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On life, writing, adulting, fanfiction, representation and other things – a stream of consciousness

Okay, people. This is high on my list of things that have absolutely no priority to be done but, like, I need to? I'm jumping into this without any real plan and I have no idea what will come out of it... also, a word of warning: this might turn very personal and I might also include thoughts that might be disagreeable or that might be triggering for someone (I'm not saying it is going to happen, I'm saying it is a possibility)... please know that, if that eventually happens, it is not my intention to hurt or offend anyone... because I love every single one of you from the bottom of my heart (probably a bit too much considering I don't even know most of you in RL and I still care for you as much as - if not more than - I do for some of my RL friends, which is sort of crazy? I don't know, I'm already rambling and I'm not even started...) Anyway... I'm turning 32 in little over two weeks... which is crazy because I could swear I was 15 the day before yesterday? And while I think I have a pretty "standardized" life (a master degree, a full time job, a house that I keep at a decent state of order, even if my aunts would probably disagree on this point) I still feel like I'm missing a point... lacking a purpose... I feel like I haven't actually learnt to live yet. This probably has something to do with the fact that I've never been in a relationship in my whole life... I'm not even sure about my sexuality and I'm not sure how I'm supposed to deal with that. I'm not sure if my current job is truly what I want to do and sometimes I feel like I'm throwing away my life just because I want to fit in certain standards, but in truth those standards are just too tight for me? Do you ever feel trapped into what society expects from you? Do you ever think that life is too short and that you should enjoy it at his fullest and yet you don't because you need to make it fit into some kind of predefined structure and you don't know how to escape it? Well, this is how I feel a lot of the time. And I feel guilty because I was born in the best possible conditions and I'm still managing not to make the best of it. Because it's obviously my fault if I don't know what I'm doing with my life and I'm too lazy or too coward to change it, isn't it? (Well done, Chiara! This already sounds depressing!) One thing that actually gives me happiness is writing. I've been writing since I was a child, being it nonsensical fairytales, bad poetry or just simple diary pages. I've always had a big imagination and sometime I get lost in the worlds inside my own head, where there are no boundaries and I can just be whatever and whoever I want to be. Probably that would be the key of my happiness, and I have seriously considered (especially in the last months when I worked for my old society and I was starting not to feel at ease there anymore) to drop everything and just write for a living. But that sounded like something too crazy that no sane person would do, especially because I don't think I would actually be able to get published for a bunch of reasons, namely I'm not good enough, patient enough and determined enough. Still, I love to write and I try to do so, even if it's hard and even if it requires time and dedication and even if it's just for myself. When I discovered HPFF and the wonderful community that still lives here (I don't want to get into all the drama that was HPFF, even if I have a lot of thoughts about that, too... let's just say that I still feel lucky to stumble upon that site because, despite its many flaws, it introduced me to the wonderful world of fanfiction and to all of you beautiful people that, as I said already, I love from the bottom of my heart) it was in a hard time of my life (and I'm not going into that, either, because I've talked about that enough loads of times and it is not the purpose of this... not that this has a purpose...) and fanfiction helped me through a lot. I rediscovered the love for writing and I could finally share it with someone, and I was shocked and so happy to discover that my writing could actually resonate with someone. This community also opened my eyes over a lot of things I had never really thought about, like the importance of representation and the beautiful complexity that is the LGBTQA community. I have learnt so much just by interacting with you and I know I still have a whole lot to learn but what I'm trying to say is that the world is vast and diverse and wonderful and that I have to thank you for making me look a bit further than what I was used/comfortable to see. And well, the world can also be ugly and harsh and cruel at times, and we see that a lot nowadays, unfortunately... and sometimes it feels easier to just turn the head the other side and pretend it's alright, because, really, what can one person even do? I'm not even sure what I'm talking about anymore, I'm so sorry... I think I screwed this up completely, but now I'm sort of exhausted and I don't really want to try to make this rambling sensical. So I'll just have to decide if post this or discard it completely. But I'll do so after lunch, because it's 1.30am and this Italian needs her food. (Going to make myself spaghetti with clams. Anyone want some?) Just one last reminder that you are all awesome and that I love you all so much! Snowball hug rolling your way, Chiara

