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12 months of positivity - February



Hi again, my loves!:wub:

If you saw my previous entry, you know what this is about, so I'll skip tedious introductions this time :P

I haven't been as good at following through with this in February as I'd been in January... then, again, this has been a bit of a difficult month, what with stress at work, car misadventures and just general low mood (and you'll probably notice that some of these happy thoughts are actually a bit on the melancholy side...) I'm hoping in a great March, though! :D

Anyway, here it goes! :greenstars:



1. Since it's quite late, I'll just go with this: it's great to feel part of something.

2. Sometimes we feel inspired by someone and sometimes we are of inspiration for someone. And maybe sometimes a bit of both. And maybe the message of this day, come in many phases and many different ways, is that it's always worth fighting for what is right, also when surrender seems the most logical and simplest thing.

3. A wonderful day, made of little conquers and a lot of imagination, plus a pinch of cheeriness. Ed è subito sera.

5. Monday's fatigue can be overcome, letting go to the pleasure of dancing and being carried into the fantastic words of reading and writing. And then, finally, the deserved rest.

6. At times I get cross and I strike fear (so they say... I disagree, I'm cute and cuddlesome) and at the restaurant they give me a discount. And maybe for Sanremo's fault there's no Harry on TV, but also this has its bright side... more time for reviewing, for instance.

7. Lovely night with Claretta and Fabietto, remembering the old working (mis)adventures and telling each other all our news. Maybe we'll soon have a pastry chef among us. And maybe next meet-up will be earlier than two years...

8. Too tired and sleepy to actually remember the good things of today... but I'm smiling, so I imagine it was a good day. Maybe I'm just happy of existing.

9. Morning reflection on yesterday's happy thought in the twilight sleep: existence and unicity, the mathematical translation of the beauty of being human and being alive. And then there is the Forecast in the queue, waiting for the green light to go down the slide of the water park...

10. If the good day is seen at morning, today couldn't be but a proficuous day, since it started putting up the chandelier.

12. Happiness is: watching a fun movie in the morning, bachata notes on the bus, "But are you on the bus?", "Thank goodness there are buses!" Happiness is also: a message or a phone call from a friend asking how you are, a hot cup of tea in your hands, meeting someone you haven't seen in ages, "No, he doesn't send mails anymore, he only sends phone calls!"

15. The sun, the streets of the city center, the chatting of a child, the reviews that make you smile, feeling loved and appreciated... dinner ready once you get home (I think I said this somewhere already, anyway... even if we don't always agree, aunts are a great invention...)

16. The calm of Friday night after the storm of a week to forget... and the promise of a weekend without any worry (mostly) before me. Goodnight world, tomorrow is another day.

18. Sometimes a day in pajamas and sweet doing nothing is what is needed.

22. Laughing and joking and feeling a bit like children, despite the frenzy of these days and all the responsibilities of being adults.

24. My little pet (meaning my car) has finally come back home, all lucid and sparkling. My Justin story is almost finished (and it'll be an entry for three challenges at once... yes, I like easy win) and I managed to leave a few reviews I wanted to leave. In conclusion, a good Saturday, and tomorrow, I hope, will be a good Sunday.

26. The warmth of home when outside it's freezing, the tango notes, the time and inspiration to write.



Ed è subito sera (literally, And it's suddenly evening) is a poem (and a line from the poem) by Salvatore Quasimodo

Sanremo is a city in Italy, more precisely in Liguria region, that every year hosts the Italian Song Festival, also known as Sanremo Festival, or just Sanremo. It is a bit of a big deal here, which is why the TV programming tends to be influenced by it...

The second part of day 9 is obviously a reference to our silliness at work... the Forecast is an application that we developed, it's been scheduled in a way that makes it run a bit too often, so we put a control to avoid that it runs twice at the same time. And we've compared it to the light signals in water parks. We've compared it to a ton of other things, actually. Yes, we are crazy. :P

Day 12 contains bits of conversations that were hilarious for various reasons. I would go into details, but it's too late for it...

The calm after the storm (original title La quiete dopo la tempesta) is also a poem, by Giacomo Leopardi

Tomorrow is another day, instead, is a quote from the movie Gone with the wind by Vivien Leigh

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this is lovely and so are you :hug:

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I'm already stunned by how beautiful your thoughts are in English. I can't even imagine how beautiful this must be in Italian.


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