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and your eyes beholding happiness;

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My First HPFT Anniversary!



I cannot believe I have only been here a year, friends!! It feels like so much longer, especially since I barely wrote in the YEARS leading up to this and now I am... too prolific, haha. :P Don't talk to me or my infinite oneshot sons ever again.

This community was so welcoming from the get go, so kind even when I was a stressed nobody cold-PMing people to beta for me! I'm so glad that I get to be prefect and help make it a place of so much joy, and I'm so glad I've met so many friends here. ❤️ I love all of you!!!! I feel like I've been so spoilt to find a fandom community, because this is really the way I'm most comfortable doing fandom -- I don't understand what the kids are doing on tumblr or twitter or discord and I'm too afraid to ask. :P And of course Harry Potter was my first ever fandom and it's one that I just keep coming back to, in the end, over and over again. I first started reading in this fandom almost fifteen years ago, and here I am once more. You can check in but you can never leave.

Finally, I'm actually really glad no one remembers me from my hpff/hpff-adjacent days, because gosh, I'm sure there was plenty I was terrible about. Did you know that I used to have 'no slash' on my review request thread, back in 2008? If only baby Emma could see me now, LIVING the slash and also writing plenty of it.

Here's to many more years of queering and Jewishing everyone's fave characters. ❤️

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Posted (edited)

you are adorable. :wub: happy first anniversary!! also, i can't believe YOU had a 'no slash' rule, omg. xD 

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Just one year??? Are you Sirius??? ?

I feel like I know you since forever...

I'm so glad you joined us! Chatting with you about Marauders and damned languages is always the biggest joy and I don't know where I would be with my writing without your feedback! :wub:

:freeze: :hug: my love! Happy anniversary!

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Congratulates on your anniversary, Emma! I'm so glad you're a part of the site! You're such a wonderful Prefect and member. I'll never forget how helpful and sweet you were when I was writing up our Happy Hanukkah post for the 'Puff CR. Here's to many more years on HPFT! :hug:

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Okay bye love you and am happy for you!! ❤️ :hug: 

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