12 months of positivity - January

Hello, my beautiful HPFT family!  January is over and I'm here with a blog post...  A little explaination: one of my new year's resolutions for 2018 was to keep a diary in which I would note a happy thought each day. Since I had the idea here (we had a thread for new year's resolutions in the Hufflepuff CR) and since I love you guys and since I've incredibly followed through with it and I'm proud (I've only skipped one day), I thought I'd share it with you. I don't know if it'll be particularly interesting, and some things won't probably make much sense (a lot of my happy thoughts are HPFT-related, actually, so I guess you are lucky ) and I will be translating from Italian, which is always a bit hard...   Anyway, I will be making an entry each month and maybe you will enjoy reading it... (?) So, here it goes!    JANUARY 2018 1. The start of a new year and a new adventure. Sit down around a table and spend hours of cheeriness with dear friends. Maybe a small damage can happen, like a paper bag that succumbs to rain, but the beauty of it is that for every small damage a solution can be found. 2. A bit of frenzy, but there's always space to exchange a laugh with the colleagues. And then old memories of a few years ago come to mind and you find yourself wondering: "Who knows if Nanterre is still in A league?" 3. Starting the day with 2 new reviews and a nomination for FROGS has no price. 4. When work isn't either too much nor too little and you can face it with a smile. Pamper myself with some good food and enjoy a night that is only for me: read, write, do what I love most. 5. Man shall not live by bread alone, where bread is a synecdoche for food and food is a metonymy for material good. But anyway food is important and it's always the right occasion for a dinner out with friends. 6. The best part of a Skywalker night with the Matematti? Going to bed at 2am and then staying awake another hour chatting about books and old memories. 7. And after such an intense intergalactic weekend, the fifth movie is a must, right? Hunger Games, here I come! And in the wait, one or two review I didn't have time to leave earlier. 8. Liar is in the voting round, something genial (even if I can't remember what) surely was said in the office and the promenade is hesitated in the Slow Waltz. Mezzanotte per sognar, fanta-sti-car...  9. Giuliana changed her name in Giulia and the Due Diligence is harder to understand than the eleven dimensions in Subatomic Physics. At least our order of tea has arrived and my challenge had its first entry. The balance is always positive. 10. Getting misty over the emails between Simon and Blue and fantasising of future trips. Back to Sicily this summer? The answer is always the same: 42 CPD 11. Falling in love all over again with your own characters, while lying on the couch with a blanket and a cup of tea. What's better than that? 12. An email by [insert name of person who writes very ungrammatical, and hilarious because of that, emails], an unexpected review, new objectives and... the relax of Friday night. Everything else can wait tomorrow morning... 13. House tidied, new chapter of Jimmy posted, long owed review left. Proficuous day, I can feel proud of myself. 14. Another proficuous day, on the site but not only there. Ready to face a new week! (Okay, maybe not, but anyway satisfied with the weekend, even if on the [insert name of the company I work for] values there's still to work...) 15. Sometimes Mondays are hard, but finding myself sharing the wonderful love of my favourite online community is something that always makes me smile. And then there is the dancing, and nothing is better than dancing. 16. SVTHSA is probably the most adorable story I've ever read (and the first completed book of 2018), on Italia1 there is Harry Potter and the tea tradition in the office is by now established. Extremely happy in this moment. 17. In an emotionally exhausting day, the best part is finding yourself surrounded by your friends' affection and knowing that you are not alone. 18. Surely not a day when everything went smoothly, but at least the fanfiction gives great satisfactions. And tomorrow is Friday and that in its own is a great news, right? 