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We are a multi-fandom/original fiction community with roots in the Harry Potter fandom community. We strive to maintain a strong focus on author feedback and inclusive writing. Here on the forums, you can join a house and participate in House Cup events, participate in writing challenges, play games, and much more!

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Certified Author Status



New and edited chapters submitted to our archive must be approved by an auror (archive validator) before they're made visible to the public, to ensure that they follow our archive's site guidelines.

Every so often, we evaluate author accounts to determine whether to grant them Certified Author status (or CA status, for short). Being a CA allows you to bypass the queue and post your chapters directly to the archive; it requires a lot of trust not only in your intentions but also in your ability to interpret and apply our rules, so we don't hand it out lightly.

We do, however, want the process to be straightforward, so here's a quick rundown of what we look at when we're doing a CA status review.

  1. Rejection rate and number of chapters. During a given review, we only consider authors who have at least 25 chapters uploaded and a rejection rate lower than 7%. Falling into that group doesn't guarantee that you'll get it; it just means that we'll consider you. Broadly speaking, the lower your rejection rate and the more chapters you've uploaded, the better your chances are of getting CA status.
  2. Reasons for rejections. Some rejections are more concerning to us than others. Rejections because you submitted too many chapters or had to be reminded to bump up your rating for language don't concern us as much as rejections because you forgot to add an advisory for sexual assault or self-harm. The latter doesn't disqualify you, but we will look at the rest of your history more closely to see if you've used the advisory or rating correctly in other situations, and we'll hold off if we're unsure.
  3. Correct use of ratings/advisories. We give authors a lot of room to explore very sensitive/mature themes, and since CAs have the ability to post any story without going through the queue, we want to feel confident that they understand the rules and how to assign rating/advisories appropriately. As such, a track record of using a wide variety of ratings and advisories correctly may work in your favor, where stories that are mostly rated A may not.
  4. Issues that come up in our CA review. Before bumping authors, our archive staff goes through and does a quick review of their work to make sure that there isn't something that was missed the first time around. If we find something, we may just ask you to add the advisory/change the rating and bump you anyway, but we may also just hold off on bumping you instead.


There are other things that may enter into consideration, but those are the main things we look at. We do not take subjective issues like quality, someone's forum activity, or friendships with staff members into account.


If you have any questions about CA status, you are welcome to contact any archive staff member. ^_^

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