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Crimson Quill

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Happy Birthday, Abby!

Crimson Quill


Happy Birthday, Abby!



🎁 Welcome to your birthday blog! 🎁


I wanted to show you some love on your birthday! you are a member who is unforgettable since coming to hpft. you have graced us with some beautiful, raw and powerful stories unlike anything we have seen before! I admire your strength, conviction and spirit that you possess which you've shown time and time again. You've personally empowered me to pursue new projects and shared kind words when I've been feeling low so I wanted you to know that you're loved on this special day! 😘


here is a birthday picspam for you!


a message from @nott theodore


Dear Abby,


You're a wonderfully talented writer, and your stories never fail to make me think and motivate me - and what's more, your stories are a true reflection of the sort of person you are in real life, too. Kind, generous, brave and fiercely principled - I've loved getting to know you over this last year and being able to call you a friend. Not to mention you're the restorer of Gryffindor's lost marbles (or perhaps the keeper of them - we did a fairly good job of losing them again in the House Cup finale, didn't we?), a leading Gryffie, wonderful staffer and just a lovely member of our community. I hope your day is as brilliant as you are!


Happy birthday!





a message from @MuggleMaybe


Wonderful Abby,

I had heard so much about your amazing writing, and everything I've read by you has indeed been wonderful, but getting to meet you in person really made me realize how lucky we are to have you as a member (and staffer!) on HPFT. You welcomed us so warmly and were honestly such a fun person to spend the day with. And it only took a short time for me to realize that the strong convictions I love in your writing are also principles you act on courageously in your own life. I have so much admiration for you, and I count myself lucky to call you a friend. Wishing you the most wonderful birthday and an uplifting year!


xoxo Renee


message and picspam from @Noelle Zingarella


Dear Abby,

You were one of the first people to talk to me on the site, and I've always really appreciated your kindness and support. You are always willing to answer questions--however obvious they are--and to offer encouragement about writing and life. You are such a lovely person and I'm so glad to know you.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!







a message from @Felpata_Lupin


My dearest, beautiful Abby, :hug:

on this fine Saturday of September there are a few things I would like to say to you...

The first is

🥳  🎉  HAPPY BIRTHDAY  🎉  🥳

The second is how much I love and appreciate you! :wub: You are such a strong and brave person and I admire you so much for your compassion, your will to stand up against injustice, your passion and care in everything you believe in. I wish I had that :gryffindor: spark!

I love you so much, and I'm incredibly grateful that we happened across each other's stories and became friends through our massive swap. Visiting your lovely city and spending some time with you this summer has been so much fun and I really hope we'll have another occasion to meet IRL again soon! (Maybe next time we'll share a Midsummer Night Snack in Italy... 🥪 🍷 🍨 What do you say? ;) )

To cut it short, you are wonderful and I hope your special day will be just as wonderful for you! :rose:

Big snowball hug, :freeze: :hug:



a message from @TreacleTart


Hey Abby! Happy Birthday! Thank you for being such a positive impact on HPFT and for being an incredible friend. Wishing you a year full of adventure and laughter. ~Kaitlin


message and banners from @grumpy cat


dear abby,

you're one of the loveliest people i've met on hpft. your convictions, your feminism and the sense of right and wrong are impressive, and the way you express them through your writing is one of the things i admire the most about you. i think that all of the stories i've so far read by you have been incredibly empowering and i love that about them.

i hope you have a wonderful and happy birthday!





a message from @something wicked


happy birthday to an incredible author, activist and inspiration. the last year wouldn’t have been the same without you, your evil genius and devious mind, our secret plotting and, of course, your wonderful stories to fill it. so, my partner-in-crime, i hope you have an amazing day!

❤️ all my love, deni ❤️

(now away and have yoursel’ a good yin before you get way too auld 😉 )


before you go - here is a birthday riddle!

written by @grumpy cat and @sibilant


The first hero amongst many,
a slayer of monsters,
though heart was heavy.
Set between the lake and the mountains,
My disputed parent, hailing from the island.
Born from a tall tale full of arrogance,
I conjure a flicker of permanence.


so cheers to the birthday girl! 🍻


a true :gryffindor:



if anyone else would like to leave a birthday message for abby then please feel free to comment below! ❤️


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ABBY ❤️❤️❤️ you are incredible and deserve all the love in the world! I hope you have a beautiful day ❤️

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Posted (edited)


... what conspiracy is this?! This incredibly thoughtful, almost unspeakably kind conspiracy to wish me a happy birthday? I am so touched, so honored, to know people like you on HPFT. ❤️  Your considerate messages have really blown me away. I've had to walk away several times from the computer while reading them through the first time because I am so deeply moved by all of your words and graphics. 