19. Tiresome day closing a complicated week. The up side? Having a cheery dinner with my "adoptive family". And knowing that weekend has finally started. 20. Night out with friends like we hadn't had in ages. Laughing at old adventures and remembering the era of the "Can you make a coffee?" 21. And now the weekend is over and I haven't done half the things I wanted to... but at least the day was proficuous review-wise. Objectives for the week to come: start reading a new book, do the Appraisal, reviews like there's no tomorrow. And maybe finding the time to take the car to the tire repairer and change the burned out light bulbs. All absolutely manageable, right? 22. Right turn in Fox Trot and it finally seems to start dancing. And I also found the time for a little step forward in my FROGS reading. Monday gone, -4 to weekend. 24. Having fun at work when the servers are full of schifezze [filth] and you can run the proc onda(energetica); The tiredness is there, it can't be denied, but you feel it less if you can joke about it. 25. New book started - check, reviews - check, Appraisal... I tried but the server wasn't collaborating, migration... we are working on it. All in all, a productive day. 26. The to-do-list is still infinite and now the flu is advancing, too, but there still are upsides: an unexpected review, a message from [insert friend/possible romantic interest name here] and finally the weekend. 27. Health is what it is, yet the day was proficuous. Proud of myself. And now, goodnight. 28. That thrill of positive nervousness when posting a new story... 29. And then another Matematto announces that he's getting married and you find yourself re-reading old email trails and plannings of foolish graduation presents... 30. At home at 7.15 warming next to the radiator. Organizing an aperitif with ex-colleagues that had been thought more than two years ago. First reassuring review on a story I was/am full of doubts about. And tonight there's The Prisoner on TV. To hell "female little problems". 31. A day that starts with a lot of Hufflepuff pride and that ends more or less the same way (it's possible that I talk about Harry Potter in the office a bit too much...) The pleasant numbness of being on the couch in pajamas and with a pen in hand. The beautiful feeling of being home.   And now a few due notes (credits/translations/explainations) that you can feel free to skip: Nanterre is a commune in the western suburbs of Paris. And a few years ago its basket team was promoted in A league (and I and some friends happened by chance to be there during their celebrations...) Man shall not live by bread alone is a line from Matthew's Gospel. Skywalker night = Star Wars marathon. Matematti is the nickname of my group of Uni friends, coming from the union of matematici [mathematicians] e matti [crazy].  Mezzanotte per sognar, fanta-sti-car... is a line from Un bacio a mezzanotte, a 1952 Italian song composed by Gorni Kramer (music) and Garinei & Giovannini (lyrics) and popularized by the vocal group Quartetto Cetra. Most of day 9 refers to work stuff and it would be too long to explain... Simon and Blue are characters in Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda (in brief SVTHSA) by Becky Albertalli. The answer is always the same: 42 refers to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. CPD stands for chi può dirlo, which means who can tell, a recurrent line of a colleague of mine. Italia1 is a channel of Italian television. "Can you make a coffee?" has a story of its own (something regarding a boy I never went on a date with... ) and that, too, would be too long to explain. proc onda(energetica); Proc stands for procedure and it's a command in the programming language I work with. Onda energetica is the Italian rendition of Kamehameha from Akira Toriyama's manga/anime DragonBall. So basically that's me and my colleagues being silly... The Prisoner obviously means Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.   PS - Now I'm nervous that I'm going to bore you all and I'm super scared of pressing that Submit Entry button... why do I do this to myself? 




