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October, November, and Damn...the Year is Ending?



I didn't get around to posting my blog for October, so this one gets to cover two months...which may actually be a good thing.

To be honest, I don't remember much of October. It was a month of trying to settle into our new home here in New York. It was a month of adjustments and changes and a lot of sleep for me—I deal with stress and anxiety by hibernating.

November was both better and worse. It was incredibly stressful: my fiancé and I did a ton of wedding planning; I started applying to dream jobs—and being rejected; and we found out that our apartment...has bed bugs. Now, people of HPFT, if you've ever had bed bugs...I am so sorry. It's been an absolute nightmare. I basically haven't slept well in a month. I've been eaten alive, had the exterminator come twice (meaning we all had to leave the apartment for 6 hours, including our kitty who does not like leaving his dominion), spent over $250 on sprays/products/medical supplies/cat boarding/etc., and Googled way too many things about these godforsaken monsters. Bed bugs...are a nightmare. So, you could say that it's been a difficult month.

On the upside, though, I did some editing for NaNo! I didn't get nearly everything I wanted to finished, but I was able to edit and post three chapters of Collateral (M) which makes me feel really happy and excited! It means I'll be moving along nicely when things calm down a bit for me and I have more time to write. Unfortunately, that will be sometime in the distant future after we get rid of the aforementioned bugs and put our home back together.

We're going into the final month of 2018. It hasn't been the best year, but it's had its definite positives. 33 days until 2019. Let's do this.

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