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12 months of positivity - July



Hey, my loves! I'm here again with another one of these posts! :D I hope you are still enjoying reading them, even if I've become so bad at these...

July is my favourite month of the year (totally unrelated with the fact that it's when my birthday falls... :whistling:) but I will admit that this year all I wanted was for it to be over because... AUGUST! HOLIDAYS! HPFT MEETUP!!! But this is for the next blog post, I guess... :P 

So, without further ado (whatever that means... :P )


JULY 2018

3 - Holidays are not so far away and maybe a few things are righting themselves. A jump into the past with old songs and watching the storm out of the window enjoying the cooling and the smell of rain. (Talking about the old songs, was I really five when we sang "Spunta la luna dal monte"?)

4 - Women only aperitif on the poolside, beautiful evening. And now the deserved rest.

9 - Real or virtual, the biggest treasure in life are our friends, and I'm so lucky to have so many special ones.

11 - The fact that, even if at times you don't feel worthy, there is always someone who appreciate you and believe in you. And even if we don't always realize it, we have so much strenght and richness to give, it's only about making the effort and the act of belief of pulling them out. And anyway... how lovely is it to get back home when the sky is still light and the sun is shining?

19 - Completing those dayly tasks, even when they make us nervous. Organizing the celebrations for the birthday coming up. Enjoying the evening with a nice movie.

24 - Breathing holidays air, many celebrations and it's nice for one day to feel special. Happy birthday to me!

25 - Another night of party and I have to confess, it's been more pleasant that I expected at first. A long day, but I'm happy.

26 - That wonderful feeling of relief when your doctor tells you that everything is alright. A check on my list of things that make me nervous but that I need to do. And one day less to the holidays.

27 - Unscheduled, but I had nostalgia of a good latin night. Dancing under the eclipse... And the penultimate week of work before the holidays is ended!

31 - And finally July is over, which means only one week to the holidays and only two to the Milanese meet-up! There's still a lot to plan but I'm super excited! I can't wait!



Spunta la luna dal monte (literally The moon springs up from the mountain) is a song by Tazenda and Pierangelo Bertoli which was presented at the Sanremo festival in 1991. The summer of that year (and also for a few years that followed) when I was in the mountains, I used to sing it on the balcony every evening when the moon... springed up from the mountain... :P Side note: most of the song is actually in Sardinian dialect, which means I have no idea what it says, except for the refrain... :D 

I don't think anything else really deserves an explaination (but if you are curious about something you can always jump in and ask :P) Hope you enjoyed reading, as always!

:freeze: :grouphug:

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