12 months of positivity - March

By now you know how this works, right?  Welcome to my March, fam!  Yeah, I know, I'm a bit late... but Easter and aunt time... you know how it goes... It was definitely better than February, but I think we can still work on making things better... But let's just get started!    MARCH 2018 1 - Peaceful day, the snow falling, tea in the morning, the great announcement of Secret Cupids. 2 - And waking up in the morning to find out that I'm Head Student. And then a carbonara and a nice movie with friends. And the best part is that it's Friday! 4 - Weekend maybe a little lazy, but some little step has been taken. And it's always lovely to find new ways to emotion yourself. 6 - Progresses with my reading, Harry Potter on TV, fairly good day at work. Sleepy but happy. 7 - The day at work goes slowly, but it's nice to be in a team that makes you feel at home. There's a lot to do, but there are always the small daily progresses. And the weekend is already approaching... 8 - Waking up and discovering that it's sunny, realizing that after all I didn't lose my phone, laughing about feasts and namedays and M&M's and technical support, celebrating women's day with chinese food and latin music. Andiamo a comandare! 10 - When Mathematics (actually more like the Settimana Enigmistica) helps you getting out of the pyramid and finally there is the time to judge challenge entries. 12 - Learning a new dance, receiving a new (wonderful) review, sitting at the piano (after ages), waiting with trepidation the Roman weekend. 14 - The translation proceeds, soon I'll be able to share my OF novel (well, those bits of awful first draft) with my beta reader of trust. And meanwhile the Roman weekend grows near... 16 - Friday night, tomorrow I'm leaving, ready and super pumped! Goodnight, world! 17 - The magic of Rome, always unmatched. The new experience of the Stadium and of Rugby and finding out that JK Rowling is in the stands too. Tiring day, but every moment has been wonderful. 22 - Spaghetti with clams, friends who get passionate about my stories, laughing in the office (because seriousness is overevaluated), the weekend approaching... 25 - A weekend of rest, feeling loved, a pizza and a game of cards with friends. 26 - HPFF closes. Strange, the news saddened me at first, but at the same time I'm feeling a happiness shrouded in melancholy remembering the stories, the friendships, the growth (both as a person and as a writer) that site has given me. And I'm so grateful that the community still exists in HPFT. Sad, yes, but a good kind of sadness. 28 - And here I am again, reflecting on the magic of books, on how you can get passionate to a story and feeling the characters near, real, friends. And wondering why on earth did the hen cross the road... 31 - A strange day, a bit melancholy, but a few steps forward have been taken and I'm happy at least of having shared some love through reviews. And tomorrow is Easter.   Credits/translations/explainations: Carbonara is a "sauce" (not the right term, but I wouldn't know how else to say it) for pasta, made with eggs and guanciale (pork cheek), but you can use bacon (just don't let anyone from Rome hear you... ) Andiamo a comandare! (literally Let's go command) is a wacky song (and lyrics from that song) by Fabio Rovazzi, which was a Summer Hit a couple of years ago. Settimana Enigmistica (literally puzzle week) is an Italian weekly magazine of crossword puzzles, rebus, riddles, logic games etc. Day 10 refers to an Escape Room I did with a group of friends, and I solved the last riddle, so I was quite proud of myself...  In case you were wondering, my beta reader of trust is my little B @victoria_anne  The second half of day 28 is something that goes back to Uni days... I sent my friends a pdf that was going around, about a hen crossing a road and various historical figures (scientists, politicians, philosophers, etc.) giving their interpretation about the why. It was quite hilarious and after that my friends replied giving the reason our Professors and friends would give, which was ten times more hilarious. Now we are bringing it back while we are planning a gift for one of us who's getting married (we have this tradition of making a silly gift to accompany to actual gifts for graduations, weddings and various occasion)   And I think that's all! Hope you had fun reading! I noticed that my main happy thought was Weekend is coming and I'm not sure if that's a good sign... See you at the end of April, my loves! 




