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12 months of positivity - May & June



Apparently I've been naughty and skipped my post last month... :couch: so I'm going to put May and June together. :P Also... wait a sec... how is half year already gone? What's happening? It would be really nice if life slowed down a little bit? :blink: Anyway, here we go! And as always, hope you enjoy reading! :wub:


MAY 2018

8 - Day so and so, mood not at its highest, but it cheered me up exchanging messages with Richard and I even managed to write a little bit... forecasting a productive evening... maybe...

9 - Productive evening: I wrote, I worked on the newsletter, I even replied to a few reviews... and the mood has definitely improved. And tomorrow is Thursday already!

14 - May almost at a half, the Austrian wedding is nearing, if everything goes well Jimmy will have a new chapter soon (or two? Or three?) and I've been dancing these days... Many goals still to reach, but a little at a time it can be done!

15 - And the new chapter of Jimmy has been posted, and also Sybill's predictions have been written. Extremely satisfied with myself.

17 - The forecast has run and Federico is happy. All the "adult" stuff as been done, so tonight I can HPFT without worries. And tomorrow is Friday!

23 - Home early, with all the time just for myself and a big will to read and write. Half of the week overcome without damage.

26 - A week to the wedding, a nice evening with friends, talking about cinema with Federico and also a bit of time to read and write. Saturday full of satisfaction.

27 - Emma insulting my characters, and then to the cinema to see Star Wars. Busy day, but I'm happy. And next week is a short one and then... we go!

28 - Minus three to leaving! Tiring day, but proficuous. New dancing figure. Starting the day chatting with Emma about history and politics (which actually is a depressing subject, but you can at least try to laugh over it...)

29 - The small joys of life: getting home with the sun, the roses blossoming in the garden, the good food, the unexpected reviews.

31 - On the train, which is leaving right now. And someone just suggested that we are on the Hogwarts' Express (which is true in a way...) Vienna, here I come!


JUNE 2018

2 - Despite it also rained, a spendid day, made of games, dances and hugs. Happy of seeing Jo so happy.

3 - Relax at the lake and then a walk in the evening in the center of Vienna. And at the end the pleasure of getting back home and enjoying the rest after a long day.

8 - Plans for the summer meet-up, the beautiful reviews from Shreya, the small dayly conquests (hesitate only a moment facing the hard question: "But then your parents...?"), discovering that "Love, Simon" is out at the cinema.

10 - The magic of classical music with the scenery of the Duomo under the starry sky.

11 - Even a not exactly idyllic day can improve spending the night making plans for the summer meet-up and chatting with Anja and Renee.

18 - It's official, summer has arrived! And it's lovely to have lunch in the open when the sky is blue. And working at the rythm of latin music.

27 - And June is coming to an end, which means that August (and the summer meet-up) is getting closer. And as tiring as the day might be, it's nice to know that I can get sometime for myself once I get home in the evening.

28 - Sometimes the solution is just granting yourself some relax: couch, chips and a Harry Potter movie.



Richard of May 8th is a friend of mine from England (and possible love interest... but not exactly sure... :$)

Federico of May 17th is not the same Federico of May 26th... The first is a person who works at the bank where I work, and the Forecast is an application that I developed for him. The second is one of my friends, with whom I like to chat about cultural stuff. :P

All other people mentioned are HPFT-ers and I don't think anything else needs special explainations, so... that's all, folks! :D See you at the end of July!

:freeze: :grouphug:

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