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The Great Collab Results



From December to May this year, all four Houses participated in a massive writing collaboration, working in different teams with new themes and challenges every two months. After six months of hard work (and many, many words), the Great Collab of 2018-2019 has come to a close, and points have been tallied! 

Round 1: New Beginnings

A fitting theme for the start of a six-month-long adventure, yeah? For round 1, Gryffindor and Slytherin teamed up to form Team Frosty, and Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw banded together to make up Team Rudolph. Team Frosty received the challenge themes 'slow build' and 'vampirism', and Team Rudolph got 'space opera' and 'teen pregnancy.'

By the numbers...


Team Frosty
Gryffindor: 7 total (7 using challenge themes)
Slytherin: 10 total (10 using challenge themes)

Team Rudolph
Hufflepuff: 5 stories (3 using challenge themes)
Ravenclaw: 21 stories (15 using challenge themes)

Quality Points

In third place, Possibilitea for More by @belgian quaffle!


In second place, Bram Stoker Be Rollin' in His Grave RN: Human Conservation Reserve by @Rumpelstiltskin!


In first place, Rush of Blood by @nott theodore!


Round Winner

TEAM FROSTY (Gryffindor and Slytherin)!

Points Awarded

❤️ Gryffindor: 435 points ❤️
💛 Hufflepuff: 25 points 💛
💙 Ravenclaw: 255 points 💙
💚 Slytherin: 375 points 💚


Round 2: Back from the Brink

The second round saw Gryffindor unite with Ravenclaw as Team Cupid, and Hufflepuff team up with Slytherin as Team Hathor to tackle the theme 'back to the brink.' This round was particularly prolific for all houses - Team Cupid had the challenge themes of 'internalised oppression' and 'careers', while Team Hathor was working with 'time travel' and 'fate/prophecy.'

By the numbers...


Team Cupid
Gryffindor: 16.5 total (14.5 using challenge themes)
Ravenclaw: 15.5 total (11.5 using challenge themes)

Team Hathor
Hufflepuff: 7 stories (5 using challenge themes)
Slytherin: 19 stories (11 using challenge themes)

Quality Points

In third place, Lycanthropy by @facingthenorthwind!


In second place, Perforce by @Renacerá!


In first place, 3:27 AM by @poppunkpadfoot!


Round Winner

TEAM CUPID (Gryffindor and Ravenclaw)!

Points Awarded

❤️ Gryffindor: 482.5 points ❤️
💛 Hufflepuff: 210 points 💛
💙 Ravenclaw: 327.5 points 💙
💚 Slytherin: 245 points 💚


Round 3: Take Me Home

The final round of this year's Great Collab was all about coming back to where you belong (as well as, uh, the ~alternative~ interpretation of the phrase 'take me home'), and we had some wonderful stories come out of both Team Tulip - Gryffindor and Hufflepuff - and Team Bluestar - Ravenclaw and Slytherin. The challenge themes this time were 'sports' and 'magical creatures' for Team Tulip, and 'bullying' and 'infidelity' for Team Bluestar.

By the numbers...


Team Tulip
Gryffindor: 5 total (3 using challenge themes)
Hufflepuff: 3 total (2 using challenge themes)

Team Bluestar
Ravenclaw: 7 stories (5 using challenge themes)
Slytherin: 5 stories (3 using challenge themes)

Quality Points

In third place, My Girl by @Renacerá!


In second place, Reorienting by @sibilant!


In first place, Pax by @Aphoride!


Round Winner

TEAM BLUESTAR (Ravenclaw and Slytherin)!

Points Awarded

❤️ Gryffindor: 100 points ❤️
💛 Hufflepuff: 90 points 💛
💙 Ravenclaw: 535 points 💙
💚 Slytherin: 200 points 💚


The Final Results

In fourth place, receiving 350 points, HUFFLEPUFF!
In third place, receiving 820 points, SLYTHERIN!
In second place, receiving 1017.5 points, GRYFFINDOR!
And finally, the winners of this year's Great Collab, with 1117.5 points, RAVENCLAW!


Congratulations to all of you! 🎉


awards by @down-in-flames - please don't forget to rehost and credit if you'd like to display them!

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I wasn't around for this so I have no idea what happened, but congratulations to all the individual winners! and to Ravenclaw for winning the overall event! I'll definitely look through as many of the stories as I can, but I'm sure everything was entirely well-deserved ❤️❤️❤️

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grumpy cat


congrats to all the quality points winners - all the stories were great reads ^_^ (....should i feel called out by the alternative interpretation of take me home? possibly 😂 :ninjavanish: ) and huge congrats to ravenclaw!

  • Haha 3

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Congratulations to everyone! All the stories were wonderful - judging was not easy! Also, a double congratulations to Ravenclaw for their overall win! 

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Honestly I have no idea how we did it but congrats to all quality points winners, you all have amazing skills and brains!! ❤️💛💚💙

Also congrats to my fellow claws on a v surprising but rewarding win! :ravenclaw:

  • Ravenclaw 2

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I'm so honored to place for the quality submissions! I'm awed. Thank you so much for the recognition! And congratulations to all of the entrants. We worked so hard!

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