to, because they believed it was the right thing to do or was it simply the call of duty?

Is A Mukkinese Battle Horn Bad For Your Health? by tgfoy

Rated: Mature Audiences • 0 Reviews


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When a call to Fred for help is a little odd, even by Weasley standards, does it bode well for Ginny's plans to disrupt the oppressive administration of the school before Christmas.

Additional Warning: This story contains what is probably the worst ever chat up line in Fan Fic. The author accepts no responsibility for the consequences should any reader choose to use it in the real world.
Strongly implied nudity within.