12 months of positivity - February

Hi again, my loves! If you saw my previous entry, you know what this is about, so I'll skip tedious introductions this time  I haven't been as good at following through with this in February as I'd been in January... then, again, this has been a bit of a difficult month, what with stress at work, car misadventures and just general low mood (and you'll probably notice that some of these happy thoughts are actually a bit on the melancholy side...) I'm hoping in a great March, though!  Anyway, here it goes!    FEBRUARY 2018 1. Since it's quite late, I'll just go with this: it's great to feel part of something. 2. Sometimes we feel inspired by someone and sometimes we are of inspiration for someone. And maybe sometimes a bit of both. And maybe the message of this day, come in many phases and many different ways, is that it's always worth fighting for what is right, also when surrender seems the most logical and simplest thing. 3. A wonderful day, made of little conquers and a lot of imagination, plus a pinch of cheeriness. Ed è subito sera. 5. Monday's fatigue can be overcome, letting go to the pleasure of dancing and being carried into the fantastic words of reading and writing. And then, finally, the deserved rest. 6. At times I get cross and I strike fear (so they say... I disagree, I'm cute and cuddlesome) and at the restaurant they give me a discount. And maybe for Sanremo's fault there's no Harry on TV, but also this has its bright side... more time for reviewing, for instance. 7. Lovely night with Claretta and Fabietto, remembering the old working (mis)adventures and telling each other all our news. Maybe we'll soon have a pastry chef among us. And maybe next meet-up will be earlier than two years... 8. Too tired and sleepy to actually remember the good things of today... but I'm smiling, so I imagine it was a good day. Maybe I'm just happy of existing. 9. Morning reflection on yesterday's happy thought in the twilight sleep: existence and unicity, the mathematical translation of the beauty of being human and being alive. And then there is the Forecast in the queue, waiting for the green light to go down the slide of the water park... 10. If the good day is seen at morning, today couldn't be but a proficuous day, since it started putting up the chandelier. 12. Happiness is: watching a fun movie in the morning, bachata notes on the bus, "But are you on the bus?", "Thank goodness there are buses!" Happiness is also: a message or a phone call from a friend asking how you are, a hot cup of tea in your hands, meeting someone you haven't seen in ages, "No, he doesn't send mails anymore, he only sends phone calls!" 15. The sun, the streets of the city center, the chatting of a child, the reviews that make you smile, feeling loved and appreciated... dinner ready once you get home (I think I said this somewhere already, anyway... even if we don't always agree, aunts are a great invention...) 16. The calm of Friday night after the storm of a week to forget... and the promise of a weekend without any worry (mostly) before me. Goodnight world, tomorrow is another day. 18. Sometimes a day in pajamas and sweet doing nothing is what is needed. 22. Laughing and joking and feeling a bit like children, despite the frenzy of these days and all the responsibilities of being adults. 24. My little pet (meaning my car) has finally come back home, all lucid and sparkling. My Justin story is almost finished (and it'll be an entry for three challenges at once... yes, I like easy win) and I managed to leave a few reviews I wanted to leave. In conclusion, a good Saturday, and tomorrow, I hope, will be a good Sunday. 26. The warmth of home when outside it's freezing, the tango notes, the time and inspiration to write.   Credits/translations/explainations: Ed è subito sera (literally, And it's suddenly evening) is a poem (and a line from the poem) by Salvatore Quasimodo Sanremo is a city in Italy, more precisely in Liguria region, that every year hosts the Italian Song Festival, also known as Sanremo Festival, or just Sanremo. It is a bit of a big deal here, which is why the TV programming tends to be influenced by it... The second part of day 9 is obviously a reference to our silliness at work... the Forecast is an application that we developed, it's been scheduled in a way that makes it run a bit too often, so we put a control to avoid that it runs twice at the same time. And we've compared it to the light signals in water parks. We've compared it to a ton of other things, actually. Yes, we are crazy.  Day 12 contains bits of conversations that were hilarious for various reasons. I would go into details, but it's too late for it... The calm after the storm (original title La quiete dopo la tempesta) is also a poem, by Giacomo Leopardi Tomorrow is another day, instead, is a quote from the movie Gone with the wind by Vivien Leigh




