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Chemistry-Driven Ramblings

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Life Updates!

Hi everyone! 👋 I just thought I'd make a blog post about some big things that are happening in my life because it's about to get crazy for me in RL!  So first things first:   I moved halfway across the United States from Iowa (Midwest) to California (West Coast) for graduate school! I'll be going for my PhD in chemistry -- specifically, looking at atmospheric chemistry in the environment (think smog, forest fire smoke, air pollution, etc) and hopefully will be doing a mixture of laboratory and field research once I'm in a group. This also means I'm far away from the majority of my family and my long-term boyfriend, so I'll be pretty down these next couple weeks as things start happening for school (training and the like), so love and hugs would be greatly appreciated ♥️ (Don't worry too much though, I do have an aunt & uncle and their oldest daughter/husband nearby so I'm not totally alone) As a heads up, I will likely be pretty quiet on here towards the end of this month into the first chunk of October as I get settled into classes and such, but I'll do my best to answer PMs and reviews and the like.  Also, I've started my first venture into Original Fiction at the prodding of @Theia with a character vignette for her Narrative OF Challenge. I'm in the very early stages of planning a novel, the very early ideas of which can be found in my Writer's Journal and I will hopefully be better planning things with Scrivener once I download that (free trial).  I'm also going to be trying to update SOMETHING every couple of weeks so I can get my WIPs done and hit that complete button something other than a one-shot finally! This includes finishing Faith, Trust, and Crystal Balls and also (hopefully) Love Makes Me (M) by the end of the year. Something else on my docket is re-writing an old Jily one-shot from HPFF and various other projects including (but not limited to) further expansions in my The Triwizard Effect Series and also just some Harry/Hermione BFF things that I want to write now that I've completed my rewatch of all eight films this weekend.  I have also greatly enjoyed being welcomed to the Prefect team at the beginning of July and I hope to do Ravenclaw (and by extension, all of you) proud. If anyone ever has questions about the site, archive, or just life questions in general, please don't hesitate to send me a PM, my inbox is always open ❤️ My first ever time participating in the House Cup Finale was also hugely exciting and I am so proud of Ravenclaw for all of the work and wonderful effort we put into our newspaper 💙 🧡 Even though I'm not/didn't do writing/posting at the rate that I would have liked this summer, I'm still very proud of my entry for the Prefect's Celebration Challenge and the progress I've made so far for Love Makes Me and Faith, Trust, and Crystal Balls. Be on the lookout for new chapters and postings from me soon along with updates about how grad school is going over on my Twitter account (M).  That's all for now, folks! I'll check in soon with an update on how grad school is going in October!




Soulmate AU and Random Prompt Challenge Results!

