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The Prefect's Celebration Challenge Results | September 2nd, 2018




Starting in June 2018, you were all given the task to honor the many celebrations taking place that month by competing in writing some stories to commemorate a special occasion.We are here today to announce the results of the challenge! 

 For this particular challenge, there were three different prompts for you to choose from. You could write about:

  • vacation: can include a trip or a staycation
  • a “meet the family” situation which includes any kind of families or relationships
  • a topic relating to Pride Month: coming out, first kiss, the first time a character realized they were queer, etc.

You could write about one (1) of these prompts or combine two (2) of them or even all three (3)! While you were only required to write about one, we will be offering extra reviews for those that attempted multiple prompts in one story but this did not factor into the judging of the entry. You will still receive the reviews even if you do not place in the challenge.

We had several amazing entries for this challenge:

you make me feel good by @facingthenorthwind
Antebellum [Mature] by @Aphoride
Slow Love by @TheGoldenKneazle
Weasley Family Dinner Shenanigans [Mature] by @adorably cute
Good Things Come in Twos by @MadiMalfoy
heaven taking the place of something evil [Mature] by @dirigibleplums
Somewhere in Between by @ShadowRose
Constellations [Mature] by @ssslytherinnn
The Outset by @Renacerá
passionfruit [Mature] by @poppunkpadfoot
To Boil Telephone Porridge [Mature] by @teh tarik
Locked in a Broom Closet [Mature] by @Nix


But only three could win!

Third Place


heaven taking the place of something evil [Mature] by dirigibleplums!

Prizes: two additional reviews on a story of your choice


Second Place


Antebellum [Mature] by Aphoride!

prizes: three additional reviews on a story/stories of your choice, a picspam of your story


First Place


To Boil Telephone Porridge | 煲電話粥 [Mature] by teh tarik!

prizes: five additional reviews on a story/stories of your choice, a picspam of your story, and a feature in the September edition of the Prefect's In the Spotlight blog.


Congratulations to all winners!

Please contact @Rumpelstiltskin for your review portion of your prizes. Thank you!

Special Note: Each entry will still receive its review, plus any bonus reviews awarded soon. Apologies for the delay! Here is the list of bonus reviews awarded to entrants. To claim your bonus reviews, please contact Rumpelstiltskin and let her know which story(ies) you would like your reviews on. If you believe to be missing a bonus (or any bonuses awarded to you are incorrect), please contact Rumpelstiltskin ^_^ 


Bonus Reviews by Member (not including entry reviews or placement prize reviews): 

facingthenorthwind: 2 extra reviews
Aphoride: 2 extra reviews
The Golden Kneezle: 1 extra review
MadiMalfoy: 1 extra review
ShadowRose: 2 extra reviews
ssslytherin: 1 extra review
poppunkpadfoot: 2 extra reviews
teh tarik: 2 extra reviews


graphics [header and awards]: @Rumpelstiltskin
voting and discussion: @dreamgazer220, @just.a.willow.tree, @forever_dreaming, @Rumpelstiltskin
post write-up: @Rumpelstiltskin

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Congrats to the winners! Especially teh! And great job to all my fellow contestants! I can't wait to check these out for myself! 

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Congrats to you winners, and to my fellow participants! I'll hopefully get to read all of them in short time because they all sound so good! ^_^ 

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i was meant to comment on this the morning after i saw the notification, but life got in the way. so here i am! i'd just like to say thank you to the prefects for hosting a wonderful competition and congratulations to everyone who placed. i'm planning on reading all entries soon (once i stop being a rat, ofc) so can't wait to see what everyone's cooked up. oh, and thank you for third place!! 😄💕

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Stella Blue


Congrats to all of you!! Looking forward to reading  these :)

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Oh my god whut O.o Thank you so much for second place - honestly, I didn't expect to win anything; I read most of the entries and they're all so amazing, I honestly don't know how you ever chose. Super congratulations to Plums and Nicole - you're both incredible writers and I kinda can't believe I'm included with you ❤️ (And imma echo Plums' comments about thanking the prefects - it was a great competition and I loved writing for it almost as much as I loved reading everyone's entries :D

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teh tarik


I meant to comment earlier! Thank you so much prefects, for hosting such a cool challenge - you really got me writing stuff and I'm super grateful. :D  I'm really honoured to have won and a little bit stunned - thank you so so much. :wub: And congratulations to the other winners and to pretty much everybody who completed the challenge. I'd really love to get down to reading your wonderful entries!

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Congratulations everyone! It was so fun to be apart of this challenge! Can't wait to read them all! ❤️

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:D Congrats again, peeps!

Do make sure to contact me for Prize reviews and bonus reviews, please! 

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