12 months of positivity - April

Another month has passed (not that I mind, great things waiting ahead ) and you know what that means by now... I'm getting very bad at this, btw, but I still hope you'll enjoy!    APRIL 2018 3 - Jesus is risen, Easter and Easter Monday are gone (maybe a bit too quickly), going back to work is delirious and nothing seems to work, but... Spring has arrived, trips and weddings are getting closer, many projects are in the pipeline and I finally have some time for myself. And tonight I'm writing! 4 - Half day at work, I'm almost done with the teeth aligner, NaNo word count is still at 0 but I have at least answered the old MTA questions. And I got over with the chair thing... 5 - Il cielo di Lombardia, così bello quand'è bello... is it possible that Spring has finally come? And my novel has 300 new words, that I will delete because they are completely far-fetched, but at least I've overcome the block, right? 10 - Pretending to be a tourist, even if only for a few minutes. Walking singing along the street artists. And then crossing someone who's doing the exact same thing (then I'm not totally crazy...) Oh, I almost forgot the best part... Renee is coming to Italy this Summer!!! 12 - Maybe the day didn't go in the smoothest way possible, but... I've finally found inspiration to write! And now that Ophelia has a new scene all for herself I can go to bed satisfied. 14 - That joy of seeing two people you love getting emotional at the altar. Getting together with the Matematti and then dancing until you can't feel your feet anymore. And to close it all, an ice cream at the shore of the lake. A splendid day. 19 - Happy thought of the week, rather than the day, because constance is not my greatest virtue... Spring, meadows white and blue of daises and forget-me-not, the Duomo front lightened by the sun. 20 - When a bit of (healthy) foolishness in the office is justifiable because the week was long and it's finally Friday. Projects of beautiful surprises and fanfiction to keep company. And the weekend awaits. 23 - Reading, writing, dancing, enjoying a moment of quietness and solitude swinging on a swing (okay, that was yesterday...) 28 - Another movie marathon, another wonderful day with the Matematti. To the next time, my friends. Always the greatest pleasure. 30 - Hours spent in cheeriness with old friends and new, a bike ride, an unexpected review, the group of the Summer meetup growing. And maybe an idea for a new story, who knows...   Credits/translations/explainations: The chair thing... I suppose this needs background... I had this chair that was a bit unstable (has been that way for years). One day my aunt was home and my neighbour came to say hello and they decided that said chair needed fixing and asked another neighbour. All this without telling me anything (no, I didn't find it annoying or intrusive, why are you asking?) Anyway, this chair suddenly disappeared and then suddenly reappeared and then my aunts claimed that I should have gone to the neighbour who fixed it to ask him if I owed him any money. And well... first, I hate asking people if I owe them money (or viceversa, reminding people that they owe me money), I just find it extremely awkward. Second, it buggered me that I had to thank for a favour I didn't ever ask for (yes, I know, that's childish...) Anyway, I postponed it as much as I could, and the times I did try my neighbour wasn't home. Eventually I found him and thanked him and he was like, "Ah, don't mention it, let me know if you need anything else..." I didn't ask him if I owed him money, though...  (Long rant, sorry...) Il cielo di Lombardia, così bello quand'è bello (literally, The Lombardia sky, so beautiful when it's beautiful) is a quote from I Promessi Sposi by Alessandro Manzoni. Matematti: I already explained this in some previous post, this is the nickname of my group of uni friends, coming from the merging of the words matematici and matti, so basically it means crazy Mathematicians.   And that's all, folks! Hope you enjoyed, as usual, and I'll see you again in a month! 

12 months of positivity - May & June

Apparently I've been naughty and skipped my post last month...  so I'm going to put May and June together.  Also... wait a sec... how is half year already gone? What's happening? It would be really nice if life slowed down a little bit?  Anyway, here we go! And as always, hope you enjoy reading!   MAY 2018 8 - Day so and so, mood not at its highest, but it cheered me up exchanging messages with Richard and I even managed to write a little bit... forecasting a productive evening... maybe... 9 - Productive evening: I wrote, I worked on the newsletter, I even replied to a few reviews... and the mood has definitely improved. And tomorrow is Thursday already! 14 - May almost at a half, the Austrian wedding is nearing, if everything goes well Jimmy will have a new chapter soon (or two? Or three?) and I've been dancing these days... Many goals still to reach, but a little at a time it can be done! 15 - And the new chapter of Jimmy has been posted, and also Sybill's predictions have been written. Extremely satisfied with myself. 17 - The forecast has run and Federico is happy. All the "adult" stuff as been done, so tonight I can HPFT without worries. And tomorrow is Friday! 23 - Home early, with all the time just for myself and a big will to read and write. Half of the week overcome without damage. 26 - A week to the wedding, a nice evening with friends, talking about cinema with Federico and also a bit of time to read and write. Saturday full of satisfaction. 27 - Emma insulting my characters, and then to the cinema to see Star Wars. Busy day, but I'm happy. And next week is a short one and then... we go! 28 - Minus three to leaving! Tiring day, but proficuous. New dancing figure. Starting the day chatting with Emma about history and politics (which actually is a depressing subject, but you can at least try to laugh over it...) 29 - The small joys of life: getting home with the sun, the roses blossoming in the garden, the good food, the unexpected reviews. 31 - On the train, which is leaving right now. And someone just suggested that we are on the Hogwarts' Express (which is true in a way...) Vienna, here I come!   JUNE 2018 2 - Despite it also rained, a spendid day, made of games, dances and hugs. Happy of seeing Jo so happy. 3 - Relax at the lake and then a walk in the evening in the center of Vienna. And at the end the pleasure of getting back home and enjoying the rest after a long day. 8 - Plans for the summer meet-up, the beautiful reviews from Shreya, the small dayly conquests (hesitate only a moment facing the hard question: "But then your parents...?"), discovering that "Love, Simon" is out at the cinema. 10 - The magic of classical music with the scenery of the Duomo under the starry sky. 11 - Even a not exactly idyllic day can improve spending the night making plans for the summer meet-up and chatting with Anja and Renee. 18 - It's official, summer has arrived! And it's lovely to have lunch in the open when the sky is blue. And working at the rythm of latin music. 27 - And June is coming to an end, which means that August (and the summer meet-up) is getting closer. And as tiring as the day might be, it's nice to know that I can get sometime for myself once I get home in the evening. 28 - Sometimes the solution is just granting yourself some relax: couch, chips and a Harry Potter movie.   Credits/translations/explainations: Richard of May 8th is a friend of mine from England (and possible love interest... but not exactly sure... ) Federico of May 17th is not the same Federico of May 26th... The first is a person who works at the bank where I work, and the Forecast is an application that I developed for him. The second is one of my friends, with whom I like to chat about cultural stuff. All other people mentioned are HPFT-ers and I don't think anything else needs special explainations, so... that's all, folks!  See you at the end of July!  