@Crimson Quill Thank you so much for this blog post--this was so unexpected. I suspect you were one of the ones who organized this, so thank you for thinking of me and for being so proactive--it's one of my favorite things about you. Your picspam is also everything that I could ever want and then some. Thank you!

@nott theodore I'm honored by your words about my writing and personhood. You've also been such a great listener and support throughout this action-packed year of my life. You are just as inspiring as you've finished you advance your career in so many awesome ways. You, too, are amazing. Thank you!

@MuggleMaybe I am lucky to have met you over the summer. You're already such an integral part of the HPFT community, and meeting you in person only solidified this even more. I cannot wait to read more of your writing, too. Thank you for your message!

@Noelle Zingarella I'm so lucky to be a Gryffindor alongside you. Your passion for writing and the arts in general (your knowledge on this branch of history is incredible) are a true asset to the HPFT community. I am looking forward to seeing more of your work this year. Thank you!!

@Felpata_Lupin Your message is full of warm and fuzzies (and it made me hungry, lol). I'm so grateful that you flew all the way to the US and decided to come visit me, of all places. I had so much fun getting to know you and Renee IRL and I can't wait for more adventures to come! Thank you!

@TreacleTart Every week, I'm constantly reminded how lucky I was to be paired with you for Pen Pals. Your passion for Harry Potter, writing, and community building is almost unmatched and such a great example. Thank you so much for your leadership and your friendship!

@grumpy cat Kris! Thank you so much for your gracious words--and those banners! Jaw dropping gorgeous as always--a true match to your personality. I'm so glad to have a fellow feminist who brings up similar themes in her stories around the community! Thank you!

@something wicked Ah, my partner in crime. This past year plotting and writing with you has been amazing. Thank you for inspiring me in so many ways and for sharing some of your deepest writing secrets with me. I look forward to how our writing will grow in the next year. Thanks!

@sibilant and @grumpy cat A birthday riddle?! Just for me?! Ahhh! I'm so excited! I would be lying if I said this was the only riddle someone wrote me for my birthday, lol. Thank you for this brain food. Is the answer Slytherin's basilisk or his Chamber of Secrets?! 

@just.a.willow.tree You snuck in there while I was writing this original response. Thank you so much for your kind words! :) 

Again, thank you all for your generosity and thoughtfulness. I am truly touched and am lucky to have you all a part of my life, even if it's only on an online platform. My writing has grown so much in this community, and your support is a large part of that. Thank you! Xx


All of you are poetic, noble land mermaids! 

Edited by Chemical_Pixie
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Posted (edited)

As the resident slowpoke, I did not get mine in by the deadline (which, despite being mentioned multiple times, I for some reason thought was tonight). Alas, all that is neither here nor there. @Chemical_Pixie it goes without saying that you are an amazing presence in our lives, be it on the site at-large, our cozy corner of paradise (aka the Gryffindor CR), or out in our off-site community, where I like to think your words are read and absorbed by many others, whose lives you have also touched.

Now that my lawyer-ly run-on sentence has concluded, I want to thank you personally for everything you have done for the Gryffindor CR since your arrival. You have been involved and energetic and it is also incredibly contagious to members new and old. You are a driving force in implementing so many things that are bandied about among the Gryffindor staffers and prefects. And you're also a passionate participant in our events, whether you're helping run them or not. I can't really think of any Lion on which you have not left a favorable impression nor any you have not helped in some way.

More than that, I want to thank you as a human. You balance so much and find a way to share positivity despite it all. Your stories and writing are more than just top-notch - they're compelling and relevant. Basically, you're amazeballs. I am happy to count you as a friend and it should come as a surprise to no one that when it came to question five of the HPFT Twitter Survey of the Week: Who would inspire my next hero/MC? The answer was the abbster.

Happy birthday Abby! May you be blessed with joy, laughter, and...presents (and friends and family too).

Edited by TidalDragon
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@TidalDragon Thank you for such a kind message. It's been absolutely fantastic getting to know you in the CR, as a staff member, and on fic nights (and yes, even the live stream of POGS, lol). 

@CheekyTorah-Lex Your microfic about sex, sexuality, and gender ed coming to a Hogwarts curriculum near you incorporated so many of my favorite things: education reform, social justice, and a kick ass heroine! Thank you!

It was a wonderful birthday--thank you, you incredible HPFTers for helping make it a memorable one! ❤️ 

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