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About this blog

Probably nonsensical posts about fandom-related things that I'm thinking about or questioning. 
So you can probably ignore it.
Like, seriously.

Entries in this blog


Mental Health Awareness Week

It's Mental Health Awareness Week and I have really been struggling. (Trigger warning for content just to be safe)

That takes a lot of courage for me to admit. I've had a huge setback this week and have been feeling very overwhelmed, very worthless, and very low. My usual coping mechanisms have done nothing for me and I have barely been able to sleep at night because of intrusive thoughts. I even had to call upon some fandom friends through twitter because I was having urges to hurt myself.

But you know what? It's okay. It's important for me to admit that I am in a bad place so I can then call upon help. I attend counselling sessions every week and they are amazing. My therapist is so patient with me, is incredibly encouraging, and makes me feel like I am wanted and that I can achieve my goals. There is zero pressure, zero judgement (everything I am subject to in my home) and it is wonderful. She understands how important writing is to me as an outlet and a hobby, and we talk about my stories often because I pour out a lot of my own feelings into them. 

Harry Potter is such an important part of my recovery. Knowing J.K Rowling has suffered depression is massive for me, a reminder that I am valid and that I can still achieve my dreams even with my illness. Depression and anxiety do not define me, they are along for the ride but they are not in control. It's a constant battle but I know my worth and I know they lie. Reading the books, watching the movies, writing my stories - they all help me process trauma and my bad days. Some might call it unhealthy, call it weird, call it an obsession, but to me, it's a lifeline. I genuinely don't know if I'd still be here on this earth without Harry Potter. 

My anxiety is mostly stable but it surfaces in waves. I've had three mild panic attacks this week, one of which resulted in a migraine which was really horrible. I got overwhelmed at having guests over without prior warning and it triggered me. Then when I tried to explain to my parents why I didn't want to do certain things they got defensive, argumentative, and decided the best way to handle my breakdown was to take away my phone and laptop and cut me off from my coping mechanisms. Needless to say that just made everything worse. 

My depression has been hell this week. I'm currently experiencing writer's block which I loathe with a passion. Then my sleeping pattern is all over the place and my insomnia has struck again. I've been really withdrawn and just not wanted to participate in anything, and I've missed appointments without even cancelling. It really hasn't been a good week. I've been angry at myself for relapsing, angry at the world, upset because I'm constantly tired, upset because I want people to care but they don't. I've been binging comfort food then not eating regular meals. I've barely showered this week.  Then on top of that, it's Cursed Child London Cast Change this weekend and then my birthday next Tuesday. So my emotions are everywhere and I know I'm supposed to be excited and grateful for my birthday but I'm just not finding anything to be excited about. It really sucks.    But, I can acknowledge my struggles and acknowledge that I need some help and accept that. Talking about mental illness so people can actually understand and not judge is so important! I get labelled as lazy and selfish by family members and it's just horrible - I don't want to feel like this you know! I'd give anything to be without my mental illness but I'm stuck with it and have to work through it. Small steps.    If you know anyone this week who is struggling, who is stressed, who is not how they usually are, please listen to them. Tell them that you love them and that you are there for them. It can really make all the difference in the world.   Kate xox 




Reasons Why I Write

I owe my love of writing and fanfiction to Harry Potter. When I was sixteen, the Harry Potter films finished. It was 2011, the year I left high school, and I walked out of the cinema after seeing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 in floods of tears because my childhood was officially over. No more books. No more films (heh, so I thought!).  It was all gone.  I was actually on holiday at the time, and I remember sitting on my hotel bed that night and scouring the internet for anything Harry Potter to comfort me. I stumbled upon Mugglenet and their Fanfiction page and my life changed forever... Cliché I know, but it is the honest truth. Fanfiction has saved me in more ways than I could ever explain.  I began by simply reading. Reading any stories I could find, absolutely blown away at how much there was and how much I'd been missing out on!! It was insanely fun, trawling through many stories, figuring out what I liked and didn't like, learning all the jargon (for a newbie, there was A LOT to sift through), and wondering how I could join in. Throughout that summer, most of my spare time was spent on fanfiction websites, not just Mugglenet. I didn't find AO3 until very very recently (2018), so my main go-to ended up being Fanfiction.Net.  Flash forward a year and I found the courage to start writing. I was taking A-Level English (above GSCEs but before University) and other subjects which involved writing a lot of essays and I would spend free periods in the library at a computer or a laptop. Guess where I picked up my procrastination habit? Yep, fanfiction writing. Instead of essay writing, I began figuring out potential plots, making a character notes, and even beginning to write chapters. My writing itself wasn't limited to the Harry Potter fandom, but my discovery of my passion for writing and fanfiction absolutely is.  Other fandoms I have written for since: Primeval, Thunderbirds, Supernatural and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. In 2014 I started University, taking BSc Geology. By this time, I had eighteen stories posted on my FF.Net author page, including two 40,000+ novellas. Like a naive teenager, I assumed I could carry on with my fanfiction writing as an outlet while I was studying for my degree. Heh, was I wrong... University sapped every single creative ounce out of my being. It hurt. A lot. Things got worse at the beginning of my second year of university as I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and put on medication. I had such a severe spiral I dropped out a university for a year to look after myself as I was very unwell.  Even during my time away from university, my love of fanfiction completely dwindled. Depression has the habit of sucking out all of your interest for things you previously loved, leaving you fatigued and feeling pretty damn sh*t. Probably like a dementor, though copious amounts of chocolate sadly cannot cure depression. I think what reignited my love for fanfics was rereading some of my own stories back and actually being able to admire my ability - I was proud and wanted that feeling back! So I started from the beginning, reading, and reading until the courage to write returned. And I've never looked back. Honestly, my writing is the most amazing and useful outlet when I have my bad days. Fandoms mean community and I feel like I am socializing when talking to other fans on social media. That and so many fans can be incredibly supportive if you ever need to rant about things. Two of the most powerful fandoms I am currently in: Supernatural and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I don't write much Supernatural fiction BUT the fans are just incredible. And don't get me started on Cursed Child, the Harry Potter theatre production; this fandom gives me a reason to smile every. single. day.  I don't necessarily have plans to become an actual author of original fiction, but I do know that I will carry my love of fanfiction throughout my life and through to the other side of the veil. Fanfiction is the best thing to ever happen to me ?  



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