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My First HPFT Anniversary!

I cannot believe I have only been here a year, friends!! It feels like so much longer, especially since I barely wrote in the YEARS leading up to this and now I am... too prolific, haha. Don't talk to me or my infinite oneshot sons ever again. This community was so welcoming from the get go, so kind even when I was a stressed nobody cold-PMing people to beta for me! I'm so glad that I get to be prefect and help make it a place of so much joy, and I'm so glad I've met so many friends here. ❤️ I love all of you!!!! I feel like I've been so spoilt to find a fandom community, because this is really the way I'm most comfortable doing fandom -- I don't understand what the kids are doing on tumblr or twitter or discord and I'm too afraid to ask. And of course Harry Potter was my first ever fandom and it's one that I just keep coming back to, in the end, over and over again. I first started reading in this fandom almost fifteen years ago, and here I am once more. You can check in but you can never leave. Finally, I'm actually really glad no one remembers me from my hpff/hpff-adjacent days, because gosh, I'm sure there was plenty I was terrible about. Did you know that I used to have 'no slash' on my review request thread, back in 2008? If only baby Emma could see me now, LIVING the slash and also writing plenty of it. Here's to many more years of queering and Jewishing everyone's fave characters. ❤️

How to Avoid Those Black/White Bars

So ever since we got the new skins (thank you admins!!!), there has been a problem: when you copy something manually from a post, it ends up with black of white bars of background behind the text, depending on which skin you're using. It looks ugly, it doesn't go away when you're trying to copy and paste links even if you manually try to change the background, and it's the worst. I mean, not actually the worst, but it's pretty annoying. One way to fix this is to do ctrl+shift+v but that strips out ALL formatting, including links or bolding. And sometimes you're lazy and really want to keep that formatting instead of redoing it all in the text box. (thank you @just.a.willow.tree for reminding me that I should have put this in here as a solution also!) I have found another solution. The solution was actually always there, I just didn't notice it. So I will walk you through it and then you, too, will have magical power over the background bars! It's possible that everyone knew it and this is going to look silly, but I suspect not, because otherwise the background thing wouldn't be happening. Note that this will ONLY WORK if the thing you're copying doesn't already have a weird background. If it does, then it will keep that weird background and everything is still sad. There is a slightly more bothersome solution to this: copy and paste the thing you want and then hit the Tx button -- the one on the far left of the text box right next to my profile pic in steps two and three. It will strip the bolding and italics but it will KEEP links, so it's slightly better than ctrl+shift+v. STEP ONE: Find your thing you want to copy. Then highlight it and scroll to the bottom of the text you're copying. You'll see an orange "QUOTE SELECTION" button. Click it. (I really should have picked an example that had formatting to demonstrate how it retains the formatting, but I didn't and now it's 1am and I'm not about to change these pictures.)   STEP TWO: So now you've got the thing you want to copy inside a quote box in the text editor at the bottom of the page. This isn't actually a step, I just want to make sure your post looks something like this:   STEP THREE: "But Emma," you say. "I don't want it inside a quote box! I just want it by itself!" Ah, here is the magic.What you want to do is go to the black bar that will say either "QUOTE" or "On [date] at [time], [user] said:" and then ctrl+right click on it, preferably where the [date] [time] [user] text is, just to make sure it'll come up correctly. And then the menu in this picture will come up and you want to click Remove Quote and Keep Contents. And voila! Now you have your text with all the existing formatting, without the gross background, and there's no quote box! We did it! We vanquished IPB!   For further IPB-vanquishing, try ctrl+right clicking other elements of your post! You can set the dimensions of images! I was going to have a list here but that's actually the only other one I've found so far! Do let me know if you find another cool thing you can do.




Hebrew: The Alef Bet (What did the gimel say to the dalet when he bumped into her? hei!)

