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  1. Today
  2. galadriel


    A fun writing prompt is up for this week! Can't wait to see what you all come up with. :D 

  3. MuggleMaybe


    Hopscotch participants - apologies, but I am heading to bed. :hufflepuff:

  4. Bunbury

    • Bunbury
    • Stella Blue

    Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for your review (and for checking out The Woes of Mr Weatherby as well!) -- I'll respond properly soon :loveshower:

  5. ReillyJade


    I am FINALLY done with Part 2 of Something Worth Waiting For, which no one asked for. Into the queue you go. Shoo! :cheering:

  6. Yesterday
  7. Noelle Zingarella

    Noelle Zingarella

    How many times can Noelle drop an F-bomb today? And can she keep herself from doing so audibly in the choir loft tonight?

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    2. Noelle Zingarella

      Noelle Zingarella

      Only once tonight, under my breath at the end...

    3. Bunbury


      Congrats on making it through! 

    4. Noelle Zingarella

      Noelle Zingarella

      Thank you! Just one more to go. Nothing like Widor at 1:30 in the morning.

  8. Renacerá


    10 days left in the Dramione Challenge! Come write about the pairing you love (or love to hate)!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. abhorsen.


      Question that I think I joke-asked you but didn't actually ask you - are platonic!Dramiones okay, or is this a purely romantic!Dramione challenge? (Latter is totally fine, obv! Just double-checking.)

    3. Renacerá


      I think we'll still with romantic!Dramione since searching "Draco/Hermione" as a pairing was how I was inspired to create the challenge! :)  But I'm still 100% reading your platonic!Dramione story!

    4. Unwritten Curse

      Unwritten Curse

      Is a Muggle AU okay? If not, I can alter it slightly. Just thought I’d check before I post it. :) 

  9. Stella Blue

    Stella Blue

    omg when did HPFT get so many amazing writing challenges going on at the same time?? I love all of them! *wondering if I can sign up for 8 challenges and manage to finish anything*

  10. DanyFire


    Working on fics today. Gotta edit and get things in the queue. Gotta love having work to do. 😁😎

  11. crestwood


    I've got an OF sci-fi based screenplay on the archives that I'd love some feedback on, so I'll be doing swaps if anyone is interested :D  - end of the world, after all

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    2. sunshine_locks


      I would be interested in swapping if you continued glass? I currently have a new chapter up :^)

    3. crestwood


      @sunshine_locks I'd love to swap on glass :)

    4. sunshine_locks


      done with your review! 

  12. Last week
  13. TidalDragon


    Don't forget to put up for your fics for Fic Night by the end of the day! Whether you're officially NaNo-ing or not, we know there's writing going on!

  14. MadiMalfoy


    Claws! Don't forget to vote for May OtMs and also for the Nargles categories you'd like to see this year! Only a few days left, so get those votes in ASAP!

  15. RoxiMalfoy


    April 19th, 2017 was the day that I officially returned to HPFT (after a 9-month hiatus) and I threw myself back into the fray of things in full-force, during the HC event that was Capture-the-Flag at the time… I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when I first came back, but in the last 2 years I have made some AMAZING friendships, and have had some of the absolute BEST times of my life here on this site!! 🧡 You all are the most awesome people, and I LOVE spending my time here with you… So here’s to another 2 years (and more), of HPFT!! 🎉 I love you guys so much more than you could ever possibly know!!! Thanks for making these past 2 years so special, and so very memorable in so many ways! 💕😘

    1. MadiMalfoy



    2. DanyFire


      Love chatting with you about HPFT stuff (even if it's not very often)! You are amazing!!!! 💕💚

  16. PaulaTheProkaryote

    • PaulaTheProkaryote
    • Seashell Seller

    Hi and welcome to HPFT! I'm Paula and I'm one of the admins around here! I hang out on social media and in the archive queue so if you have any questions at all or need any help, feel free to message me any time! I'm curious, do you have a favorite type of seashell?

  17. StarFeather


    I thought of reading and reviewing here and there yesterday, but spring scenery distracted me. I enjoyed the last moment of cherry blossoms during lunch time. 🌸

    1. Noelle Zingarella

      Noelle Zingarella

      That sounds amazingly beautiful!!

  18. Jen25


    Finally started on the fic I've had kickig aroud in my brain for a good while! Time to make myself cry bc of the Very Necessary Angst lol :yay:

  19. facingthenorthwind


    RAVENCLAWS! Have YOU voted in the +Nargles 2019 categories? If you want any suggestions, my faves are Best Worldbuilding and Most Thought-Provoking Story. :D

  20. Noelle Zingarella

    • Noelle Zingarella
    • TidalDragon

    <poke> How's your writing coming?

    1. TidalDragon


      I hope to have a new chapter of NAFT posted today!

  21. adorably cute

    adorably cute

    One more day to get your votes in #ForGryffieFeaturedFic and Leading Lion!

    Game Of Thrones GIF

  22. Noelle Zingarella

    Noelle Zingarella

    @potionspartner Thank you for the amazing review! Also, I apologize profusely. 😉

    1. potionspartner



  23. Felpata_Lupin

    • Felpata_Lupin
    • potionspartner

    Barbara!!! I just wanted to say (since it will probably be a while before I actually reply) that your review on the Tuney/Reg was PERFECT and that I love it so much! Thank you! :hug:So excited to find out the challenge results! :D

  24. abhorsen.


    Barcelona and Ajax are both through! I'm thrilled by Ajax's success in the Champions League this season, and I'm crossing my fingers that that'll be the final. :D

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Aphoride


      Omg I know right?!! Sterling was unbelievable, but I'm so glad for Spurs tbh ^_^^_^ Also, I'm already looking forward to the semis now, haha: Pool v Barca and Spurs v Ajax? #gimmegimme :hearteyes:

    3. abhorsen.


      Yeah, I'm thrilled for Spurs - I know that as an Arsenal fan I probably shouldn't be... but I only have so much room for hate in my heart, and Chelsea exists. 😂

    4. Aphoride


      Ahhh so true. Chelsea are just an abomination of a football team 😂

  25. DanyFire


    Now that I am home, I can work on editing my two chapters for the challenge I entered. Hopefully I can have them in the queue soon!

  26. RoRoWeasley

    • RoRoWeasley
    • starbuck

    Thank you so much for your lovely review on my work, Kris! :hug::wub:

    1. starbuck


      it was a really nice story!! *_*

  27. Noelle Zingarella

    Noelle Zingarella

    I really want to work on my chapter, but when I walk away I come back to scenarios like the following:

    Me: Wow. Who cut up the curtains?

    Battle Maiden (5): Don't worry, Mom. The scissors were possessed by an evil fairy.


    1. Bunbury


      Evil fairies strike me as very worrisome. 

    2. Noelle Zingarella

      Noelle Zingarella

      I agree. Battle Maiden is made of pretty stern stuff though. I’ve started keeping  a notebook of some of the more outrageous things she says in case I ever need to write about a 5 year old.

    3. StarFeather


      My niece used to cut her hair instead of origami when she was around five year and now her dream is to become an astronaut.

  28. faeruhs



    current mood after reediting chapter 3 and putting chapter 4 in the queue!

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