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04 Feb 2018

Hi everyone! I'm Pen2Paper, and I'm back!

Call me Cali. Wow, it took a while for me to find this site and this forum! I almost gave up thinking HPFF world had stopped spinning. How silly of me. 

I've been writing HPFF for nearly 8 years though I've not been consistent and have had to take big breaks in between. I hope I can keep writing and finish one of my projects! 

Gryffie and Thunderbird! 

I'm a big Jily fan and Marauder fan and tend to write FF mostly in this Era though I'm warming up to Nextgen. 

If you read something do drop me a line! I love hearing from you guys :)

xx Pen2Paper

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Beautiful Banner by VioletEphemera at tda.

The word hung in the air for a long moment. But why was it said? What happened next? ...

An imagining of James and Lily's lives as they move forward from "Snape's Worst Memory" and the events that followed that led them to fall for each other. 


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Caprice ~ Unpredictable...

Of all unpredictable things love is by far the most notorious. It binds, breaks, ruptures, hurts, punches, kicks, embraces, consumes, inspires, gives and takes. And all of it, you can never know when to expect...