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3rd Annual TOADs | September 12, 2020

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September 12th, 2020 | The 3rd Annual TOADs


Welcome to the Third Annual Totally Outstanding Awards, Dudes! 

Also known as the T.O.A.D.s, these (totally unofficial!) awards are brought to you by the Prefects to celebrate the staff and members who have stood out to us over the last year for all of their hard work and contributions to the site. 

As always we would like to point out that these "awards" are NOT affiliated with the staff or official House Cup business, nor are they worth points. They are simply our way to spread some love and recognize the efforts of members and staff that may otherwise go unnoticed.

If you'd like to use your awards, please make sure to rehost and credit @down-in-flames! (excuse the text, madi did that with her limited graphic skills)



Gryffindor was out in full force this year, keeping their grip firm on the House Cup. We'd like to recognize three Lions who really stood out from the pack.

To @shadowycorner, for jumping right into the Gryffie chaos and absolutely killing it during the House Cup Finale, we award:


The Angelina Johnson Award for Powerhouse Player

To @melian, for cranking out fic like nobody's business, both for the House Cup and for the Australian bushfire relief earlier this year, we present:


The Hermione Granger Award for Using Up All the Ink

To @nott theodore, for being a super supportive Gryffindor at all times, we award:


The Neville Longbottom Award for Cuddliest Lion



Hufflepuff House remains synonymous with hard work and kindness, thanks to the efforts of Badgers like these!

To @Jazzeh Turnip, for getting down to business in the Finale, we award:


The Nymphadora Tonks Award for Jumping Into the Fray

To @VaguelyCreativeName and @magnifique, for representing Hufflepuff in the House Cup and beyond, and generally being amazing people, we present:

hufflepuff_hannahabbottaward1.jpg.175f7d1b55412464d8e0e460ea2e5a8e.jpg hufflepuff_hannahabbottaward2.jpg.ccb80d434209acca332796760bc94338.jpg

The Hannah Abbott Award for Reliability

To @Felpata_Lupin, for showering everybody's fics with love and snowball hugs, we award:


The Barnabas Cuffe Award for Prolific Reviewing



A normally quiet, studious House, when the Claws let loose it gets real. We'd like to honor a few of of our most tenacious Ravenclaws.

To @Raspberry_cordelia, for jumping into the Finale as a brand new site member, displaying all her Claw pride, we present:


The Cho Chang Award for Being a Team Player

To @Aphoride, for being a fount of wisdom and obscure knowledge and always down to chat about it, we award:


The Helena Ravenclaw Resident Historian Award

To @northbound24, for dedication to his craft and being down to always chat about fic, we present:


The Gilderoy Lockhart Award for Prolific Story Creation



A small, close-knit, and loyal House, you sometimes don't notice a Snake has slithered into your heart until they're already there, like these members.

To @pookha, for being an irreplaceable fixture in the dungeons, always welcoming to new members and friendly to all, we award:


The Salazar Slytherin Award for Best Snake Dad

To @aurevoir and @beyond the rain, for their stellar graphics work, we present:

slytherin_dracomalfoyaward1.jpg.a435181bcb8348642f5d673c108349fb.jpg slytherin_dracomalfoyaward2.jpg.b785e053d5e6cc0bd473b8a897bbe717.jpg

The Draco Malfoy Award for Keeping the Place Pretty



This hard-working team stops at nothing to keep the corridors safe, the kitchens well stocked, and everything from the towers to the dungeons cosy. With so much work going on behind the scenes in addition to what you see on the forums and archives, the Staff are the unsung heroes, and today we Prefects get to honor them for everything they do to keep HPFT a true home away from home.


This Headmistress is always around, and we mean always. To @abhorsen., who knows the site like the back of her hand and has the hours logged to show for it, we present:


The Remus Lupin Award for Burning the Midnight Oil 


For getting us started on this boat ride from the very beginning and to keeping things running smoothly behind the scenes until she became Emeritus Headmistress, we award @Alopex:


The Tom Riddle Award for Special Services to the Site


From site graphics to custom picspams made with love, @crowsb4bros and @something wicked keep the aesthetics around here on point, in addition to the other staff duties they have performed. We award them:

staff_deanthomasaward1.jpg.6b1840ea9073b971939ce1bf48c25f78.jpg staff_deanthomasaward2.jpg.721c863688c46b789ec501e769b363e6.jpg

The Dean Thomas Award for Prolific Artistry


We are not entirely sure when — or whether — Taylor actually sleeps, but we've figured out her secret for getting so many things done at once. For not only fulfilling her staff duties but churning out graphics, fics, and review swaps, on top of everything she has going on IRL, we award @down-in-flames:


The Hermione Granger Award for Best Use of a Time-Turner


The site Gamekeepers are all at once evil masterminds and tireless referees, and we owe the wild fun of the review fests and finale entirely to them. To current Gamekeeper @pirate grumpy cat and former Gamekeeper @TidalDragon, we present:

staff_madamhoochaward1.jpg.eab0857f639d15e165d2d64de9cd845b.jpg staff_madamhoochaward2.jpg.787c07912f4ec39d4024af1f51904383.jpg

