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Chiara's blog

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12 months of positivity - March



By now you know how this works, right? :P

Welcome to my March, fam! :wub: Yeah, I know, I'm a bit late... but Easter and aunt time... you know how it goes... It was definitely better than February, but I think we can still work on making things better... But let's just get started! ;)


MARCH 2018

1 - Peaceful day, the snow falling, tea in the morning, the great announcement of Secret Cupids.

2 - And waking up in the morning to find out that I'm Head Student. And then a carbonara and a nice movie with friends. And the best part is that it's Friday!

4 - Weekend maybe a little lazy, but some little step has been taken. And it's always lovely to find new ways to emotion yourself.

6 - Progresses with my reading, Harry Potter on TV, fairly good day at work. Sleepy but happy.

7 - The day at work goes slowly, but it's nice to be in a team that makes you feel at home. There's a lot to do, but there are always the small daily progresses. And the weekend is already approaching...

8 - Waking up and discovering that it's sunny, realizing that after all I didn't lose my phone, laughing about feasts and namedays and M&M's and technical support, celebrating women's day with chinese food and latin music. Andiamo a comandare!

10 - When Mathematics (actually more like the Settimana Enigmistica) helps you getting out of the pyramid and finally there is the time to judge challenge entries.

12 - Learning a new dance, receiving a new (wonderful) review, sitting at the piano (after ages), waiting with trepidation the Roman weekend.

14 - The translation proceeds, soon I'll be able to share my OF novel (well, those bits of awful first draft) with my beta reader of trust. And meanwhile the Roman weekend grows near...

16 - Friday night, tomorrow I'm leaving, ready and super pumped! Goodnight, world!

17 - The magic of Rome, always unmatched. The new experience of the Stadium and of Rugby and finding out that JK Rowling is in the stands too. Tiring day, but every moment has been wonderful.

22 - Spaghetti with clams, friends who get passionate about my stories, laughing in the office (because seriousness is overevaluated), the weekend approaching...

25 - A weekend of rest, feeling loved, a pizza and a game of cards with friends.

26 - HPFF closes. Strange, the news saddened me at first, but at the same time I'm feeling a happiness shrouded in melancholy remembering the stories, the friendships, the growth (both as a person and as a writer) that site has given me. And I'm so grateful that the community still exists in HPFT. Sad, yes, but a good kind of sadness.

28 - And here I am again, reflecting on the magic of books, on how you can get passionate to a story and feeling the characters near, real, friends. And wondering why on earth did the hen cross the road...

31 - A strange day, a bit melancholy, but a few steps forward have been taken and I'm happy at least of having shared some love through reviews. And tomorrow is Easter.



Carbonara is a "sauce" (not the right term, but I wouldn't know how else to say it) for pasta, made with eggs and guanciale (pork cheek), but you can use bacon (just don't let anyone from Rome hear you... :P)

Andiamo a comandare! (literally Let's go command) is a wacky song (and lyrics from that song) by Fabio Rovazzi, which was a Summer Hit a couple of years ago.

Settimana Enigmistica (literally puzzle week) is an Italian weekly magazine of crossword puzzles, rebus, riddles, logic games etc.

Day 10 refers to an Escape Room I did with a group of friends, and I solved the last riddle, so I was quite proud of myself... :P

In case you were wondering, my beta reader of trust is my little B @victoria_anne :wub:

The second half of day 28 is something that goes back to Uni days... I sent my friends a pdf that was going around, about a hen crossing a road and various historical figures (scientists, politicians, philosophers, etc.) giving their interpretation about the why. It was quite hilarious and after that my friends replied giving the reason our Professors and friends would give, which was ten times more hilarious. Now we are bringing it back while we are planning a gift for one of us who's getting married (we have this tradition of making a silly gift to accompany to actual gifts for graduations, weddings and various occasion)


And I think that's all! Hope you had fun reading! I noticed that my main happy thought was Weekend is coming and I'm not sure if that's a good sign... :hmm:

See you at the end of April, my loves! :freeze::grouphug:

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I love these and I love you, please never stop posting these! :bighug:

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This was so lovely to read, little Chi! I adore reading your thoughts. And what I read of your draft was not awful! Remember first drafts are never perfect :wub: (seriously, you should have seen Hartwood...)

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I'm so glad you do these, it's delightful to read them <3 And in English we call that carbonara too! 

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