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The Prefects' Four of a Kind Challenge Results | May 7 2019

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The Prefect's Four of a Kind Spring Writing Challenge Results


The entries were dark, twisted, and inexplicable just as the subjects of each of the prompt cards were themselves. From a focus on a setting to a mysterious character, each of these pieces had it all and weaved an intricate plotline with all of the given prompts. If you haven't read these entries yet, you really should:

Sea Change by @crestwood

Der Traumfanger by @Aphoride

Lady in Black by @Tanda (StarFeather)


Please congratulate everyone on their placements!


Third Place



Lady in Black by @Tanda 

Kenny weaves a magical tale about Charlie Weasley traveling to Japan to help a mysterious woman in black figure out what happened to her husband. He writes about new types of dragons and also even throws in a quick interaction with Tonks while Charlie is on his travels. 

Prize: One additional review on a story of your choice, a prize graphic, WJ questions


Second Place


Sea Change by @crestwood

Joey writes a compelling story dealing with the magic and science behind being a Metamorphagus. The trio of characters fight and bicker about the proper ingredients and procedure to perfect their human transfiguration potion. They go to great lengths to achieve their goals, even if it means nearly dying by way of a mystical bird. 

Prize: Two additional reviews on a story/stories of your choice, a prize graphic, WJ questions, a PicSpam relating to your entry


First Place


Der Traumfanger by @Aphoride

Laura tells the tale of Albus and Gellert through the lens of dreams and thoughts. The weight Albus feels in his mind of the memories he shares with Gellert is represented through strong descriptions and emotions as he wrestles with how to think of him after all these years. 

Prize: Three additional reviews on a story/stories of your choice, a prize graphic, WJ questions, a PicSpam relating to your entry, a feature in the Prefect's Blog In the Spotlight (including a review column piece for your entry and an interview with the author).


Congratulations to our winners and participants! Your participation reviews will be coming soon. :) Please contact a Prefect about what story they would like their additional review(s) on! Please rehost and credit @Rumpelstiltskin for all prize graphics. 

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Omg so I've been floating around the forum in and out today and somehow didn't see this until now? :o Thank you guys so so much - it was such a fun and different challenge to write for, weaving in all the different elements and it was almost more fun reading the other entries and seeing all the different ways people wove theirs in. :wub: 

Super congrats to Joey and Kenny as well - their entries were both so so good and it's so so well deserved ❤️❤️ 

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