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don't be this participant



i'm a research assistant for a cognition lab and yesterday i was running this participant on an eye tracker but she couldn't take her glasses off because she's hella blind and i was like okay you can keep them on. the eyetracker doesn't like glasses, it glitches out pretty bad most of the time. so i couldn't get the eyetracker to work, her drift on the screen from the spot she was supposed to be looking at was so bad i couldn't even finish the calibration because it was just like,,,,,,not on the screen. so i said to her that it wasn't working but i'd be willing to explain to her what would have happened if she had gone through with the study. she said no that she was perfectly willing to reschedule for today, saturday, so i did.

20 minutes has gone by since she was supposed to show up and she still isn't here. i even sent her an email telling her to call me so i can come let her into the building since it's usually locked on the weekends. and i'm so annoyed because i was perfectly willing to give her her extra credits yesterday because she showed up to the study but she insisted on rescheduling even though she apparently had no intention of showing up like girl,,,,,,,just take your credits and go!!!!!! and now i don't know if i'm supposed to mark her as a no show or still give her the credits since she showed up the first time.

long story short i'm very annoyed with this girl for wasting my gotdamn time.

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Ugh I’m sorry that happened to you! ❤️People can be a huge pain sometimes especially when there is supposed to be something in it for them and they still don’t do what they said they were going to do. I’d say don’t give her the credits, or maybe half if you can do that? 


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