The Madam Hooch Award for a Nice, Clean Game


@Ineke is a rockstar who can typically be found attacking the validation queue with a vengeance, clearing out dozens of fics in a day. To her, we present:


The Weird Sisters Award for a Superstar Performance


In addition to her validating duties as an Auror, @just.a.willow.tree is currently the site's number one most prolific reviewer, having written nearly 1500 reviews, and she basically murdered everyone during the review fest this year. We bow down to this reading and reviewing skill and humbly present her with:


The Hermione Granger Award for a Bit of Light Reading


She may bring the chaos in her own fics, but now as an Auror she gets to experience all of yours as well. @maraudertimes has really stepped up to the plate with her new validating duties this year, so we award her with:


The Fred and George Award for Binging the Chaos


A social media presence outside the site is crucial to spreading the word about our amazing community and attracting new members. For her outstanding efforts in this capacity, we present @sinnersandsapphics with:


The Horace Slughorn Award for Networking


Before stepping down from the staff earlier this year to return to the Prefect team, @sibilant's roles as both Auror and Gamekeeper kept her on her toes! To her, we present:


The Mad-Eye Moody Award for Constant Vigilance


Your site Aurors work tirelessly, day in and day out, to read and validate hundreds of chapters each month. In recognition of hundreds upon hundreds of hours making sure nothing slips by the archive's rules and guidelines, we present former Aurors @belgian quaffle, @kuusi palaa, and @Unwritten Curse with:

staff_oliverwoodaward1.jpg.7e506ccac1c42f094dedab4fac2f4a00.jpg staff_oliverwoodaward2.jpg.c9ddc294979add0a1e02f651137bf085.jpg staff_oliverwoodaward3.jpg.4a6ef47d1197829abddeb0f1606825f5.jpg

The Oliver Wood Award for Queue Defense


We get up to a lot of tomfoolery around here on the forums, but there is a method to our madness, and our devoted Professors are tasked with patrolling the corridors and making sure everything is on the up-and-up. Breaking rules is not allowed, but silliness is encouraged, and for their dedication we award @dreamshadow, @MuggleMaybe, and @Veritaserum27 with:

staff_mwppaward1.jpg.f0b4731c103995ff1d2a318dcd244cf5.jpg staff_mwppaward2.jpg.be2c84dbe0af25dfb85efa3a863030d5.jpg staff_mwppaward3.jpg.365c9bfcd2c1a63c4d111c62d18529b6.jpg

The Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs Award for Managing Mischief


Finally, for being here since the beginning and steering this ship with endless love and support for all members, we present our devoted, beloved Headmistress @toomanycurls with:


The Molly Weasley Award for Keeping Us All in Line


Congratulations to all of our House and Staff awardees, and a huge thank you to the staff for running the site like a smoothly sailing ship at all times and for the endless heart, soul, and creativity you put into this space! This concludes the Third Annual TOADs!


nominations: madi, juls, melanie, sarah, shreya, emily, tasha
award names: melanie, madi, emily, juls, sarah
award graphics: taylor (and madi)
drafting: melanie, madi

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Recommended Comments



IM NOT CRYING UR CRYING ❤️❤️❤️ this is amazing thank you for all your tirelessly work prefects, my fellow staff, and all our lovely members who made this year so amazing!! 

  • Like 4

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Wow, thank you! And congratulations to all winners. So totally deserved. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Like 5

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Omg, I love this so much! CONGRATULATIONS to everyone, they're all so very well deserved! Amazing job, prefects! 💖

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nooooooooooooo don't reveal my secret 


(but seriously, this is incredible and y'all are awesome ❤️)

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  • Haha 1

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Oh, Merlin! Thank you so, so much! :rose: 

All the awards are so great! Prefects, you geniuses! :D And many, many congrats to everyone, so well deserved!!! :clapping: :clapping: :clapping:

:freeze: :grouphug: my friends!

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nott theodore


Thank you so much! :hug: this blog post was wonderful, thank you for putting together all these creatively named awards - and congratulations/thank you to everyone who won one! 

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Thank you! I am absolutely loving this ❤️  Congrats to everyone who got something, y'all deserve it!

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😳 omg i'm simultaneously so called out by that but also thank you so so much :hug:and congratulations to everyone who won one - they're all so deserved, you're all amazing ❤️ and thank you so much to the prefects for putting it all together (and making so many awards, wow :o) :wub:

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Jazzeh Turnip


🥺 this is so lovely, and everyone is so well deserved (the award names though - A+, 10/10).


And thank you so much 😭 I thought I'd gone about this relatively unnoticed but 😭 excuse me whilst I go cry about Tonks forever.

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prefects, this is honestly the best thing 😍😭 

congrats to everyone who won an award, and thank you for mine! y'all are the best 💕

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Thank you so much, Prefects, for the awards and even more so for everything you do for FFT. The site wouldn't be the same without you! ❤️ 

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