12 months of positivity - July

Hey, my loves! I'm here again with another one of these posts!  I hope you are still enjoying reading them, even if I've become so bad at these... July is my favourite month of the year (totally unrelated with the fact that it's when my birthday falls... ) but I will admit that this year all I wanted was for it to be over because... AUGUST! HOLIDAYS! HPFT MEETUP!!! But this is for the next blog post, I guess...   So, without further ado (whatever that means...  )   JULY 2018 3 - Holidays are not so far away and maybe a few things are righting themselves. A jump into the past with old songs and watching the storm out of the window enjoying the cooling and the smell of rain. (Talking about the old songs, was I really five when we sang "Spunta la luna dal monte"?) 4 - Women only aperitif on the poolside, beautiful evening. And now the deserved rest. 9 - Real or virtual, the biggest treasure in life are our friends, and I'm so lucky to have so many special ones. 11 - The fact that, even if at times you don't feel worthy, there is always someone who appreciate you and believe in you. And even if we don't always realize it, we have so much strenght and richness to give, it's only about making the effort and the act of belief of pulling them out. And anyway... how lovely is it to get back home when the sky is still light and the sun is shining? 19 - Completing those dayly tasks, even when they make us nervous. Organizing the celebrations for the birthday coming up. Enjoying the evening with a nice movie. 24 - Breathing holidays air, many celebrations and it's nice for one day to feel special. Happy birthday to me! 25 - Another night of party and I have to confess, it's been more pleasant that I expected at first. A long day, but I'm happy. 26 - That wonderful feeling of relief when your doctor tells you that everything is alright. A check on my list of things that make me nervous but that I need to do. And one day less to the holidays. 27 - Unscheduled, but I had nostalgia of a good latin night. Dancing under the eclipse... And the penultimate week of work before the holidays is ended! 31 - And finally July is over, which means only one week to the holidays and only two to the Milanese meet-up! There's still a lot to plan but I'm super excited! I can't wait!   Credits/translations/explainations: Spunta la luna dal monte (literally The moon springs up from the mountain) is a song by Tazenda and Pierangelo Bertoli which was presented at the Sanremo festival in 1991. The summer of that year (and also for a few years that followed) when I was in the mountains, I used to sing it on the balcony every evening when the moon... springed up from the mountain...  Side note: most of the song is actually in Sardinian dialect, which means I have no idea what it says, except for the refrain...   I don't think anything else really deserves an explaination (but if you are curious about something you can always jump in and ask ) Hope you enjoyed reading, as always!  




