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The Play With Your Food Challenge Result!



Hey HPFT Family!

I'm coming to you with the results of the Play With Your Food Challenge. The goal of this challenge was to write a story that focused heavily on food and food description. I received seven excellent entries, each of which is certain to have you drooling on your keyboard! 

Soup Dumplings And Rice - @just.a.willow.tree 

Fly Away Over Yonder  -@Noelle Zingarella

Tumaara  - @Chemical_Pixie

Waybread And Pain Dur - @pookha

Untranslatable @sibilant

Fried Artichokes And Old Songs  - @Felpata_Lupin

Tis The Season (Every Season) (M) - @down-in-flames



Now onto the results and prizes! 

In 3rd place....



+ 4 Reviews

Untranslatable by @sibilant

This story features Padma and Parvati as young adults living on their own for the first time. The details about the different spices they use to make one of their favorite dishes, Pav Bahji, is fantastic. 


In 2nd place, a tie between....



+ 6 Reviews

Tumaara by @Chemical_Pixie

This story follows Dorcas Meadowes as she recalls the flavors of her childhood. It results in a dish that'll have you craving coconut for days after.




+ 6 Review

Soup Dumplings And Rice by @just.a.willow.tree

This story weaves memories of tomato egg soup and whimsical fairytales into a memorable start to the story.


Finally, in 1st place!



+ 8 Reviews

Tis The Season (Every Season) (M) by @down-in-flames

The highly anticipated sequel to Bake My Wish Come True does not disappoint. It's full of description of decadent desserts and treats. The chai cinnamon rolls seriously have me googling new cinnamon roll recipes to try out. 


Thank you to everyone who participated in this challenge! 

Winners, please DM to arrange your prize reviews

Award graphics by @crowsb4bros Picspams by @TreacleTart



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AHH thank you so much!!! 💖 I never expected to place—there were so many beautiful entries to this challenge. Congratulations to all the winners!! Your stories were brilliant. :wub: 

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Posted (edited)

Kaitlin, thank you soooo much for hosting!

Congrats to all the place winners and well done to all who entered. I'm thrilled to have some mouth-watering descriptions of yummy food on the archives! :D 


PS I already have a sequel to Tumaraa in my mind! 😂

Edited by Chemical_Pixie
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Thank you so much! I really enjoyed this challenge; it was such a cool and unique prompt :D I haven’t read all of the entries yet but the ones that I have read were truly spectacular!

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Thank you for hosting the challenge, Kaitlin! I had a lot of fun with it! :D :hug:

Congratulations to all winners, I bet all entries were wonderful, I'll need to check all them all out! :wub:

(And now I'm going to make lunch, to stick with the theme :P I'm starving...)

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oh wow, this was unexpected! thank you for hosting this challenge kaitlin, i had so much fun writing for it! 😊 all these pieces sound incredible (and mouthwatering) - i’ll definitely need to give them a read soon!

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