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Thank You, Rose!!





:greenstars: ROSE APPRECIATION BLOG!!!!!  :greenstars:



PicSpam by RoxiMalfoy

My Dear Rose…   

I've thought a lot about what I wanted to say to you in this. In the beginning, I couldn't even begin to find the right words. But I've also had the pleasure of seeing first-hand over the past few weeks just how BIG of an impact you've had here on SO MANY people in this community!!! Two weeks ago, I only knew you from my own personal experience. But now, I've had the opportunity to share with others just how much you have meant to them, and to this site as a whole. You truly are an inspiration; and a role model for so many of us here!  :wub:

As soon as I learned of the hardships you were facing last month, I wanted to help in whatever way that I could. I wanted to be there for you, to support you. I wanted to encourage you, to lift your spirits, to make you smile. I wanted to be the support that you have been for me over the years; whether you knew it or not. And come to find out, I was not alone in that desire... It has not been easy, keeping this a secret from you over the past few weeks, lol!! But I have been working behind the scenes with the Staff & Prefects to contact as many HPFTers as we possibly could. And they were ALL unanimous in the fact that every single one of them wanted to show you just how much they too love and support you, Rose!!! :rose:

You are our rock; one of the founding members in which this community was built upon. Without you, we would not be able to call HPFT our home. You do so much for so many, and you bring so much positivity and creativity to this forum. And being on staff recently, I have really gotten to see first-hand just how much you've poured into making this place a home for us over the past year, and I cannot even begin to say THANK YOU enough!! I know we didn't really talk a whole lot before I got promoted, but you were always there to help when I needed you, and you were so welcoming and inviting with the site first opened… But recently, you've become more like a mentor to me, and I truly enjoy working with you!! You took a chance on me, and believed in me; even when I did not believe in myself. You have been SO so encouraging, and you have shared so much of your wisdom with me, and I just feel so blessed to be a part of all of this! Rose, I am so very thankful just to know you, and to be able to call you my friend.  :hug:


The Staff and Members of HPFT would like to tell you just how much you mean to us. And we want you to know that you're not alone. Every single one of us is here for you, whenever you need us. No matter what life throws at you, we will Always be here for you. Any time; day or night. We just wanted you to know how much we appreciate you, and we all wanted to say THANK YOU ROSE!!!! But don't just take MY word for it, take theirs, lol!! I have been collecting messages from the members of HPFT for the past few weeks now, and here is what they all had to say.....   :loveshower::loveshower::loveshower:




FROM: @PaulaTheProkaryote


You are such a wonderful, lovely, hilarious member of our community, and our lives are so much richer with you in it. From keeping us on target in conversations, to breaking our hearts in fics; you are absolutely the best. I remember you were the one to give me my first TA status, and it finally made me feel like a REAL writer when I received that message. Since then, I feel like I've grown so much more comfortable in my own skin and that's because of this loving, kind atmosphere that you have helped cultivate. I love seeing pictures of your handsome boy on twitter and all of your funny one liners (seriously, you'd make such good dialogue for my characters, I'm just saying) and I'm so happy to know you! :wub:






FROM: @MegGonagall     


Branbus PicSpam by MegGonagall

Dear Rose, 

I just want to thank you, for so, so much. Thank you for being the first staffer on The-Site-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named for reaching out and showing me that you were all real people, writers and fans, just like the rest of us. Thank you for being someone I was always comfortable going to with any questions or concerns. Thank you for creating a new, wonderful, fun, inclusive, friendly and amazing space for all of us who were displaced. Thank you for all of the times you've messaged me, checking in when I was going through difficult times. Thank you for sharing your stories with us, even (and especially) when they make us sob. Thank you for the late night chats, talking about everything and nothing, both equally important. Thank you for being such an amazing friend to me, and so many others in our community. :thankyou:

I know things are crappy right now, and that they might be for a little while longer. But I hope you know that you have family here who are always here for you. And I'm sure I speak for many, many others in our little corner of the internet when I say, if you ever need to talk, vent, cry or just bs with someone to take your mind off of things, you can always message me. 