12 months of positivity - August and September

I'm getting so bad at these...    Anyway, I'm back!!!   August has been as great as I expected it to be (even if I wasn't really good to record it here... too busy enjoying it in RL...  ) and September has seen a lot of Jimmy progress, as well as a very special visit...  But I'll just go with the actual post, now.     AUGUST 2018 1 - The month of the holidays!!! The day has been intense but that's a good thing because at least I didn't have time to get bored. And it's always nice to work in time with music. 4 - Lovely night with friends, Gio's anecdotes which (almost) never tire... Meeting up with the usual suspects and feeling like at home. 6 - Just got home after a happy hour with the colleagues. Third evening out in a row, something that hasn't happened in... practically ever? Busy day at work, but not too much (much better than get bored, anyway). And tomorrow it's the last day!!! 7 - Officially on holiday!!! Waking up with an unexpected review, chatting with Renee (knowing that we'll meet in person in a week), getting done small things that had been on my to-do list for ages. 19 - The most beautiful holiday ever! Extremely happy and grateful for the lovely days spent with Renee (and Anja, Sian and Val, obviously). I already can't wait for the next HPFT meet-up. 26 - An unexpected postcard in the mail (okay, maybe that was 3 days ago...), planning Richard's arrival and that wonderful feeling of updating Jimmy after ages! Impatient to start the new chapter... 27 - Nothing is more satisfactory than win a strenuous (and apparently hopeless) fight with technology! And now finally I can sleep in peace... 31 - The quiet of Friday night (after an intense working week), a review swap, a chat with friends, a laugh at the office and cutlets for dinner. And also August is gone... and what a great month it's been!   SEPTEMBER 2018 1 - A lovely night with friends, the satisfaction of writing a new chapter (even if a very future one...), an unexpected meeting with someone I hadn't seen in a while, finishing the small missions of the day. 2 - Productive day, I've finally caught up with my review requests... and I've discovered some very interesting story in the meantime... proud of myself. 3 - The joy of getting inspired... and who knows, maybe chapter 26 is not so much of a mirage anymore... 5 - Emma reprimanding Jimmy. Pizza at Chiara's and then watching together To all the boys I've loved before. Cough and a bit of boredom at work aside, a good day. 9 - When internet suprise you and you find again that girl you had a correspondance with 20 years before... not to say... unanswered review count is finally back to 0??? 12 - Beautiful evening with the Armundine (including gelato, obviously). Tired but happy. And in two days Richard is arriving! 14 - Cooking for a friend. A walk and a good icecream in company. The weekend finally arrived. Just happy that Richard is here. 16 - The best part of weddings? Dancing until your legs can't hold you anymore. And I've adored each minute of this weekend with Richard. 21 - Friday night is always the best moment of the week... especially when you can find some time to relax and read. 22 - Productive day (at least HPFT-wise) and evening spent dancing with the music of the concert under my house... I'm walking on sunshine! 26 - Sharing the draft of a new chapter with my preferred betas and finding myself discussing the misteries of languages with Emma. And meanwhile planning the trip to Iceland with Richard... 29 - Super productive Saturday: I did the laudry and the ironing, cleaned the floors and the kitchen, left reviews, went grocery shopping, went for a bike ride and bought a brand new pair of flamenco shoes! Extremely satisfied of myself!   Credits/translations/explainations: Gio is Giordano, one of my Uni friends, who always has some hilarious fact to recount. Renee, Anja, Sian and Val I don't think need any introduction.  Neither does Emma, I'm quite sure   Richard is a friend from England who's spent a few days at my place for a common friend's wedding. It is possible that I might like him as more than a friend, but... time will tell, I guess?  
Chiara is my best friend (yes, we have the same name...  ) To All the Boys I've Loved Before is a film directed by Susan Johnson, released by Netflix on August 17, 2018 and based on Jenny Han’s 2014 novel of the same name. The Armundine are my colleagues. Actually, not my colleagues but some girls from another consultant society (the word Armundine, which is my invention, comes from the name of their society) who work in the same openspace as my team. I wouldn't say that we are friends, but we do get along nicely and we have gone out a couple of times. I'm walking on sunshine is a lyric from Walking on Sunshine, 1983 song written by Kimberley Rew for Katrina and the Waves   And that's all, folks! Love and snowball hugs and see you at the end of October!



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