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Monuments by Will Kostakis

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Monuments by Will Kostakis
Young Adult fantasy - 5 stars

I read a lot of Young Adult fiction by Melbourne authors (local for me). I really should review them more, in case anyone is looking to read some Aussie fantasy! 

Monuments is set in Sydney, and follows a young boy called Connor who discovers gods - called Monuments - beneath Sydney schools. I'm familiar with the author and have met him a few times but this is the first time I've actually read anything by him and I was blown away! His writing style is so conversational and very typical of a teenage boy. It made me smile so much! The world is a familiar Australia, but the Monuments hidden beneath the city are wholly unique - and I've read a lot of fantasy! There are so many little twists and turns that take the story in a direction I don't expect. Connor is also gay (it's OwnVoices) but the best part is that this isn't a coming out novel. Will Kostakis said he wanted to write about what happens after all that, so Connor is very comfortable with himself and when he meets a boy their relationship is drama-free. It's just so wholesome and refreshing!


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