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  1. Today
  2. northbound24


    Looks like my Christmas-themed story has Seraphina Picquery appearing and the threat of Grindelwald hanging over like the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come

  3. Alexis Black

    Alexis Black

    Just took the plunge and created a Podfic thread for requests!

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    2. Alexis Black

      Alexis Black

      You totally should! I'm certain folks would appreciate your voice! You did a wonderful job on my one-shot.

    3. scooterbug8515


      Thank you, I need to be brave and try doing voices again.  I used to do them when I was recording Al Potter and his Very Epic plan - back on one of the old podcast sites that no longer exists.

    4. RoxiMalfoy


      Everyone needs to have a story read in @Alexis Black's sexy secretary voice, in my opinion, lol!! 😅

  4. LadyMarauder


    I've dreamed about Remus Lupin for two nights in a row, just proving my Marauders-era fic is actually taking over my life. Either that or I'm losing the plot 🤦‍♀️

    1. victoria_anne


      Omg I love this 😂

    2. LadyMarauder


      I wish I was joking, too! 😳 ha

    3. victoria_anne


      If it makes you feel better, I've been counting down the days for a movie to be released, and I've dreamed about seeing it three times now 😅

  5. victoria_anne

    • victoria_anne
    • hopelessDREAMS

    Just wanted to tell you how much I love your sig set! 💛🖤

    1. hopelessDREAMS


      thanks so do I ❤️@ShadowRose made it :D

  6. victoria_anne


    I am so in love with Queen of Air and Darkness it makes my heart hurt ❤️

  7. Yesterday
  8. greisful


    i recently came to the realization that the welcome to night vale podcasts and the raven cycle  both have the same energy and atmosphere to them that's why the series felt so familiar to me

  9. Chelts-rhj


    The “Inspired by Art Challenge” deadline is this week! Let me know if you need a little more time to get your entries in 😊

  10. bahneebee


    Trying to put a banner in my story description and it's not working! 😵 What am I doing wrong?!

    1. PaulaTheProkaryote


      Our wonderful ML, Taylor, made this video tutorial that may help? 

      If not, feel free to pm me and I'll walk you through it! :)


    2. bahneebee


      THANK YOU!! I'll watch this!

  11. adorably cute

    • adorably cute
    • galadriel

    Happy Punday Monday!! Here to spread some holiday cheer with a few puns (cue drum sound buh dum ch)

    • what do you call a fake noodle?
      • an impasta
    • what rock group has four men that dont sing?
      • mount rushmore
    • you know what's really odd?
      • numbers not divisble by two
    • what do you call an owl that does magic tricks?
      • hoodini
    • when you speak two languages but start losing vocabulary in both of them
      • byelingual
    • today a girl said she recognized me from vegetarian club but i'm sure i've never met herbivore

    and last but not least: this might sound cheesy, but i think you're really grate ❤️ happy holidays nim!! 

    1. galadriel


      these are so great omg, thank you sarah! happy holidays! ❤️

  12. galadriel

    • galadriel
    • Ashley

    Hello Ashley, welcome to HPFT! ^_^ I'm Nim, one of the forum moderators, and I'm so excited that you've joined us here! There are a lot of activities to look forward to and I'm sure you're going to have loads of fun. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need help with anything though! :D

    1. Ashley


      Thank you

  13. Chemical_Pixie

    • Chemical_Pixie
    • LadyMarauder

    Hey there, Tasha! I wanted to pop by and say THANK YOU for all of your lovely reviews. I'm thrilled to bits that you're enjoying A Place Not For From Here. A lot of what you ponder in your reviews are on track to solving these mysteries; you have the makings of a proper sleuth! (And I say this to everyone: just wait until you get to chapter 10, mwahahaha)

    Anyway, I can't wait to read your work. (I'm in a bit of a reading and reviewing slump right now). When I'm back in the game, you're going to be one of the first people I go to! :) 

    Thanks again for the reviews and for being such an engaged reader! It's so encouraging. Love, Abby


    1. LadyMarauder


      Ha! I'm absolutely loving it, it's a really great story. I'm trying to review as much of what I read as possible, which I've never done before really, I usually just binge read. However, I reckon it'll (hopefully) improve my writing by analysing everyone else's stories!

      I'm planning on reading a big chunk of it today, I'm dying to know what it's all leading to! 

    2. Chemical_Pixie


      Feel free to binge read a little bit (at least, for my fic). Reviewing such a hefty piece of writing is a lot of dedication. And heaps of writing advice has been based around reading, so I'm positive that your writing is growing. I cannot wait to see how your writing impacts mine. ❤️ 

      Also, have you considered opening a +review thread here on the forums? At the timely and quality-of-content rates you're using in your reviews, I'm sure you'll become a popular thread! (And you can leave requests of your own, so others can review your work!) :D 

    3. LadyMarauder


      Ohh I never thought about a review thread, I'll definitely look into it later. I'm still working my way around the forums and I'm trying to get a Marauders era fic in a decent state to be able to start posting soon! Lots to do! ☺️

  14. Last week
  15. adorably cute

    • adorably cute
    • Ashley

    Hi there! :waving:Just wanted to stop by to introduce myself and give you a big, warm welcome to HPFT! I'm Sarah, one of the Gryffindor Prefects. If you have any questions or just feel like chatting, feel free to PM me anytime! 