You're a great person, Rose. I'm sorry for what you've been going through, and I truly hope that Mr. Curls gets well soon. *hugs* :hug:

All my love to you, Mr. Curls and Julian, 
Meg xoxo  :wub:

P.S. I know it isn't much, but I hope that you like the little gifts that I made. I tried for a little variety. A Branbus picspam, a Ronks gif, and a WolfStar gif for you. 💖

from_Meg2.gif.5e2e427bd60197b3ef6e297cd012eb9f.gif     from_Meg3.gif.559ae83b37f2a44af29ea585d4e38399.gif

Ronks & Wolfstar GIFs made by MegGonagall





FROM: @forever_dreaming

Hi Rose! :waving:

I haven't really gotten the chance to get to know you well—hopefully that will change soon!—but even from my short time as a member of this community, I've seen how much of a positive force you are. You're so welcoming and kind, helping me and other new members feel accepted. And you're so creative and hardworking; I appreciate all the work that you've done in physically making the archive, all the behind-the-scenes work and debugging that you do so that we have a place to share our stories and ideas. To top it all off, you're an amazing writer too, with writing that is full of passion and emotion. Honestly, I admire you very much and strive to be a little more like—channel my inner Rose, I suppose :D For me, you represent the best parts of HPFT: creativity, acceptance, and friendliness. Thank you for everything that you do! 

I know that you're going through some hard times right now, so I wanted to add that I believe you are strong enough to overcome any struggles that you're faced with. If there's anything I've seen in the past few months, it's that you are a strong, resilient, and brilliant woman. If you ever need to talk to someone, though, need a virtual hug, or just a distraction, I'm here to support you. :wub:





FROM: @abhorsen.

Rose - I think you know how much I appreciate you, but it's always good to reiterate it. :P You've become one of my closest friends on HPFT, and I always know that I can count on you to be supportive, blunt, and realistic - and I only hope that I do the same thing for you. 💗 Thank you so, so much, for everything you do.  :lubu:

- Branwen



FROM: @Alopex


Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do for HPFT despite your busy offline life. HPFT is of course much bigger than the two of us—but I am so glad you also wanted to start a new forum. You have been there from the start, and there is a great team of staff (both past and present) who have also been there from early on, not to mention the incredible members who are the heart of this community. I really appreciate your leadership and organization skills, your level-headedness, and your sense of fairness. It feels good being on the same team with you. ^_^

Holly 💙



FROM: @WindingArrow


toomanycurls Sig made by Liz/WindingArrow


I got to know you through an odd series of events that I'm not quite sure I entirely remember. Mostly, I just remember being in utter awe that I was talking to STAFF. It seemed unbelievable how well we got on when we first started talking. (I think it may have been born of a mutual need to shatter each other's hearts through fic? I really don't remember, but whatever it was, it was a good thing!) I don't normally talk to staff. At all. (Or at least, I didn't.) Staff is intimidating and all powerful! INFINITE COSMIC POWER! Itty bitty microchip in a computer connecting us. So, you were my first staff friend! Which in and of itself is pretty damn cool and since then I may be a little invested in your life (and a lot invested in Branbus, so much so that I have not caught up to whatever horrors have recently befallen them) and I've come to appreciate even more than I already did how much you do and what all you do it on top of. You have a beautiful family (I totally look out for Julian videos and shove them in Ryan's face), a great job, and this wonderfully huge heart that you just share with everyone. I sometimes think it's sad to say that some of the best people I know are the people I met online, but it's actually really wonderful to be able to say that I know some of the best people in the WORLD and I count you among them. 
Thank you for awesome fics to read, hilarious real life happening snippets, heart-melting Julian laughing videos and all the work you put into this site to help keep it running. Because if you didn't know, we all sort of love you here. :wub: :wub: :wub:

ewJmMrg.png     BXjQEGi.png

Branbus Sig & Rose Sig both made by Liz/WindingArrow





FROM: @TidalDragon


It's a challenge to make a fitting tribute to such an incredible influence. There is no question that without you, HPFT would not exist. Without you, all of us forced to flee to the Twitter-sphere might have been stuck there or scattered to different parts of the internet that simply can't replicate the culture of our community. But more than that, I have been privileged to see the behind the scenes of everything you do for each of us. From implementing excellent suggestions through careful coding to helping steer us all through difficult decisions for the betterment of the site, you aren't just a founder, but a force. All while you're working and being a mom and buying a home. :D

I wish I could cover everything you and all you do in a single message. I wish I could more clearly convey everything you and your creation of our community has meant to me. Alas, even for one (1) of us - writers - it's not completely describable. As I give way to the other message - the tributes from other lives you've touched - I want to leave you with two simple words, from the bottom of my heart:

Thank you.


- Kevin



FROM: @TreacleTart

Hey Rose! Thank you for everything you've done for this community! 

