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Ineke's Ramblings

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The Happier Holidays Challenge Results

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Hi everyone!


In this (and my very first ever) blog, I'm going to announce the results of the Happier Holidays Challenge! This challenge got far more entries than I thought I would get, so first of all I would like to thank everyone for their interest and entries in this challenge. It truly meant the world to me!

This challenge was a challenge where characters who loated a certain holiday, ended up feeling better about the whole concept later on (even though they did not need to love it as it was). Because of this (and the sheer excellence of all the stories), I'd all recommend you to read all the entries, for some heartwarming stuff and just good feelings overall!


The entries were as followed:

Tis The Season by @TreacleTart

yitached yakum v'yiga'el by @facingthenorthwind

Bake My Wish Come True by @ShadowRose

Starlit Nights by @dreamgazer220

Anything Is Possible by @Pixileanin

A Very Snapely Christmas by @juls

The Woes of Mr Weatherby by @Bunbury


All entries were, as said, absolutely excellent, and it was very hard to pick, but I've made my decision, so without furder ado, here is the top 3:

In third place

yitached yakum v'yiga'el by @facingthenorthwind - a heartwarming story about Chanukah during Deathly Hallows, which explores the holiday during the wartime and how it can make everyone feel better even in dark times.


Congratulations! Please let me know on which two stories you want a review in addition to the one I'll be leaving on this later on!


In second place

Starlit Nights by @dreamgazer220 - a heartbreaking story about Neville's daughter and the entire reason of why Christmas is so hard on her. Aside from that, there is a lot of stuff that literally made me melt and feel so good, so please do check this out!


Congratulations! Please let me know on which four stories you want a review on in addition to the one I'll be leaving on this later on!


And in first place

Bake My Wish Come True by @ShadowRose - a Muggle Christmas Bakery Jily AU which literally made me cry (for a plethora of reasons) while reading it - a feat not easily managed. This story is great, has excellent characterisation and completely tugs at your heart!


Congratulations! Please let me know on which six stories you want a review on in addition to the one I'll be leaving on this later on!


I want to thank all of the participants again - all the promised reviews will be coming as soon as possible (also depending a bit on my still-flaky internet :( ). It was a true pleasure to read all of your stories! I hope you will all join in with another challenge again!


x Ineke

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Oh wow, second place! What a pleasant surprise -- especially with those fantastic entries.  Ineke, I have to say, this challenge was so much fun to write for, so thank you for hosting it! Congratulations to the other winners as well 💛

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