Hello everyone! So I hosted the Soulmate AU and Random Prompt Challenge from February until the beginning of May, and I've got the results here!  Firstly, the challenge required the participants to combine a given Soulmate AU trope prompt and a Random prompt with a pairing of their choice. An example of this is where the pair have matching tattoo designs on their wrists, and Person A is a barista while Person B has a ridiculous coffee order, with the pairing of Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley.  Participants could choose to write in the Harry Potter, The 100, BBC Merlin, or Doctor Who universes, with no minimum or maximum length requirement. I really looked forward to seeing what everyone came up with as this was a far-reaching challenge regarding the prompts available and the numerous combinations possible.  So without further ado, here are all of the participants!  @dirigibleplums - +Ice Baby (T) @Slytherin_Ravenclaw_Chick - +Improvisations (15+) @ShadowRose - +Reckless (M) @Pixileanin - +Coffee and Curse-Breakers (M) @dreamgazer220 - +Marked Hearts (M) @TidalDragon - +Lucky Strike (T) @facingthenorthwind -  +two certainties (T/M) @just.a.willow.tree - +you again (T) All of these lovely people were competing for these prizes:  1st place: 5 reviews on pieces of their choosing + favorite story + promotion on my signature for 3 months 2nd place: 4 reviews on pieces of their choosing + favorite story + promotion on my signature for 2 months 3rd place: 3 reviews on pieces of their choosing + favorite story + promotion on my signature for 1 month And the winners are......*Drumroll*........  In 1st place, @Pixileanin with Coffee and Curse-Breakers! Pix wrote a wonderful post-war story about Bill Weasley and Tonks focusing on issues with non-moon-controlled lycanthropy, grief from spousal loss, and how to deal with soulmate marks that pulse when the other is in danger. The tragedy that we see right off the bat with Tonks attempting to deal with Remus's death but she can't due the appearance of two mysterious lines on her wrist linking her to someone to the point of death. She spends her mornings in line behind a man with a mysterious coffee order and one day that isn't so normal she finds herself face to face with this man and on the run attempting to save his life because they are linked together. The man happens to be Bill Weasley, and boy oh boy does Pix just up the ante with the angst by having Fleur killed shortly after the war as well but Bill does not know whether or not it was him. Pix smoothly pulls all of these tendrils together into one thrilling ride and used her prompts to her advantage.   In 2nd place, @dirigibleplums with Ice Baby! Plums wrote a fun, lighthearted story about James & Lily centered around the themes of ice hockey and figure skating, respectively, where soulmates had their partner's first words tattooed on their body. The brotherhood of James and Sirius is as perfect as ever and their dramatics together are just a fun way to begin the story. Once Lily and James meet on the ice, their fiery banter keeps the plot moving along and Plums did a great job of developing their story over time in a realistic fashion for people who started out hating each others' guts. The turning point seems to be where Lily sprains her ankle while skating and James gives her a piggyback ride to the university nurse to get it looked at. They progress from there until they finally realize that they do actually like each other romantically and start dating, and the rest is history! The background Remus/Sirius is also a pleasant addition to the story and gives James and Lily more to bounce off of regarding their personalities and character traits.   In 3rd place, @just.a.willow.tree with you again! Eva did a phenomenal job with her soulmate prompt where the pair's reincarnations continue meeting throughout the years. Teddy Lupin & Victoire Weasley begin the story back in ancient times when the werewolves and veela were in an all out war, but these two, unbeknownst to each other initially while in human form, had been together for a year. They tragically die in a fire set by humans after becoming trapped in a shed and too injured to leave. Eva then jumps forward some years to Victorian era with pickpockets and the height of criminal mischief, where they die from bullet wounds to the heart. Coming forward even more to present day sees Victoire and Teddy living together while Victoire preps for her Seventh Year and Teddy is working. Her great use of her random prompt in this section really emphasizes how all of the different Victoires did try to control or be in charge over Teddy, where in the modern setting he's finally had enough and beats a man up. It's a great look at self-reflection for Victoire and some seriously solid writing to have each reincarnation be so different from all the others yet still have the same base characteristics.  If the three of you lovely people could send me a PM with the stories you'd like reviewed, that'd be wonderful! To the rest of my participants, I sincerely loved each and every one of your entries, from facingthenorthwind's angsty Sirius/Remus one-shot to ShadowRose's bright and fluffy James/Lily multichap. Bravo to all of you, and thank you so much for entering my challenge!! Hugs and celebrations all around!! 




Helloween - I mean Halloween House week....

Hi all!  It's been a minute, or several, I guess. As always, as soon as the school year hit, my activity on this site plummeted. Curse you, college and club involvements! I've been meaning to get back into my writing, but with graduate school applications due in less than two months, along with running two very different and large clubs on campus, not to mention my regular schoolwork and actual jobs, it's fallen onto the furthest back burner.  So this week is National Chemistry Week for the American Chemical Society (Happy Mole Day!!!) and on Friday is our student chapter's biggest event of the year, our annual Halloween House event. This event brings in close to 1000 people from the surrounding community and we show them cool chemistry demos (of course we have fire and color changing demos, and liquid nitrogen ice cream!) along with some cool activities from the biology, earth science, physics, and pre-med clubs. It's a great event but when you're in charge of it going smoothly it's extremely stressful.  That's one of the many excuses reasons why I'm not more present on the site as of now, but also because I've completely forgotten where I'm at in my novel as well and what's supposed to be happening. *shrug* I'm definitely going to have time to work on it over Thanksgiving break though, right alongside my personal statements for grad school applications.  This was just my way of saying hey, I'm still around, but more in a lurking sort of way until I actually have some time on my hands.  Look for a BRAND NEW chapter of Love Makes Me within the next month though for sure!  ~Madi 



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