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The Anti-Protagonist Challenge Results

Unwritten Curse


The Anti-Protagonist Challenge Results

For this challenge, participants had to create a sympathetic portrayal of a not-so-nice character (an anti-protagonist, if you will). There were six wonderful entries, all of which I recommend if you've got some free time and some tissues at the ready. Open your minds and your hearts to some beautiful stories about the "baddies." (As a side note--and I know everyone always says this BUT IT'S TRUE--it was so difficult to choose the winners, to the point that I was going back and forth even up to the point that I requested graphics for the results. :sos:)

Here are all of the entries, in alphabetical order:

The Black Queen, featuring Bellatrix Lestrange
Written by @Chelts-rhj

Demented, featuring dementors
Written by @potionspartner

Five Times Dudley Needed Harry, and One Time He Didn't., featuring Dudley Dursley
Written by @Chelts-rhj

I am Fenrir, featuring Fenrir Greyback
Written by @Alwynse

Twisted, featuring Lucius Malfoy
Written by @MadiMalfoy

Walpurgis Night, featuring Walburga Black
Written by @Chemical_Pixie


And now, for the results!

In third place, awarded for amazing creativity and an ending line that I will never forget...


Demented by potionspartner!

In second place, awarded for its heartfelt simplicity and bringing things full circle...


Five Times Dudley Needed Harry, and One Time He Didn't. by Chelts-rhj!

In first place, awarded for its complexity, nuance, and for breaking my heart in all the best ways...


Walpurgis Night by Chemical_Pixie

Thank you to all participants and a huge congratulations to the winners! I was so moved by your entries and your capacity to make even the most flawed characters seem human and worthy of our attention.

Winners, please DM me to request your prize reviews. :)

And last but not least: credit for the amazing awards goes to @galadriel!

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@Unwritten Curse Thank you sooooo much for hosting this challenge! :) I truly enjoyed writing something that fit your requirements and loved exploring a character that I never thought that I would write. ❤️ 


Congrats to @Chelts-rhj and @potionspartner for placing as well!

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Crimson Quill


Congrats to the winners!! ?

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Posted (edited)

Congrats to @Chelts-rhj and @Chemical_Pixie

This ended up being very challenging to write and really pushed me as a writer. Thanks for giving me this opportunity. 

Edited by potionspartner
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