We wouldn't be here without you. Sending you so much love and so many hugs! :hug: 




FROM: @poppunkpadfoot

Dear Rose, you are an incredible woman, who's ridiculously talented and who does so much for this community.  :twothumbsup:  Thank You so much for everything you do, we'd truly be nowhere without you. I hope you know that you are appreciated, admired, and loved!  :wub:

- Kayla



FROM: @nott theodore

Rose!! We've known each other a few years now, and I'm so glad that we got paired together for the speed dating writing challenge, because it gave me a chance to realize how awesome you are. We are so lucky to have you as a leader of our community. You're strong, passionate, intelligent, fierce and kind, and quite simply an inspiration. You do so much for us and we don't say thank you enough for everything you do - so thank you. Thank you for fighting for our community, for being a fearless leader, for always being there for people with a listening ear and a good dose of common sense. And most of all, thank you for being a wonderful friend. :wub:



FROM: @Crimson Quill


Slytherin PicSpam by CrimsonQuill



Thank you so much for everything you do for us here in the community. You've created a beautiful home for all of us. We will always be here for you. :hug:

Lots of Love :loveshower:

- Abbi xo



FROM: @MalfoysAngel

Rose, You are an amazing person, and from day one of the forums you've been a force to be reckoned with! You bring so much passion to HPFT and all you do to keep it running, that we truly would be lost without you. Thank you for everything you do for HPFT! I am so glad that you embraced your inner-snake and joined the dark side; AKA: The Snake Pit. :darkmark:

I made this up for you at the last minute, so its not the greatest... but I hope you enjoy it! :P


I really tried to sound poetic,

But all I managed was to sound pathetic.

So I made you this rhyme,

Just in the nick of time.

Sorry if it's lame,

I need to improve my poetry game.

Without further ado,

Below is what I've written for you.

Rose you are the bestest,

You stand high above the restest.

You've embraced your inner snake,

Joined the pit and hid the rakes.

We love you a lot,

And as an admin you rock!

And now I must go and fold my socks.


Thanks again for all you do for the site, and for the Snake Pit, Rose!!! :hearteyes:

- Love Tasha💚🌮



FROM: @Ineke


I just wanted to say that you inspire me so much. You are so active and do so much even with all the things like moving and Julian and everything going on in your life - it's truly amazing and I cannot stop wondering how you keep doing this. HPFT would definitely not be the same without you and without everything you do, and I truly cannot be more grateful for that. Thank you.




FROM: @Veritaserum27


My dear Rose,

I just wanted to say a few words about how much of an inspiration and a role model you are to the members and staffers on this site. It's so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day of our lives, and we all have this wonderful, welcoming, kind place to come and relax, vent, or just escape for a few moments. You were integral to the creation of this place, but it's the fact that you lead by example that creates the solidarity we all feel. I'm amazed of how much compassion, intelligence and sense of humor can be all wrapped up all in one person. I know the younger members of this site look up to you and hope to be able to juggle everything life hands them with as much grace and composure as you do. Always remember how much of an impact you've had on all of us, and the most amazing part is that you do it without even thinking about it! It's just ROSE!!! :rose:


- Beth



FROM: @velajune


Ronks FanArt by VelaJune

Hey Rose,

Sending you love :loveshower:  for when times are tough. Here's Nymphadora and Remus, just a little something to show how much you're appreciated. Sometimes, we all feel like Remus, too worried about our werewolf side but it's okay. Everyone's here to be your Nymphadora, making pig-nose faces... literally if you want:shifty: 




FROM: @LadyL8

Hi Rose. I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you do for HPFT. I’ve always respected you a lot, but being on staff with you this past year and seeing just how much you do behind the scenes has given me an even greater respect for you. You’re so dedicated to this site and to ours members, and it’s so inspiring to see the work you put in to make HPFT a great place. And it’s not just that; you’re also a talented writer and an amazing reviewer! You just put a lot of hard work into everything you do, and I really admire you for that. So once again, Rose, thank you so much! :wub:

- Lotte



FROM: @MuggleMaybe

Rose,  :loveshower:

HPFT is incredibly lucky to have you for so many reasons. You lead this site with such transparency and respect, and I am very grateful for that. I feel particularly lucky for having met you in person and experienced how genuine, interesting, and supportive a friend you are face-to-face, as well as online. I know life has not been treating you and your family as well as you deserve lately. Please know that I'm thinking of you, and wishing you the best in all things. :rose: I'm always only a message away if you ever need an ear. 

Many hugs!


