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still flying

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ranking taylor swift songs



so i decided to rank the taylor swift songs i know well enough to rank them, and then i did. i will fight people over it. probably. or something. idk, i'm honestly kind of conflicted about a lot of the middle ones.

folklore - lover - reputation - 1989 - red - speak now - fearless

  1. clean
  2. miss americana and the heartbreak prince
  3. the archer
  4. out of the woods
  5. cornelia street
  6. blank space
  7. style
  8. death by a thousand cuts
  9. the man
  10. the last great american dynasty
  11. delicate
  12. wildest dreams
  13. call it what you want
  14. getaway car
  15. look what you made me do
  16. welcome to new york
  17. back to december
  18. mine
  19. new romantics
  20. paper rings
  21. wonderland
  22. new year's day
  23. cruel summer
  24. love story
  25. i did something bad
  26. how you get the girl
  27. fearless
  28. king of my heart
  29. i think he knows
  30. all you had to do was stay
  31. dress
  32. i wish you would
  33. i forgot you existed
  34. dancing with our hands tied
  35. gorgeous
  36. don't blame me
  37. ... ready for it?
  38. the story of us
  39. mean
  40. i know places
  41. daylight
  42. end game
  43. london boy
  44. this is why we can't have nice things
  45. so it goes...
  46. shake it off
  47. me!
  48. false god
  49. you need to calm down
  50. afterglow
  51. bad blood
  52. it's nice to have a friend
  53. you belong with me
  54. soon you'll get better
  55. we are never ever getting back together
  56. you are in love
  57. this love
  58. lover


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i don't have much to say here other than that dancing with our hands tied deserved better :P

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something wicked

Posted (edited)

On 7/27/2020 at 3:48 AM, down-in-flames said:

i don't have much to say here other than that dancing with our hands tied deserved better :P

it will always deserve better 😭😭

Edited by something wicked
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