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About this blog

This will hold some occasional ramblings, a few tips, and tricks.  I'm a chaotic thinker and my blog will probably reflect that.

Entries in this blog


Anything But Harry Challenge Results

First off, I want to apologize to all participants of my challenge!  I did not expect to take as long getting your stories read and judged.  Life just swooped in like a hawk taking me off to do things that were not this challenge.  However, I am back I am here and I am super impressed!  Ya'll knocked my socks off with these wonderful stories.  I revisited worlds I traveled to before with some of you and then others took me to new worlds or worlds of your own creation and it was brilliant.  I am so thankful to everyone for participating.  There were 10 entries and 9 participants.  (Someone got eager and took advantage of multiple entries being allowed).   The judging for this challenge was no easy task, and I highly recommend that people read these stories they are legit and even if you don't know the world you get enough to appreciate the story for what it is.  So those not familiar with the universe explored in the stories take a chance learn about a new place - you may want to pick up a new book after the fanfic, I know I do! For the judging process I had a set number of points that could be earned with a set number of bonus points such as obscure fandom and OF (a bonus point I think everyone got)  I judged on other things such as flow, form, details. and various other things important to the craft of story and the challenge.  Of the entrants 6 out of 10 people met or exceeded the base score of 17.  It made final counts very difficult.  To be honest two people actually tied for 1st place and will both receive 5 review apiece.  I thin thought about just then awarding a 3rd place as many professional competitions do but I could not do that as I would be remiss in not award our 3rd place winner for their fabulous work in meeting the challenge requirements.  So we'll start with 3rd place and work forward to our dual winners. 3rd Place Revenge (M) by @StarFeather Kenny wrote a wonderful original fiction about a young person who is being bullied and sets things up wonderfully for what is to come which I suspect will be revenge based on the title.  Anyone who has read anything by Kenny knows that he has a true artists heart and it was a pleasure to read this beautiful piece and feel right along with his character.  I look forward to when you write more! As a reward, you get 1 additional review from me.  Please let me know if you want something specific reviewed.   2nd Place We, Lawbreaking Citizens (M) by @Rumpelstiltskin This is another brilliant original fiction by Rumples that had me gripped from the get go.  The story takes a look at a dystopic future where people take medication to eliminate the human 'diseases' of negative emotions.  The side effect?  You forget the previous day.  Not only does Rumples present an intriguing world but she also presents compelling characters where a beautiful romantic relationship is being softly woven in.  There are already 3 chapters up with more to come.  I can't wait to know what happens next. (Please note I only judged the 1st 2 chapters as I did with all entries)  As a reward you get 3 reviews, please let me know if you have a specific story/stories you want me to focus on.

1st Place

Seven Deaths (M) by @Unwritten Curse & I have a Dream by @potionspartner

I can't imagine two more dynamically different stories winning 1st place.  Seven Deaths is a a fan fiction for Scythe and it is a book I very much want to look into if the fiction is anything to go by.  This is a story set in a future where people are now immortal and to keep balance in the world there are those trained to be Scythe's to glean people from the world.  It is an accepted practice and the deaths caused this way are minimal compared to how it was in the time of mortality.  Love is forbidden for a Scythe and yet this story explores the forbidden romance between two of them and what that entails. 

Conversely, I have a Dream is a whole other creature.  I would summarize this particular tale but to do so will rob any reader the joy of discovering the unique twist this story provided.  This is almost original fiction but at the same time lightly references some fandoms.  Honestly upon reading this story you'll know what I'm talking about and how the story cannot be summarized but indeed in comparison to  Seven Deaths it is completely light hearted and maybe even a bit comedic.

As a reward you both get 5 reviews each.  Please let me know if there is a specific story or stories you would like me to focus on.

Congrats again to all winners.  Also fabulous work to everyone else.  Ya'll made this judging process fun and difficult and did an awesome job too.