- Renee



FROM: @ShazaLupin

Rose, thanks so much for everything you've done. From setting up this new home for all of us, to maintaining it and ensuring that it's the best it can be! You deserve nothing but happiness, and I hope life picks up for you soon! Thanks for everything! 💛  :thankyou:  



FROM: @Rumpelstiltskin


toomanycurls Business Card designed by: Rumpelstiltskin


My mentor; my friend: I cannot begin to list the ways you've impacted this website and the people on it. You do so much, and it means the world to people. You're an amazing person, don't ever forget that.   Thank you for everything from a personal level to a professional one!  :wub: 

And if life gives you any more lemons, squirt them in other people's eyes! :fishslap:

- Rumpel💚



FROM: @DanyFire


You do so much for us. I just wanted to take the time to take some time to let you know just how appreciated and loved you are. :wub:  I may not come online or talk to you much, but I know that you work hard for us. I love the fact that you are there if we need anything, and I am happy that I get the chance to say how much I love and appreciate your hard work. :yay:


- Meg H. (AKA: DanyFire)



FROM: @danicasyer

Dear Rose, 

Thank you for always maintaining and always putting your hard work into the forums. :thumbsup:  I may not of interacted with you as much, but I am very thankful that you're around as the forums wouldn't be the same without you. I know there's a lot to do as a site administrator; from trying to manage the forums, to making sure things on the site or rather the archives are handled properly. I admire that you also have time to write while dealing with that, and also spending time with your family and managing a full time job! I'm honestly not really good at wording this, but I do want to say that I am thankful for what you do, even if I can't convey my words and thoughts properly. :$ I hope we can interact sometime soon! Thank you for being a part of HPFT and for running the forums! I hope to read your works someday soon! :rose:





FROM: @Oldershouldknowbetter

Hey there Rose.

Thanks for all you've done for this community. As one who was quite deeply affected by the loss of our old home, I have not been as active in this new home as I should have been... I do mean to rectify that at some point, but until then you do not understand how important these forums are as an emotional lode stone to me. Knowing they exist, occasionally browsing them when I have enough time is really vital. Thanks so much for all your work in ensuring that there remains a place for us in this world.   

:thanks:     :bestwishes:



FROM: @StarFeather


Beautiful Rose Graphic by Kenny/StarFeather

Rose: :rose:

You are one of the most generous people in the world. Thank you for caring for all of us. 


- From Kenny



FROM: @CambAngst


It's always a pleasure. I've immensely enjoyed getting to know you over the past few years. Meeting you and Julian in person was a treat. Looking forward to many more years of fun and friendship. Thank you for all that you do for our community! 



- Dan



FROM: @MadiMalfoy


Even though I'm not always very active (honestly it's in very random bits and spurts) on the site, you've always been an open and welcome resource that I feel comfortable coming to when something has changed and I need help locating it! xD You're super kind and sweet, and I truly appreciate all of the work you do for this community, both visible and behind the scenes. You deserve to have a relaxing, stress-free week (or month) for all that you do for this site along with your real-life responsibilities. Thank you SO MUCH for being who you are and being a part of this wonderful community! :hug:





And this is only about 1/4 of the people I was in contact with, lol!!! 😅 The point is, Rose, WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! We truly would be lost without you. You have done so much for us, and everything that you have given to make this place a home has meant the world to every person who logs into these forums!! :wub:  And in return, we will ALWAYS be here for you, no matter what you may need... Several other members have been leaving you reviews over the last few weeks as well, and I had also sent out the link to your writer's journal too, haha!! So if you've been curious as to why you may have been receiving so much attention lately, this is why. I would apologize for being so sneaky, but hey..... :slytherin: LOL!!!! (And hey, there may yet be a few more surprises heading your way, you never know, haha!!) :wandinair:


And to ANY member out there who did get mine or the prefects messages, but maybe was not able to make it in time for the deadline; that's okay!! Feel free to add your comments below and let's continue spreading the love!!  :loveshower::greenstars::loveshower:


You are the greatest Headmistress we could ever ask for, Rose, and we truly are SO blessed to have someone like you looking out for all of us!! :wub:

:lubu:       :bighug:  :grouphug:  :bliss:        :thankyou:


Love ya, momma Snake!!💚🐍 :hearteyes:


Love, @RoxiMalfoy  :cheers:

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I wanted to take a minute and say thank you.  You truly are our fearless leader, and without all of your hardwork - as well as the other admins and Staffers - we wouldn't be able to have a new home.  I've always been blown away by your dedication, your passion, and your talent (to break people's hearts).  I'm so happy I had a chance to work with you for just a little bit, and you've always been so kind and understanding.

Thank you for everything.  HPFT definitely wouldn't be the same without you :wub:

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