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About this blog

outtakes from my eventual biopic. 

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Things I Like 4.18.19

I’ve decided that I want to start using this thing as a dumping ground of all the stuff I’m currently into every so often as a way of cataloging my ever-shifting obsessions.  I suppose I should separate this into various sections, for clarity’s sake. And so, I’ll start with:  Music  At the moment, I’m on a quest to assemble every single rock song that I enjoy into a single playlist. As you can imagine, I’ve been busy. The playlist just passed the fifteen hour mark, but more importantly, I’ve been revisiting a lot of really cool albums in the process.  Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness by the Smashing Pumpkins is an album that I’d heard all of five times in full before a couple weeks ago. I’ve since tripled that number. It seems there would be too many elements at work here to fully come together, but that pushing and pulling at the conventions of mid-90s alternative is what left this album in the public consciousness so long after similar stuff has all but faded away.  (suggested tracks - Galapogos, Bullet With Butterfly Wings, Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans) The Execution Of All Things by Rilo Kiley has been one of my favorite albums for some years now, but I’ve recently found it reentering my life like an old friend. Rilo Kiley is one of the bands that I always have trouble recommending because I’m not altogether sure what sort of music they make or who sounds much like them. This album is their best because it rises and falls with Jenny Lewis, one of the finest voices in music, I know that. It is at once joyous and deeply morose. I can’t imagine a time before these songs were lodged in my memory.  (suggested tracks - My Slumbering Heart, A Better Son/Daughter, With Arms Outstretched) Brick Body Kids Still Daydream by Open Mike Eagle is an album rich enough in allusion and subtext that I will most likely dedicate a chapter to it in my eventual book of essays. (I’m working on it!) Mike is many things--a comic lover, a rapper, a poet, a Chicagoan. He made a concept album that functions as a love letter to the Robert Taylor Homes public housing project. You’ll be won over by his personality very quickly and you’ll never run out of fun new things to unearth about this monument to a place many would not mourn.  (suggested tracks - Happy Wasteland Day, (How Could Anybody) Feel at Home, My Auntie’s Building)    Podcasts The Infinite Now is a podcast by Richard Penner, under the alias Timescanner. It’s a multimedia project that skews heavily toward sci-fi. I could attempt to sell you, but I could never word it better than the man himself - “The Infinite Now celebrates wonder. The Infinite Now explores the past and the future. The Infinite Now tells stories at every scale, from quantum foam to human frailties to the love lives of dark matter galaxies.” My favorite episode is only a little over five minutes long, so it’s perfect for introductions and very much pulls you into this strange world right away.  (suggested episode - Time Loop Awareness Day, rated T) 
That’s all for now, but I’ll be back another day to share some more random stuff from my life. Thanks for reading! 




The Ensemble Challenge Results

The Ensemble Challenge Results   So, first off, I just want to thank everyone who submitted an entry - you all approached the prompt from such interesting angles and I really loved to see how you all wrote your ensembles.  The entries were as follows - 
The Great S.P.E.W. Bake Off by @juls The Great Pawneean Bake Off by @Chemical_Pixie  baking demonstrations of incompetence by @lovegood27  A Prayer by @StarFeather  The Lost Generation - The Little Girl by @Lacey Black The British Academy of Magical, Scientifical, Humanities, and Social Studies by @BookDinosaur     Without further ado, the winners: 
Third Place baking demonstrations of incompetence by lovegood27 What I said:  “You’re exceptionally good at saying quite a lot about each character through their performance in this Bake-Off, which just blows my mind.“ My reasoning: baking demonstrations of incompetence delivered on the promise of a funny Bake-Off story featuring Draco/Harry, and no, I’ve never considered that combination of things before either. The act of making all of the seemingly disparate elements of the story work so well is a huge part of its effectiveness!  What you won:  Two reviews of your choice. Let me know what you’d like reviews on!   Second place The Great Pawneean Bake Off by Chemical_Pixie What I said:  “It’s actually incredible just how many elements of the show you manage to fit into a one-shot - if someone asked me what Parks and Rec was like - I’d be well served to show them this fic in its entirety.” My reasoning:  This is simply one of the funniest fics I’ve ever read. Whether or not you’ve seen Parks and Rec, I think you’ll end up laughing out loud on several occasions reading this story - it comes highly recommended.  What you won:  A link in my sig for a month and three reviews of your choice. Let me know which stories you’d like reviewed!    First place The British Academy of Magical, Scientifical, Humanities, and Social Studies by BookDinosaur What I said:  “I literally feel the same way, Scorpius. I’ve fallen into this story and I think I live here now.” My reasoning:  Emily has written such a compelling vision of a Scorpius Malfoy who attends an alternative magical school that also teaches the various Muggle academic disciplines. She hooked me into her ensemble cast from the moment they apparated into the story. What you won:  A link in my sig for a month and five reviews of your choice. Let me know what to review!    Excellent work, everyone! Thank you for all of the entries  



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