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I'm Tasha! Give me a cuppa in front of a roaring fire, Weird Sisters on the wireless and Remus Lupin with a wry smile and a woolly jumper and I'm the happiest little lass. 

Currently working on:

A Walking Cliche: A next Gen romance, full of lots of fabulous fake dating cliches.

Let Me Love You: Five stand alone chapters on significant moments in Remus Lupin's life.

Unnamed Marauders' era novel - This is actually what spawned Let Me Love You so will sit in the same universe as that.

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Stories by LadyMarauder

Past Featured Story A Walking Cliché by LadyMarauder

Fandom: Harry Potter Universe, Harry Potter Universe > Next-Generation (2009-2040) · Rating: Mature Audiences · Incomplete Novel (50,000+ words)
38 Reviews · 5 likes · 730 reads


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a walking cliche


"Look, you two are a walking cliché. You fake date to make people jealous, end up falling in love, your brother kills James and gets put in Azkaban, and the best friend doesn't get to marry the love of her life."


Jess Kenny isn't having the best start to her sixth year. Enter James Potter and his uneven nostrils.

Series: Gryffindor Featured Fics

Published: 21 Nov 2018 · Updated: 08 Feb 2020

Days Like These by LadyMarauder

Fandom: Harry Potter Universe, Harry Potter Universe > First Wizarding War (1950-1981) · Rating: Mature Audiences · Completed Challenge Entry
5 Reviews · 1 likes · 39 reads


From broomsticks and blushing to dungbombs and detentions, it took them seven years, but they got there in the end.


Lily and James over the years through the eyes of their friends.



Written for HPFT's Great Collab of 2018-2019 | New Beginnings | Slow Burn

Genre: Romance

Themes: Bullying, Discrimination, Friends to Lovers, Friendship, Slow Build/Slow Burn

Inclusivity: None

Advisories: Violence
Series: 2019 Collab

Published: 28 Jan 2019 · Updated: 30 Jan 2019

Let Me Love You by LadyMarauder

Fandom: Harry Potter Universe · Rating: Mature Audiences · Incomplete Story Collection
17 Reviews · 8 likes · 114 reads



Sometimes lovers, always friends, Remus Lupin and Chi McAllister have a complicated relationship. She looks at him like he's worth something, and that terrifies him. 


A series of one shots throughout Remus's life from Hogwarts and beyond, featuring Maraudering animagi, the Order of the Phoenix and fighting wars, all set to a rock and roll soundtrack.


Awesome banner by azimuth @TDA.

Characters: James Potter I, Lily Evans Potter, Peter Pettigrew, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black

Pairings: Remus Lupin/OC (HP)

Story Length: 2 chapters (5775 words)

HPFT Forum House: Gryffindor

Series: None

Published: 29 Nov 2018 · Updated: 16 Jan 2019

The Roar by LadyMarauder

Fandom: Harry Potter Universe, Harry Potter Universe > Between Wars (1981-1995) · Rating: All Audiences · Completed Challenge Entry, One-Shot, Podfic
10 Reviews · 2 likes · 192 reads


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Charlie Weasley was all set to play Quidditch for England, until a couple of Welsh Greens came into his life.


For The Dragon Tale Story Challenge hosted by StarFeather at hpft archives.

Characters: Bill Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Minerva McGonagall

Pairings: None

Story Length: 1 chapters (1421 words)

HPFT Forum House: Gryffindor

Genre: General

Themes: Careers, Magical Creature

Inclusivity: None

Advisories: None
Series: None

Published: 22 Nov 2018 · Updated: 23 Nov 2018