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30 Jun 2018

I'm a very sensitive soul 

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Error in the Cosmos New! by Downlow

Rated: Mature Audiences • 7 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

Leanna Selwyn is a pureblood orphan who was taken in by the Longbottoms at the age of four. Her biggest misfortune is her natural tendancy to be evil and sarcastic. It could have been all right if James Sirius Potter and Fred Weasley were not in the same grade as her.

James is talented. Leanna is only gifted with a good memory. They have absolutely nothing in common save one - They both hate each other's guts. 

Before the Dawn by Downlow

Rated: Mature Audiences • 3 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

-This story features a darker version of the Marauders era-


Severus has called her a Mudblood not three days ago and now he's hexed James with a new curse of his. But what was unexpected was her reaction to this. Was she turning dark as well? Or was this her role in the war brewing outside of the safety of Hogwarts?

With the initiation of the Death Eaters, the threat of war has become real. As a potential Death Eater, a Mudblood and two Purebloods clash within the walls of Hogwarts, the future seem pretty cut out for them. 


But where would there petty childhood rivalries land them? 

Scarred by Downlow

Rated: Teen Audiences • 2 Reviews

A post-Fred story where George finds a way to cope up with the loss. 

Herpeton by Downlow

Rated: Teen Audiences • 0 Reviews

Aesalon watches the red-headed boy from the depths of Mopsus Corpse. The voices in around him increase in volume and intensity as they all see him. They are not beseeching the boy to save them. They're chanting to Herpo to bring the boy in.

A Weasley! A Weasley! Let the blood traitor burn!

Not here. Not with us. I don't want his blood anywhere near me.

His mother put me here! Bring him down! BRING HIM DOWN!


"Quiet!" Herpo's voice bellows, cutting the chanting off. "I suggest you preserve your energy for when he falls"