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like a pendulum swings

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The Narrative OF Challenge Results

A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the Narrative OF Challenge! All of your entries were so amazing and I am completely hooked onto each of your original universes - each of them was so unique and well-written that I had a really hard time judging them.     Entry 1:  When Daddy gets Home (M) by Margaret [Warnings: contains derogative language and child abuse] Margaret has written a powerful and heartbreaking story about a dysfunctional family, building up a strong background for her protagonist through her one-shot. My emotions were a wreck after reading this.    Entry 2: Save the Eggs ! (T) by StarFeather Kenny spins a wonderfully rhythmic story around little elves and their way of life. He connects his fantasy world with the human world and touches upon environmental issues through a very unique PoV.    Entry 3: The Forest Cottage by MadiMalfoy This beautiful one-shot revolves around a forest-dwelling witch who loves making tea for unsuspecting travellers. Madi's world combines magic and science, and is a beautiful piece of story-telling that filled me with warmth.   Entry 4: The Bone Troll by victoria_anne Another fantastic entry which filled me a mixture of emotions that I honestly didn't expect when I started reading it. The piece contains great descriptions and a strong build-up to the main event as Bianca's protagonist ventures into a forest in search of a mysterious creature.   Entry 5: Quarter  (M) by LunaStellaCat Jenn describes bittersweet, nostalgic moments through her protagonist, Jacqueline, and touches upon the themes of growing up, empty nest, family dynamics, and illness in her wonderful fic.    I strongly recommend that everyone reads these, they're all so good!    And now, the winners!    First Place: @Margaret Congratulations! You get three additional reviews on stories of your choice, a link to your entry on my signature, and this award graphic.   Second Place: @victoria_anne Great work with your entry! You get two additional reviews on stories of your choice, a link to your entry on my signature, and this award graphic!    Third Place: @MadiMalfoy Congratulations Madi! You get one additional review, a link to your entry on my signature, and this award graphic.     @StarFeather and @LunaStellaCat I was impressed with both your entries and will be adding a link to both of them in my signature as well!  Congratulations everyone! Please PM me and let me know which fics you'd like reviewed. And if you're using your award graphic, please remember to credit.    



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