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The Riddikulus Ship Challenge WINNERS



Hello Hello Hello.

I am so sorry for the delay guys, but without further ado, I present the winners of the Riddikulus Ship Challenge.


facingthenorthwind Static - Frank/Narcissa

TreacleTart Watching (M) - Cho/Goyle

                     Firewhiskey (M) - Charlie/Pomfrey

MalfoysAngel Our Love Story (M) - Hermione/Crabbe

Renecará For Her (T) - Hermione/Dolohov

Niffler The Seduction of Arthur Weasley (M) Arthur/Lucius

800 words of heaven There Was A Moment - George/Quirrell

Chelts-rhj The Point of No Return - Draco/Roxanne

Felpata_Lupin A crush of freaks and Muggle filth - Regulus/Petunia

LaceyBlack Hidden Desire (M) Ron/Draco


Before I announce the winners, I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to EVERYONE who took part. Your stories were all equally as beautiful and I enjoyed reading every single one of them.


But... Here we go.

Drumroll please....



@Lacey Black with Hidden Desire (M)

Have you ever been in love, but had the feelings not reciprocated? If you have, then you understand Draco's pain. Draco finds himself unable to keep his attentions away from Ron and well.. my heart broke a little reading this story. With such beautiful writing, you'd be silly to give it a miss.




@Niffler with The Seduction of Arthur Weasley (M)

Something happened back in the summer of 1967, something that it appears one certain Lucius Malfoy cannot appear to get out of his mind. Have you ever wondered how Lucius Malfoy would attempt to seduce Arthur Weasley in adulthood? No... well, I bet you have now I've mentioned it. This story is beautiful, funny, moving, it's just everything and frankly I had an incredibly hard time separating this and the 1st place entry. I loved every single second of reading and I urge EVERYONE to give this one a read for a bit of heavy Arthur/Lucius loving.



Dun dun duuuuuuuuunnn...


@facingthenorthwind with Static

So I cried, and that is why simply, this had to be Number 1.

I've never even entertained the possibilty of Frank/Narcissa being a thing, but I read this and was screaming at my laptop for them to screw Lucius and Alice and just get together and have beautiful Longbottom/Black babies. My heart was ripped out of my chest and my goodness.. read it yourselves, you HAVE to if you do one thing.




@800 words of heaven with There Was A Moment

Now, although this didn't win, I couldn't let @800 words of heaven get away without screaming to the world that you NEED to read this story. It's only a few lines really in comparison to the others, but the writing is beautiful. You're seriously so talented and this was a pairing that when I gave it to you frankly I thought it was possible, but you've made it WORK. George's admiration and love for Quirrell is worth every letter you wrote. Thank you for submitting this piece to the world.



Award Graphics by Me, featuring Shouty Voldemort.. my fave announcer.

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Yay!!! Congratulations to the winners!!! :D :clapping:?

And thank you, Alice, for hosting such a fun challenge! :wub: Even if I didn't place (I wasn't expecting to) I'm glad you enjoyed my entry! I meant to write that story for ages, so thank you for giving me the push I needed... :P

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800 words of heaven


Well done to all the winners! :cheering:

And thank you, Alice, for such a fun challenge! Writing this story pushed me out of my comfort zone, which was definitely an experience! I appreciate this special mention so much :hug:

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Congratulations, winners! This was such a great idea for a challenge, Alice! Thank you for letting me enter! :) 

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Aaaah thank you for the win!! Totally unexpected. xD Maybe I will have to continue that AU fic just for you. :P Congrats to everyone else too, this was such a rad challenge. ❤️

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Yay!!! Thanks so much :D This is super exciting (and I'm so behind in seeing this update cuz I never got an alert in my inbox oops)  I can't wait to go read these other entries now!  Oh for funsies, here is my aesthetic for my entry.

cover edit - seduction riddle.png

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On 4/2/2019 at 2:07 PM, Niffler said:

Yay!!! Thanks so much :D This is super exciting (and I'm so behind in seeing this update cuz I never got an alert in my inbox oops)  I can't wait to go read these other entries now!  Oh for funsies, here is my aesthetic for my entry.

cover edit - seduction riddle.png

Omg @Niffler this is the most amazing thing ? young Arthur and Lucius!

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Thanks @aelaia! I had fun fancasting... young Arthur is the brother of the actor cast as Bill Weasley :D

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