So yesterday I was thinking "man maybe if I did a monthly blog post about Hebrew I would stop having the desperate need to talk everyone's ear off about Hebrew when I can get them to stand still long enough", and then @just.a.willow.tree did her blog post on Chinese and here we are.   So Hebrew is a Semitic language and it's written from right to left in the Hebrew alphabet, the uglier cousin of Arabic. I'm not going to teach you the alphabet, because there are heaps of resources for that, but if you are interested in learning I am of course happy to help folks. The important thing to know is that the Hebrew alphabet has two parts: vowels and consonants. Consonants are the things you'd recognise as Hebrew letters, and the ones you'd use when reciting the alphabet (alef bet). Vowels are little dots and lines above and below the consonants, and generally in Modern Hebrew you don't use them. You know how to read them, but you don't write them for two main reasons: Modern Hebrew speakers are deeply committed to being as lazy as possible. It's admirable, even if some truly heinous grammatical errors become standardised because of it. (This is mostly a joke, because of course I also don't use vowels, and it feels like such an unreasonably large chore to write them in. One of them involves putting FIVE DOTS underneath a letter! FIVE! In a really small space! חֱ) There are simultaneously too many and not enough. This has to do with the development of Hebrew from Biblical Hebrew to Modern Hebrew -- when the vowel system was invented, they retained several distinctions that Modern Hebrew has since dropped, meaning that several vowel symbols (called niqud) sound the same. מֶ and מֵ sound the same in Modern, but different in Biblical (which is still preserved when we pray, so sometimes in class I say really old fashioned sounding things and sound silly ). This means you have noooo idea which one to use if you're trying to vowelise a word in Modern Hebrew unless you know the grammar behind it, and who has time for that? At the same time, some vowel markings sound different depending on where they are in the word, which is infuriating. How can you fail in both directions at once, vowel system.  All this means that reading is heavily context-dependent. The word שם could be pronounced shem, sham or sam, and it could mean name, there or put. Sometimes you don't know how to sound out a word until you know what word follows it. This makes reading aloud embarrassing. But there is good news! Hebrew is phonetic. Mostly. Fully vowelised Hebrew is phonetic. Modern Hebrew is...mostly phonetic in the sense that it won't betray you, but you do still have to guess the vowels. When reading a word, you say the consonant first, then the vowel, then the next consonant, then the next vowel, etc. Every consonant except the last one will have a vowel attached to it -- the only catch is that one of the vowels is silent. Also two of the consonants are silent. Sorry. What I mean by phonetic is that every letter in the alef bet always makes the same sound: ט always sounds like a T, ל always sounds like an L. Some letters can take a dagesh, which means there are two pronunciations for the same letter, but which one you use is always indicated in...fully vowelised Hebrew. In Modern Hebrew you have to use a few rules and some guessing. בּ sounds like B, but ב sounds like V. It's always בּ at the beginning of a syllable and ב at the end; same goes for all letters that take a dagesh. There's always a dot (the "hard" sound, e.g. b, p, k) at the beginning of a syllable and no dot (the "soft" sound e.g. v, f, ch) at the end. The bad news is that despite having only 22 letters, Hebrew has managed to double up on some, so two letters can make the same sound: א & ע, ט & ת, כ & ח, ש & ס. This is mostly because in Biblical Hebrew they did sound different, but see the earlier thing about laziness. This means that spelling is..........look, there's definitely room for error. I think in my next post I might talk about transliterating English into Hebrew characters, which will make all that clearer.  "Emma," you say, "I'm unconvinced that this is phonetic. You've just detailed at least seven ways in which Hebrew can and will betray me at every turn." You're not wrong. What I mean is that there will never be anything written down that you're not meant to say, except for the letter י in very specific circumstances. (You can never make blanket statements in Hebrew because Hebrew will always, ALWAYS find a way to break every single rule. Yes, there are blanket statements I have made in this post and yes, there are exceptions to those statements and yes, I make very disappointed faces at my teacher and then she laughs when she tells me about them.) Anyway, I think that is enough to be getting on with for now. Tune in next time for Transliteration: In Which I Only Transliterate The Latin Alphabet Because Yiddish And Arabic Are Cursed Languages I Don't Understand.* *by cursed I mean I don't understand the rules for transliterating them** because they keep doubling letters and using silent letters where they don't belong and يلا is written as יָאללָה in Hebrew and I don't know why!!!!! (note: I never realised it would be so difficult to find out how to spell yallah in Arabic, weh, correct me if I got that wrong.) **I do understand how to transliterate Yiddish, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. +this is CLEARLY some kind of sin. (approximately: di tragishe geshehenishen ein di. maybe. I don't know what it means, I don't speak German.)




A list of fics that I have not yet written but should probably

The 22k WIP where Remus and Sirius raise baby Harry (pacing!!! how do) The 11k WIP starring Anthony Goldstein, Ministry Prosecutor Slug Club Redemption Arc (there were Slytherins in the Battle of Hogwarts) Hufflepuffs in the Time of Death Eaters (a blatant excuse for a deep dive into the traditions and culture of Hufflepuff house and how they adapt to 1997) Harry faces a war crimes tribunal for all those Unforgiveables he did in DH, starring: that Goblin he Imperiused. #justiceforbogrod The Jewish wizarding community helping Muggleborns during the War Academic Recluse Harry??? (Harry becomes a big name in the DADA research community under a pseudonym, never tells anyone) Dudley's daughter is magical: I am fond of redemption arcs I guess Remus Lupin's lavender marriage to Tonks (bad things will stop happening to the people he loves if he just Marries A Girl And Isn't Gay, right? right? wrong) [16/03/18] Lily and Petunia growing up with their dad as a coal miner; closures starting in 1960s; Petunia increasingly resentful towards Lily partly bc while she was away at fancy boarding school, they sometimes didn't have money to keep the lights on bc of strikes etc. [17/03/18] Remus/Sirius tattoo of last words they say (challenge entry) [1/04/18] COMPLETED 7/05/18 Animal eats snitch and disrupts Quidditch game; Newt has to work with Rolanda Hooch to find it (?) [1/04/18] Broom tampering corruption, Hooch clears wrongly blacklisted player. [1/04/18] The Norbert Incident -- What kind of people are willing to smuggle a dragon at short notice? [5/04/18] Five times the two way mirror was used and one time it wasn't [5/04/18] ("This is a two-way mirror. I’ve got the other. If you need to speak to me, just say my name into it; you’ll appear in my mirror and I’ll be able to talk in yours. James and I used to use them when we were in separate detentions.") Unrequited Elphias Doge/Dumbledore [12/04/18] -- what does this refer to??? I have no idea? If I discussed this with anyone please let me know. Cadmus Peverell - No Second Prize [12/04/18] Percy Weasley working at the Dept of Magical Transportation uncovers a lot of affairs because it's like when the bank contacts you about unusual activity on your credit card, except it's your floo network, and Percy accidentally ends a lot of marriages by letting one party know that there's been unusual activity on the floo. [5/05/18] James/Lily last words soulmate AU [6/05/18] Remus Angst Alone Challenge entry [6/05/18] COMPLETED 16/05/18 Lily/Narcissa faking dating uni AU/Love, ___ Challenge Entry [12/05/18] The AU where Remus never forgave Sirius for the Snape Incident [21/05/18] The longform journalism article about the DADA in the Battle of Hogwarts for Wizarding Britain (tie in with Imperio Fic) [21/05/18] Fake responsa on wixen and Jewish law (tie in with Imperio Fic) [25/05/18] If anyone wants to hear more about/bounces ideas about any of these, PM me any time. (why are all my stories about the War, oh my god)



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