    1. Ashley


      Thanks still trying to figure things out and looking around :)

    2. adorably cute

      adorably cute

      Everyone on the site is super friendly and hufflepuff is a great house with lots of lovely members! You’ll be able to see into your common room specifically once your member group is changed.  Feel free to reach out at any time while you’re exploring around the site!

  16. adorably cute

    • adorably cute
    • Mottsnave

    Hi there! :waving:Just wanted to stop by to introduce myself and give you a big, warm welcome to HPFT! I'm Sarah, one of the Gryffindor Prefects. If you have any questions or just feel like chatting, feel free to PM me anytime! 

    1. Mottsnave


      Aww, thank you!

  17. StarFeather

    • StarFeather
    • Chelts-rhj

    Hi, please have a look at your story challenge thread. I posted a question related with the rating of the stories. :)

  18. Pixileanin

    • Pixileanin
    • Mottsnave

    omg omg omg omg!! I remember you!!!! (is so excited and doing cartwheels everywhere)


    1. Mottsnave


      OMG I remember you too! Thank you so much for the welcome! I just finished up my big series on FFnet and AO3 and I was was looking around for where else to post it since HPFF went away, so here I am! It's so good to see that there's an active community here!

    2. Pixileanin


      Congrats on finishing your series!  That's so great!  I am so glad you're here!!!

  19. wildest dreams

    wildest dreams

    Decided to set part of my story in a country that isn't english speaking, now have to contend with the fact I have very little knowledge of said country's language, oops! 

    1. Nhaz


      Well, which country is it?

    2. wildest dreams

      wildest dreams

      spain! I'm not using too much Spanish in the story but I at least want names/places to make sense :')

    3. Nhaz


      Well yes, they should make sense. Good luck then, and don't rely too much on Google Translate. ;)

  20. Alexis Black

    • Alexis Black
    • Mottsnave

    Hi there and welcome to HPFT! I'm Alexis, one of the Slytherin Prefects. If you have any questions, feel free to ask away!

    1. Mottsnave


      Thank you so much!

  21. greisful


    i set myself a schedule for updates and then finals started and i'm behind who's surprised literally no one

  22. MegGonagall

    • MegGonagall
    • scooterbug8515

    I just head the podfic, and omg that was incredible! :hug:Thank you again so, so much!! Honestly, love, that was amazing! You have no idea how much I love it! 

    1. scooterbug8515


      I am so glad you liked it!  I was a little nervous about this one because it was different from what I've read in the past.  

    2. MegGonagall


      I thought it sounded incredible. Seriously, thank you so much! :bighug:

  23. hopelessDREAMS


    I found my old HPFF account and might continue some of them...

    1. abhorsen.


      do itttt

    2. hopelessDREAMS


      I am ^_^ Just posted one of the one-shots last night.

  24. aelaia


    muse finding tips anyone? 😰 struggling this week.

    1. bahneebee


      MUSIC. Put those headphones in and let your mind wander! I've been struggling, too, and the main thing that helps me is shutting out the world for a bit.

  25. wildest dreams

    wildest dreams

    poetry going up on the archives yay! starting to put some older ones up while i'm in the process of planning my original fiction ❤️ 

  26. Unwritten Curse

    • Unwritten Curse
    • adorably cute

    OMG. Your review. I'm dying. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. :hug:

    1. adorably cute

      adorably cute

      gina omg i cannot stress enough how incredible it was!! IT WAS AMAZING, YOU ARE AMAZING, :hug:

      live footage of me eagerly awaiting the next chapter:

      Animated GIF

    2. Unwritten Curse

      Unwritten Curse

      *melts to a puddle on the floor*

      My goal is to publish a chapter per week, so you won't have to wait long.


  27. hopelessDREAMS


    I’ve got an entire weekend off and besides having my nephews here, I’m going to hopefully do some writing! 🤞🏻

  28. LadyMarauder


    Thanks to everyone's super helpful tips and advice in the reviews on my stories, I'm going to be making some edits over the next few days. I really appreciate it...maybe I should get a beta. Does anyone know where I might find one of those?

    1. Crimson Quill

      Crimson Quill

      I would suggest you join twitter, our whole community is very active over there and there will be lots of people around who would be happy to help you out too plus we have a gryffie chat but no pressure if you're not into social media. I know it's not for everyone. I think there is a thread which people offer themselves as beta on the forum too. 

    2. LadyMarauder


      Thanks! I've just set up a new Twitter for here, so I'll get following everyone ☺️☺️

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