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Long Time No See!

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Gabriella Hunter




This is Gabriella Hunter here and most of you can call me Gabbie! I haven't been on here in a long time and that is really a shame because I've been hit with inspiration so much lately and I haven't had the time to really write or do much, other than write some notes and hope to get back to them later. I know that all of us are going through it and I'm just wanting to catch up, see how the writing thing is going for all of you. I'm honestly doing pretty good! I've been writing notes for a lot of original work and trying to remember where I left off on some of my other fan fic. I think I left all of them up on a cliff hanger and I don't know if I intended to do it on purpose or not. Haha. 


The story I'm wortking the most on right now is just Transparent. It's my Dominique Weasley/Teddy Lupin...drama? Romance? Comedy--nah, it's really not that funny. Haha. I'm not really sure why I'm so attached to this story but I think it has to do with Teddy himself. I've written him as a really unlikeable character in the beignning and he's kind of still a butt later on but in my head, I can just do so much with his character and he feels real to me. I like writing characters that are neither good or bad, they're somewhere in the middle and some of them just kind of stick more than others. Teddy has a lot of issues and I do believe that I'll make a separate story with him in the future, his relationship with Dominique will kind of take a back burner, they don't really have a relationship exactly but they have a something, I guess?

I'm rambling but I really love these two and I love writing this story, so I hope that I can finish it this time around. Writing for me has always been a really healing process and I think that I've been reeling that urge to write because I'm doing so much better right now and it feels great! How are all of you doing with your writing? With the quarantine going on, I know it sounds like it won't get better but I know it will, even if you're dealing with writers block. I found that when it comes to my writing, I have to do something completely different for a minute, like draw or maybe watch some true crime or a kids movie.. Not in that order. Haha. The inspiration really hits me then and I can find a new angle that I hadn't seen before so that my writers block will fade, which is where I'm at right now. 

I was listening to love songs and immediately saw a way to write this latest chapter of Transparent (I'm still editing but I'm going to start writing new chapters) and while it isn't really romantic or anything, the idea of what love can be for some people, was interesting for me. So, I'm going to write that down and try and see where it takes me. I say this confidently, but I'm currently in bed just grumbling about actually doing it. Haha. I think that Teddy Lupin himself is going to just be a character that I love too much and I'll be having him showing up a few more times in various other stories to cause trouble and give a little hard truths. 

Are there are any characters you guys are just in love with?

How is life?

The writing? 

What's new?

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Hi Gabriella and welcome back to hpft! I only recently came back, too, and haven't regretted it for a second!

It was very similar for me. I just really wanted to write again, be creative, make stories, and I remembered an unfinished fic of mine (that I also left at a cliffhanger, lol). At first I thought it's been way too long for me to go back to it, but then I said, what the hell, I won't rest until I get it done. And I managed to write around 50K of new material for it since then, which is great and makes me very happy.

The community on this site is so, so wonderful, friendly and supportive, in more than just writing.

I totally agree with you how stepping away from the chapter, going for a walk, doing something else can help get a better perspective and a fresh mind. As long as you return to the document, it's all good. And music has absolutely been helping me finish stuff or flesh it out more. I can't believe I've underestimated it so much before.

Life is good. Lockdown is sort of over where I'm from, so real life is catching up to me quickly, but I'm grateful we can live a little normally again and wish things can get better for others as soon as possible, too.

Writing is crazy and chaotic, but I'd say it's good because it EXISTS. My main focus is to finish my current fic, Memory Dust, a Ron/Hermione romance, and then hopefully still keep writing all the other WIP ideas I've head attack me since then. I like your idea of Dominique/Teddy, and it's great you're having so much fun with Teddy's character. What made you choose Dominique to ship him with instead of Victoire, I wonder? Also, them not having a relationship but a something is totally a thing!!!

So nice to meet you! :)

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