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folklore, ranked

i posted that long ass blog post ranking the tracklists of all of taylor swift's albums a week ago and then she went and dropped a whole new one that i wasn't prepared for. rude. (jk this album is the opposite of rude it is the blessing in my life i didn't know i needed) but anyways, this now leaves me missing an album ranking. i thought about editing it into the og post, but then i decided it deserves its own, brand new blog post. and so, here we are.   folklore 1

every tswift tracklist, ranked

this was highly requested, so here we are. jk, literally no one asked for this, but i thought it'd be fun, so here we are. i'm including deluxe tracks but not demo/acoustic versions bc we don't need two of the same song up in here, this is already hard enough without adding that into the mix. ready? let's go.   album 1: taylor swift 14. a perfectly good heart 13. i'm only me when i'm with you 12. invisible 11. tied together with a smile 10. mary's song (oh my my

the modern au challenge: results

the modern au challenge: results after almost two months (where i was definitely deliberating the entire time, i wasn't procrastinating on judging, nope obviously not that's not me), i'm finally here with the results of the modern au challenge! the task at hand was simple: write a fic where the characters are transported from their normal time and setting into today's modern universe. and man, did people deliver. i had a whopping fourteen wonderful entries, and my work was genuinely c

let's get this sorted

i love a good bandwagon and i love talking about myself at length, so naturally i am following in @RonsGirlFriday and @abhorsen.'s footsteps and writing out my own sortinghatchats results. i've taken the quiz a couple of times before and it's shifted somewhat, but i think the most recent results i got are probably the most accurate. so what am i? well, in a big ol' mouthful of words, i am a gryffindor primary with a slytherin primary model, and a gryffindor secondary with a ravenclaw s




the tswift song challenge: results

the tswift song challenge: results because i am mildly completely obsessed with all things taylor swift , i ran a challenge in which the prompt was to basically take a taylor song and turn it into a fic! how you decided to use the song was entirely up to you - it could completely tie into the song's narrative or not at all, use actual lyrics within the piece or not at all, basically whatever you wanted it to be, so long as it was inspired by the lyrics. i had two wonderful entrie




the underrated overrated house

the inspiration for this blog post comes largely from a conversation that happened earlier this week in the ML chat - for whatever reason, gryffindor-themed content tends to get the least engagement on social media. it seems that almost no one wants to be a gryffindor, because it’s the house that gets the most attention in the books and that somehow makes it… less cool?   and i’m totally guilty of feeling this sentiment too - when I took the pottermore sorting hat quiz for the first time at




the faking it challenge: results

the faking it challenge: results the premise of this challenge was pretty simple - write a fic featuring fake dating in some way, shape, or form. i got so many creative twists on the trope with so many different characters, pairings, and settings. after the long wait for results (spurred on largely by the fact that i review at the pace of a Mildly Intoxicated Turtle™ and had a lot of entries to wade through), i'm so excited to announce the winners! i had ten fantastic fake dating fics



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