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crazy cat lady.

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pretty girls. (and boys)

grumpy cat


my response to the ML/prefect team on twitter about LGBTQ+ themed good news seemed to be quite popular and/or relatable so i thought, with pride month coming up, i'd write a little bit about it.

this is the first pride month that i won't just be an ally.

and i love it.

the tweet in question:


i've realised i'm not entirely straight because girls are very pretty to look at which is a good thing because it gives me more people to...look at 😂😏😏💜

maybe some people thought i was joking but i really wasn't :P

even though i live in croatia, where being a part of the LGBTQ+ community can be quite difficult, i still consider this to be really good news, disregarding the facts of life - nowhere is perfect, though, admittedly, some countries/parts of the world are a lot better to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community than others. when i was in oslo last october, i couldn't help but spontaneously smile at girls kissing girls, holding hands, boys kissing boys, and everything else... in plain sight, with no shame and no danger. it was similar when i was in hamburg and berlin. it was wonderful.

and i wish it could be like that everywhere, all the time.

(i know neither oslo/norway nor hamburg/berlin/germany are perfect.)

i do not associate the concept of 'coming out' with my newfound (realised/discovered during the last year (and i'm fairly sure that being a part of HPFT helped in some way with that realisation - the community is wonderfully accepting and inclusive and i'll be forever grateful to have joined!) attraction towards both girls and boys.

i'm not coming out - this part of myself has always been there and it's normal and it's amazing. and it doesn't need any special attention.

at least that's how it is in my head. and it would be cool if it were like that outside of my head, as well.

(if 'coming out' means you accept yourself or that the world accepts you, that's great. i just think it's sad that it's needed and i'm hoping for a future where it won't be.)

i'm just being me and i can date or have consensual sex with whoever i like and it's no one's business. no declarations of who i am, except the person who i have always been.

why good news? it means i'm completely myself. it means i have plenty more opportunity to...look ( 😏) at people. it means i can stare at or date pretty girls. and handsome boys. and that's awesome.

(this post (as opposed to my last one) wasn't any trouble at all to write or post because love and attraction are amazing and wonderful and lovely and should be celebrated.)

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