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The Real Lacey B

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About this blog

I will be starting a little blog, likely filled with rantings and spoken word poems, some about topics that are important to me, gender equality, politics, LGBTQA themes, etc.

Feel free to check it out or not, but would love some love for this.




Entries in this blog


Signs of Ignorance

I'm truly stunned some days when I look around at the society we have built. Our officials and leaders talk as if this is the best life has ever been, that we are at our best in many ways.  I'd love to be explained in detail how that is. I mean yes we don't have black slaves in north America, we don't have segregated schools for those with black skin.  That's really great don't get me wrong. And im glad this happened for sure. But we, the white folk, take this and call oursel

Don't tip toe around me

I am fat It's okay, im aware Don't tip toe around me I don't need your sympathy your pity   I know im beautiful, My weight doesn't change my beauty I'm kind I'm fierce I'm strong I'm a survivor And yes. I am fat   Don't tip toe around me   It’s okay.  Yes..It's been an adjustment I'm not a size 3 anymore Trauma Depression anxiety and food will change a person.   Don't tip toe around me.

Mud Pies and Hopscotch

When your 4 years old all the way through your high school years they tell you, don’t pick on others, bullying is not kind. Bullying is wrong.  Stop being a bully. Someone smashes your sandcastle, takes your jump rope, or pushes you down on the ground we call it bullying. We dismiss it as a childhood phase: something we must overcome or grow out of.   But then if an adult smashes your tv, takes your laptop or pushes you down to the ground; it’s a crime.   It’s a sad time for child

I'm Not Gay (A Spoken Word Poem)

*This is an elaboration on a poem on my AP*   I’m Not Gay (Spoken Word Poem) Italics say slow and more smoothly Bold say tough and in a more staccato way. (or emphasized) CAPS LOCK is yelling … is a pause   Picture a little girl, barely 7 years old, walking the street with her mum. She’s this beautiful, happy, healthy little child. Well loved. Taken care of. Raised by both mum and grandmother; taught to be fierce. Strong. To have a faith in God
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