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Chemistry-Driven Ramblings

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Life Updates!



Hi everyone! 👋

I just thought I'd make a blog post about some big things that are happening in my life because it's about to get crazy for me in RL! :twothumbsup:

So first things first:   I moved halfway across the United States from Iowa (Midwest) to California (West Coast) for graduate school! I'll be going for my PhD in chemistry -- specifically, looking at atmospheric chemistry in the environment (think smog, forest fire smoke, air pollution, etc) and hopefully will be doing a mixture of laboratory and field research once I'm in a group. This also means I'm far away from the majority of my family and my long-term boyfriend, so I'll be pretty down these next couple weeks as things start happening for school (training and the like), so love and hugs would be greatly appreciated ♥️ (Don't worry too much though, I do have an aunt & uncle and their oldest daughter/husband nearby so I'm not totally alone) As a heads up, I will likely be pretty quiet on here towards the end of this month into the first chunk of October as I get settled into classes and such, but I'll do my best to answer PMs and reviews and the like. 

Also, I've started my first venture into Original Fiction at the prodding of @Theia with a character vignette for her Narrative OF Challenge. I'm in the very early stages of planning a novel, the very early ideas of which can be found in my Writer's Journal and I will hopefully be better planning things with Scrivener once I download that (free trial). 

I'm also going to be trying to update SOMETHING every couple of weeks so I can get my WIPs done and hit that complete button something other than a one-shot finally! This includes finishing Faith, Trust, and Crystal Balls and also (hopefully) Love Makes Me (M) by the end of the year. Something else on my docket is re-writing an old Jily one-shot from HPFF and various other projects including (but not limited to) further expansions in my The Triwizard Effect Series and also just some Harry/Hermione BFF things that I want to write now that I've completed my rewatch of all eight films this weekend. 

I have also greatly enjoyed being welcomed to the Prefect team at the beginning of July and I hope to do Ravenclaw (and by extension, all of you) proud. If anyone ever has questions about the site, archive, or just life questions in general, please don't hesitate to send me a PM, my inbox is always open ❤️ My first ever time participating in the House Cup Finale was also hugely exciting and I am so proud of Ravenclaw for all of the work and wonderful effort we put into our newspaper 💙 🧡

Even though I'm not/didn't do writing/posting at the rate that I would have liked this summer, I'm still very proud of my entry for the Prefect's Celebration Challenge and the progress I've made so far for Love Makes Me and Faith, Trust, and Crystal Balls. Be on the lookout for new chapters and postings from me soon along with updates about how grad school is going over on my Twitter account (M). 

That's all for now, folks! I'll check in soon with an update on how grad school is going in October! :waving:

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madiiiii :hug: :hug: 

sending you all the love and hugs! it's not easy to be away from your people but this is such a HUGE step and i'm so proud of you! also, double the proudness because a PhD in Chemistry is... whoa! I could barely get through high school chem so i bow down to you, oh Queen of Science :D

and i'm so glad you jumped into writing OF! from the little bit I know about your universe so far, it's absolutely terrific and I look forward to seeing your novel on the shelves in the near future. ;) 

those are some incredible writing goals and i'll be cheering you on through it all! 

and seriously, ravenclaw pride forever! even if we come dead last in the final scoring for the HC, i'm immensely proud of the supportive team work our entire house displayed and the sheer amount of talent that went into making our paper. (although i'd be glad to never have to solve another riddle again for my entire life :P) 

good luck with everything, lovely! i'm sure you're going to kill it at grad school! ❤️ 


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