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2019-2020 House Cup Opener Results



Experimentalists Unite Results


This is the blog post where we tell all of you how fantastically evil and scientific you all were for the 2019-2020 House Cup Opener event run by your Prefects! Points breakdown for each task is explained and the final results are tallied as well! 

Let's find out which House came out on top, Mad Scientists!


Mad Scientist Networking


The objective for each House was to complete a task list of 20 items to widen your contact list of fellow mad scientists. This ran for both weeks of the opener, and you all did not disappoint! There were some very creative graphics made and lovely letters written to the Houses, and general good cheer all around!

This task was worth 150 points total, or if you really want to get into the details, each specific task was worth 7.5 points. Here's the breakdown for this task:

:gryffindor:: 150 points

:slytherin:: 150 points

:hufflepuff:: 150 points

:ravenclaw:: 131.5 points


Potions Results and Discussion


The objective for this task was to write a short essay (500 word maximum) about one of four topics relating to various scientific experiments. We received a whopping 16 entries for this task, and each House submitted at least 2 essays! Having so many entries was so great, and such varied content that judging all of these was extremely close for all of the Prefects. 

Each entry was worth 5 points, and the top 4 entries received quality points. Those results are as follows:


:gryffindor:: 30 points

:hufflepuff:: 25 points

:ravenclaw:: 15 points

:slytherin: : 10 points

Quality Points

It should be noted that all of these entries were within a range of 0.1 points, so it was very difficult judging all of the fantastic entries we received!

1st Place - 60 points - yellow crane by @just.a.willow.tree 

2nd Place - 45 points - Grow by @MuggleMaybe

3rd Place - 30 points - Hit Record by @crowsb4bros 

4th Place - 15 points - The Great Crow Mother by @crowsb4bros 

Total Results and Discussion Points

:gryffindor: : 30 points

:hufflepuff: : 130 points

:ravenclaw: : 60 points

:slytherin: : 10 points


Guess that Scientist


The objective for this task was to correctly identify twelve specimens (six writing samples and six visual samples) from six different scientists. Each Prefect submitted a ~100 word blurb on the creation of the Developing Solution potion that creates moving photos that are used throughout the Wizarding World. The lovely @something wicked created a picspam for each of the Prefects. Guessing was all or nothing, and we were honestly surprised at how quickly everyone got them all correct. (We tried to make it challenging for you all, but clearly you are too good for us!)

Each House received 100 points for completing this task! 

:gryffindor: :ravenclaw: :hufflepuff: :slytherin:


Final Results

After all of this, it's time for the final results to be examined. 

In fourth place with 260 points, :slytherin:!

In third place with 280 points, :gryffindor:!

In second place with 291.5 points, :ravenclaw:

And your winners of the House Cup Opener with 380 points, :hufflepuff:!


Thanks to everyone for having such a good time with the House Cup Opener and indulging our Mad Scientist tendencies ^_^ 

See you soon for our Fall Writing Challenge! 🍂



Your HPFT Prefects

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grumpy cat


woohoo :bliss: congrats everyone, what a great way to open up the house cup year! ^_^ i had lots and lots of fun participating in the event and thank you, prefects, for organising it :)

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thank you, wonderful prefects, for putting this together!!! it was a wonderful way to start the year! 🥰🥰🥰🥰

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Ahhhh this was a very fun event! Thank you so much, Prefects, for putting it together! ❤️ 

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