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12 months of positivity - August and September



I'm getting so bad at these... :couch:   Anyway, I'm back!!! :bliss: 

August has been as great as I expected it to be (even if I wasn't really good to record it here... too busy enjoying it in RL... :P ) and September has seen a lot of Jimmy progress, as well as a very special visit... :wub: But I'll just go with the actual post, now. :D 



1 - The month of the holidays!!! The day has been intense but that's a good thing because at least I didn't have time to get bored. And it's always nice to work in time with music.

4 - Lovely night with friends, Gio's anecdotes which (almost) never tire... Meeting up with the usual suspects and feeling like at home.

6 - Just got home after a happy hour with the colleagues. Third evening out in a row, something that hasn't happened in... practically ever? Busy day at work, but not too much (much better than get bored, anyway). And tomorrow it's the last day!!!

7 - Officially on holiday!!! Waking up with an unexpected review, chatting with Renee (knowing that we'll meet in person in a week), getting done small things that had been on my to-do list for ages.

19 - The most beautiful holiday ever! Extremely happy and grateful for the lovely days spent with Renee (and Anja, Sian and Val, obviously). I already can't wait for the next HPFT meet-up.

26 - An unexpected postcard in the mail (okay, maybe that was 3 days ago...), planning Richard's arrival and that wonderful feeling of updating Jimmy after ages! Impatient to start the new chapter...

27 - Nothing is more satisfactory than win a strenuous (and apparently hopeless) fight with technology! And now finally I can sleep in peace...

31 - The quiet of Friday night (after an intense working week), a review swap, a chat with friends, a laugh at the office and cutlets for dinner. And also August is gone... and what a great month it's been!



1 - A lovely night with friends, the satisfaction of writing a new chapter (even if a very future one...), an unexpected meeting with someone I hadn't seen in a while, finishing the small missions of the day.

2 - Productive day, I've finally caught up with my review requests... and I've discovered some very interesting story in the meantime... proud of myself.

3 - The joy of getting inspired... and who knows, maybe chapter 26 is not so much of a mirage anymore...

5 - Emma reprimanding Jimmy. Pizza at Chiara's and then watching together To all the boys I've loved before. Cough and a bit of boredom at work aside, a good day.

9 - When internet suprise you and you find again that girl you had a correspondance with 20 years before... not to say... unanswered review count is finally back to 0???

12 - Beautiful evening with the Armundine (including gelato, obviously). Tired but happy. And in two days Richard is arriving!

14 - Cooking for a friend. A walk and a good icecream in company. The weekend finally arrived. Just happy that Richard is here.

16 - The best part of weddings? Dancing until your legs can't hold you anymore. And I've adored each minute of this weekend with Richard.

21 - Friday night is always the best moment of the week... especially when you can find some time to relax and read.

22 - Productive day (at least HPFT-wise) and evening spent dancing with the music of the concert under my house... I'm walking on sunshine!

26 - Sharing the draft of a new chapter with my preferred betas and finding myself discussing the misteries of languages with Emma. And meanwhile planning the trip to Iceland with Richard...

29 - Super productive Saturday: I did the laudry and the ironing, cleaned the floors and the kitchen, left reviews, went grocery shopping, went for a bike ride and bought a brand new pair of flamenco shoes! Extremely satisfied of myself!



Gio is Giordano, one of my Uni friends, who always has some hilarious fact to recount.

Renee, Anja, Sian and Val I don't think need any introduction. ;) Neither does Emma, I'm quite sure :P 

Richard is a friend from England who's spent a few days at my place for a common friend's wedding. It is possible that I might like him as more than a friend, but... time will tell, I guess? :$ 
Chiara is my best friend (yes, we have the same name... :P )

To All the Boys I've Loved Before is a film directed by Susan Johnson, released by Netflix on August 17, 2018 and based on Jenny Han’s 2014 novel of the same name.

The Armundine are my colleagues. Actually, not my colleagues but some girls from another consultant society (the word Armundine, which is my invention, comes from the name of their society) who work in the same openspace as my team. I wouldn't say that we are friends, but we do get along nicely and we have gone out a couple of times.

I'm walking on sunshine is a lyric from Walking on Sunshine, 1983 song written by Kimberley Rew for Katrina and the Waves


And that's all, folks! Love and snowball hugs and see you at the end of October! :)

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