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My First HPFT Anniversary!

I cannot believe I have only been here a year, friends!! It feels like so much longer, especially since I barely wrote in the YEARS leading up to this and now I am... too prolific, haha. Don't talk to me or my infinite oneshot sons ever again. This community was so welcoming from the get go, so kind even when I was a stressed nobody cold-PMing people to beta for me! I'm so glad that I get to be prefect and help make it a place of so much joy, and I'm so glad I've met so many friends here.

How to Avoid Those Black/White Bars

So ever since we got the new skins (thank you admins!!!), there has been a problem: when you copy something manually from a post, it ends up with black of white bars of background behind the text, depending on which skin you're using. It looks ugly, it doesn't go away when you're trying to copy and paste links even if you manually try to change the background, and it's the worst. I mean, not actually the worst, but it's pretty annoying. One way to fix this is to do ctrl+shift+v but that str




Hebrew: The Alef Bet (What did the gimel say to the dalet when he bumped into her? hei!)

So yesterday I was thinking "man maybe if I did a monthly blog post about Hebrew I would stop having the desperate need to talk everyone's ear off about Hebrew when I can get them to stand still long enough", and then @just.a.willow.tree did her blog post on Chinese and here we are.   So Hebrew is a Semitic language and it's written from right to left in the Hebrew alphabet, the uglier cousin of Arabic. I'm not going to teach you the alphabet, because there are heaps of resources for tha




A list of fics that I have not yet written but should probably

The 22k WIP where Remus and Sirius raise baby Harry (pacing!!! how do) The 11k WIP starring Anthony Goldstein, Ministry Prosecutor Slug Club Redemption Arc (there were Slytherins in the Battle of Hogwarts) Hufflepuffs in the Time of Death Eaters (a blatant excuse for a deep dive into the traditions and culture of Hufflepuff house and how they adapt to 1997) Harry faces a war crimes tribunal for all those Unforgiveables he did in DH, starring: that Goblin he Imperiused



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