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31 Oct 2016

Hi, I'm teh. :)

You can find me on the forums.

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Red Flowers, Burning Winds by teh tarik

Rated: Mature Audiences • 0 Reviews Past Featured Story

Sometimes, in Hester’s half-sleep when her limbs are leaden as coal scuttles and her thoughts are arrows strung on bows but never released, she suspects that Anna never really fell, that the infamous scarlet aviator coat was wrapped around nothing, a rag spun into a steaming abyss.


Nobody comes back from the Sunless Country.

A Mortal Engines (2018) fic

Jingle All the Way by teh tarik

Rated: All Audiences • 11 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

The entrance to Givesmore Santa Enterprises was a dark slot of a doorway between the Lucky Duck Restaurant and a shop selling scarlet wedding decorations. Dennis’s eyes kept sliding from the slick barbecued carcasses of ducks dripping into metal trays in the Lucky Duck’s display window, to the gilt-edged Double Happiness cut-outs of the wedding shop.


Givesmore was doing its best to shrug off his gaze and elude him.



Dennis Creevey gets a new job.



[This story was originally posted on HPFF in 2016 and was, and still is dedicated to the very amazing Sian / nott theodore! Sian, Merry Christmas!]

Mandrake by teh tarik, Slytherin_HPFT

Rated: Mature Audiences • 1 Reviews

You were enamoured by wicker bones and rosebud flesh that folded under pressure, by voices that turned dry as husks in sunlight, for want of water.


Happy Halloween! Drabble for the forums Maze#3 activity! Prompt: dark/horror

My Mother Is A Serial Killer by teh tarik, Slytherin_HPFT

Rated: Teen Audiences • 5 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

My mother is a serial killer.


Halloween drabble for the 2018 Maze#3 activity! Prompt: dark/horror

A Portrait of a Soucriant as a Young Woman by teh tarik

Rated: Mature Audiences • 0 Reviews

You’re Eleanor Webb. You write this over and over. Your truths can be torn flocks of birds in the wind. Or stones thrown into the sea. But your name must stay. Like a headstone. How fitting, because isn’t a headstone meant to commemorate?


Eleanor is a soucriant, a writer, a portrait.


A Byzantium (2012) fic

To Boil Telephone Porridge | 煲電話粥 by teh tarik

Rated: Mature Audiences • 4 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Past Featured Story


“Hello?” Kwai Sim says.

There’s a rustle at the other end, the plastic-pop of interference. Nobody answers, but the line is still holding.

Her heartbeat leaps to a frenetic pace before she even realises why.


“Daniel? Ah Khim? Is that you?” she says, very carefully. If she doesn’t say his name right, or with enough caution, it might not be him. Just her imagination, tricking the name off her tongue.




A series of conversations between two people.


For the Prefects' Celebration Challenge

The Network by teh tarik

Rated: Teen Audiences • 6 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star

Banner by easterlies at TDA

August, 1997. The Ministry of Magic has changed. Death Eaters are everywhere, Ministry workers are disappearing, and the Muggle-born Registration Commission has come into effect. As a new employee in the Floo Network Authority with a dubious reputation for loyalty, Marietta Edgecombe must decide where her allegiances lie in such unstable and difficult times.

TGS Awards 2013 Winner: Most Imaginative


(Originally written in 2013 - no edits)

The House and the Sea by teh tarik

Rated: Mature Audiences • 2 Reviews starstarstarstarstar


Ryn pulled her gaze back to Maddie. She had the biggest eyes ever. They sat in her face, those round robin eggs of eyes. Unblinking, fragile, waiting to hatch into hairless twiggy birds that would squirm out of her eye sockets. But there was nothing birdlike about Ryn.

“Helen let me stay here.” Ryn turned to face the log and stone cabin behind. “She visits often.”

“She told me that.”

“I am trying to make my own life here, in this house.”

“Yeah?” said Maddie again, smiling. “Let's see it, then.”




Maddie goes to visit Ryn.


(A Siren (2018) fic.

Written for scooterbug8515's Anything But Harry Challenge)

A Way To Keep Me At Your Side by teh tarik

Rated: Mature Audiences • 1 Reviews starstarstarstarstar

“This is about Kaia.”

“Jody,” Claire nearly shouted. “Stop.”

“Claire,” said Jody. “Not gonna stop.”


Kaia Nieves is dead, and Jody is taking them all camping.

A Wayward Sisters / Supernatural fic

that which lingers by teh tarik

Rated: All Audiences • 9 Reviews starstarstarstarhalf-star Past Featured Story

In the interrogation chamber of MACUSA, Gellert has a revelation.


For the 'HPFT Archive Grand Opening Drabble Challenge'.

summoning by teh tarik

Rated: All Audiences • 6 Reviews starstarstarstarstar Past Featured Story

You shall not die.

For the HPFT Archive Grand Opening Drabble Challenge.