Hogwarts A Mystery: Energy Tips and Tricks

So there are a lot of people playing Hogwarts a Mystery right now, and I have learned that not everyone has learned the same tips and tricks as others.  Today I want to talk about everyone's favorite/least favorite issue in the game... ENERGY!   I think we have all had that frustrating experience of running out of energy just after getting caught by the Devil's Snare in year 1.  If you haven't played yet - be warned you will run out of energy mid-activity and it is not fun.   From there it has been an ongoing problem, you start a class and have to wait for a refill.  Well, I'm here to share ways that you can help speed things up without spending those precious pink gems that are hard to come by without opening your wallet.   Energy tip #1:   You can leave in the middle of most any activity   That is right you can step out of that classroom or walk away from searching that mysterious corridor go on an energy run (will explain soon) and come back without losing ANY progress. You just tap the icon in the lower right corner, the door with the arrow.       WARNING - if you leave once it is possible you cannot leave a second time until you have completed a task such as "Nudge" or "Adjust Grip" "Rummage" "Turn page" etc.  Any time the exit button is not present finish a task, and it should return.     Energy tip#2:   Know where the energy grabs are   I have detailed out all the present locations for energy grabs and will try to update as they change as they have done that in the past  I include pictures of before the energy grab and after the energy grab and tried to notate the replenish times as best as I can.  We'll be starting with the top of the list and working down.   WARNING Do NOT tap your energy grabs while at max energy they will not be added on and will be wasted!  Use with caution and look to tip 3 on how to best use these!   East Tower   There are now 2 grabs in the East Tower.   1)  Giggling Girl - this is a blank canvas by charms but when tapped a little girl giggles and then shows up in the frame. Replenish Time: Around 7 hours   BEFORE   AFTER   2) Peeves - Peeves used to be in one of the lower floors and just hung around and was worthless Now he hangs out in the East Tower and will cackle do an added animation and then fly off  (This is a Newer grab) Replenish Time: Around 5 hours   BEFORE   AFTER   West Tower   There is only one grab here but keep your eyes on Sir Nicholas (at the end of the corridor), and he may change like Peeves did!   1) Oranges - this is a painting with a stump and flowers near the Prefect's bathroom a hand reaches down and places three oranges into the picture. Replenish Time: Around 3 hours   BEFORE   AFTER   Lower Floor West   There are two grabs here that are very close together; Peeves used to be down here too until he became an energy grab.   1) The  Torch - the torch to the right of the great hall is out - maybe someone should light it? Replenish Time: Around 8 hours   2) The Statues - These guys look to be a mess with a sword and shield all helter-skelter.  You tap the nights, and they correct things trading sword for shield, so it looks all nice and tidy. Replenish Time: A LONG time I have determined less than 13 but more than 10 hours if I had to wager around 12 hours   BEFORE   AFTER   Dungeons   There is only one grab here.   1) The House Elf - this little guy appears to be eavesdropping, and when you tap him he makes a surprised noise before running off to the kitchens Replenish Time: Around 8 hours   BEFORE   AFTER   Castle Grounds   Again there is only one grab here, but it is by far the cutest EVER!   1)  The Stick - you tap the random stick on the ground, and you will hear barking as puppy Fang comes bounding into few to get the stick before running off to Hagrid's. Replenish Time: Around 6 hours   BEFORE   AFTER   Bonus shot of cute:   Lower Floor East   This location only becomes available once you have reached second year and there is only one grab here.   1) Books - there is a messy pile of books that need to be tidy!  You tap them, and they will fly their way into a nice neat pile. Replenish Time: Around 6 hours   BEFORE   AFTER   Hogsmeade   This only opens in your 3rd year which I have not reached and thus cannot give information on just yet I will update this section as soon as I learn more.   Energy Tip #3   Note your energy level and time requirements before starting any class/task    Getting ready to start a 1-hour class/task?  Are you at full energy? If the answer is No, I advise you wait.  I also advise that you make sure you have your energy grabs on hand to run out and grab after using up your current energy supply    Getting ready for another task that is 3 hours long? Is your energy full? If the answer is no, I still advise you wait.   3-hour classes is another time when an energy grab is good to have on deck.   Also with 3-hour classes when you run out of energy - do not fret you have time to allow a full fill up.  This happens well before the task expires and give you plenty of time to complete the task.  Usually, a 3-hour task does not take more than 2 full fill-ups, occasionally it asks for a smidgen more - that is where your energy fill up's come in if you have them on deck.   Getting ready to start an 8-hour class/task? Are you full of energy? If the answer is no, you may wish to wait, but it is not vital.  I recommend you don't start unless you are at at least half energy.  Like the 3 hour class, you have time for a full fill up twice maybe 3 times (I've not tested as I'm usually done before then due to not wanting to wait a 3rd time and using my energy grabs).   On the whole, you don't want to grab your free energy the second it is available don't grab it unless you plan to use it immediately. It isn't worth saving 4 minutes on a refill cause you'll usually walk away more than 4 min anyway, which brings me to...   Energy Tip #4   Not all free energy is good   Now I know you are probably ready to ask me what I mean and what I mean is when you earn a star in a class you have a choice of rewards, usually coins, and then one of your 3 features, occasionally gems and occasionally energy.  The free energy here is not always worth grabbing.   If you are heading for your last star and you have the energy to reach it in time, don't choose energy as your reward.  It is kind of worthless when you are going to have to wait for the next task.  It is better to get something else than attribute rather than that single energy.  Now if you are about out of energy and not close to completion, the energy might be worthwhile to snag, but this is a debate for another guide.    If it is several energy that might be worth the grab.  I know once in the middle of an 8-hour class I had the choice of nabbing 8 or 9 energy as a reward I tapped it faster than you can say 'energy grab'  That was a WORTHY grab!   Hopefully, this guide will help you, and I'll see about tossing out a few other guides regarding less vital yet important functions of the game such as attributes and house points!   PS. If you do happen to use gems to buy a whole day of energy which I advise you save for that instead of getting the small bit of 10 energy you will get 30 energy so you'll be at the 30/energy cap.  (First years start with 26 energy 2nd years start with 28 energy) Max cap I think based on this fact is 30.
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