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so light me up

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the faking it challenge: results

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the faking it challenge: results

the premise of this challenge was pretty simple - write a fic featuring fake dating in some way, shape, or form. i got so many creative twists on the trope with so many different characters, pairings, and settings. after the long wait for results (spurred on largely by the fact that i review at the pace of a Mildly Intoxicated Turtle™ and had a lot of entries to wade through), i'm so excited to announce the winners!

i had ten fantastic fake dating fics to read and enjoy, and i loved every single one in its own way (not to mention, i seem to have spurred on quite a few multi-chapter fics, so the legacy of this challenge will live on :P). the entries were:

  1. coriaceous, an inventive choose-your-own-adventure modern AU dramione, by @Rumpelstiltskin
  2. courtship as a public affair, a 'fake date to get my parents off my back' with a twist, by @crestwood
  3. desperate measures, a delightfully narrated wolfstar, by @poppunkpadfoot
  4. fake it til you make it, a scorose fake engagement prank gone completely awry, by @MadiMalfoy
  5. home, a tedoire novel featuring the classic christmas holiday fake dating and some exploration of darker themes as well, by @sunshine_locks
  6. it'll be alright, a modern au wolfstar featuring the whole cast of characters, by @Lacey Black
  7. passionfruit (the should've seen it coming remix), a spin-off fic featuring characters coming to terms with their sexualities, by @facingthenorthwind
  8. playing with fire, a drastoria full of illegal activity, angstiness, and a healthy dollop of smut, by @grumpy cat
  9. the art of confidence, a lysander/oc novel that starts out with quite a bang, by @nott theodore
  10. weekend fiancée, a dramione fake engagement fic, by @juls


and now, the winners!

🥉 tied for third place, receiving 3 award reviews each - home by @sunshine_locks and passionfruit (the should've seen it coming remix) by @facingthenorthwind!

third-place-1.png.6e3309f0dab70ac4c89266298dd9420f.png  third-place-2.png.31b0b5736a4fc028024e56795fd1862d.png

🥈 in second place, receiving 4 award reviews - playing with fire by @grumpy cat!


🥇 and in first place, receiving 5 award reviews and a bonus graphic of your choice, desperate measures by @poppunkpadfoot!


congratulations, y'all - be sure to PM me what you'd like reviewed! ❤️ 

and a massive thank you to everyone who wrote an entry; i'm delighted with the number of new fake dating fics on the archive!

(award graphics by me)

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grumpy cat


congrats everyone and thank you taylor for hosting a really great challenge! :bliss: (also the awards are wonderful, thanks!! *_* )

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Thank you for proving me CORRECT that kayla wrote an EXCELLENT FIC. do you know how many times I had to talk kayla out of abandoning it, this feels like I have won the challenge. I am victorious. 

I mean, I guess I am also victorious in the other sense, so thank you for that and I'm very glad you enjoyed it!!! I'm excited to read the other entries! 

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Thanks for hosting such a fun challenge, Taylor! It was great to get back into a ship I haven’t written in a while and also try to be mildly humorous at the same time. Congrats to all the winners, you have fantastic stories! ^_^ 

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was completely not expecting this to happen, but it was great finding out! thank you for hosting such a great contest, it really helped me to finally write something more significant than a oneshot!

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