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  1. Today
  2. crestwood


    I'd love review swaps on flower in its decay if anyone is interested! 

    1. Oregonian


      Okay, I'll do a swap with you.  Anything of mine that doesn't have a review yet (or anything you want to read, really).  Thanks for the swap offer.


    2. sunshine_locks


      i can do a swap on if you review heartbeat or unspoken

    3. Noelle Zingarella

      Noelle Zingarella

      Me please! Would you mind checking out either Your Friend, Miranda or keep going on Moonlight (M)?

  3. Hufflepuffbookworm1990


    The reason why I haven’t written a Sirius daughter story is because I always think Sirius’ daughter has to be exactly lIke him loud and boisterous and usually my characters are quiet and bookish.

  4. magpie

    • magpie
    • Dojh167

    thanks so much for the questions & the nomination! <333 🙊

    1. Dojh167


      I seriously can't say how excited I am about Blunder. It might take me a while to read it, because I get faint at the sight of chapters longer than 1500 words, but can I count myself as a fan just on principle until then?

  5. aelaia


    Ohmygoodness. I have a fractured pelvis, but I'm BACK! 😍 it's sad it's taken something so dramatic to get me back into writing but I've missed you all. Grateful the muse has returned.

    1. crowsb4bros


      Glad you and your muse are back! I'm so sorry about the fracture though! 

    2. CheekyTorah-Lex


      Oh my goodness!! I’m so sorry you had that happen!! Are you alright?

  6. MadiMalfoy

    • MadiMalfoy
    • CatalinaAcosta

    Hiya, welcome to HPFT! :) I'm Madi, one of the Prefects here. We've got a lot of fun things happening here so let me know if you have any questions or just want to chat ^_^ 

  7. magpie


    I write words, I delete words. It’s the worst kind of yo-yoing.

  8. Dojh167

    • Dojh167
    • hopelesslyaddicted

    long time no see! :hug:

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    2. Dojh167


      haha, me neither. I was just curious because familiar faces tend to reappear for it around this time of year. Be sure to check out the most recent edition Hear Ye, Hufflepuff to help get your bearings. There's also one week left of the Halloween House Cup event starting on Thursday, if you're interested in joining in there. Do you have anything specific you're itching to write?

    3. hopelesslyaddicted


      Nah, I never really did NaNo before and don't intend to start now. My patience couldn't last that long. :P My week off is starting to be too busy for anything like that, but thanks. Not really, if anything I'll try to revise a couple of my stories I've been meaning to for years or try and work on a couple ideas I've had in the past.

    4. Dojh167


      Oof editing is so hard. I'm excited to see what you come up with!

  9. Hufflepuffbookworm1990


    I’ve written two stories where my OC is Remus’ daughter but I’ve always wanted to write a story where my main OC is Sirius‘ daughter. What are the cliches to stay away from?

  10. Yesterday
  11. crowsb4bros

    • crowsb4bros
    • CatalinaAcosta

    Hey there! Welcome to HPFT! I'm Paula and I'm one of the admins! I'm usually hanging out in the queue or on social media so if you have any questions at all feel free to message me! Right now we have a halloween escape room event going on and nanowrimo so feel free to hop right in to either if they interest you! ❤️ 

  12. something wicked

    something wicked

    struggling to find the inspiration to write or even to open docs at the moment... anyone got any inspo or tips for getting back into it? 😭

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    2. Pixileanin


      Yes.  This.  I do this too.

    3. grumpy cat

      grumpy cat

      go into the pinterest void, never to be heard from again :kris: (errr, don't actually do this :kris: i want more of your wonderful writing *_* )

    4. something wicked

      something wicked

      @down-in-flames That’s... actually incredibly helpful. I got a few words down at least which is something! Thank you! 🖤

      @grumpy cat I’ve been living in the Pinterest void for three months 😂 it’s time to crawl out 

  13. Elena


    Hi lovelies  It's been ages. NaNoWriMo has a new site and the buddy list didn't transfer across. If anyone is participating, my name there is Elena78.

  14. abhorsen.


    I'm doing some tidying up - if you notice things moving around a little, it's not Peeves, it's just your Headmistress. 😛

  15. Last week
  16. tgfoy


    Having had a productive start to the month (3 chapters including a new story in a new fandom for here) Real life is starting to encroach and spoiling my muse. Argh!

  17. crowsb4bros


    It’s a beautiful rainy day and I have some moments to write so if you see me lurking anywhere but my WJ feel free to beat me up. 

  18. DanyFire


    I need to write so badly. I think my muse is hiding or has run away.

    1. Pixileanin


      *lures out Danny's muse with cookies*

  19. abhorsen.

    • abhorsen.
    • sibilant

    I was looking at the podcasts thread and super belatedly saw your comment about Pod Save the People and omg yes. It's been life altering for me, too - I often have quotes from Brittany or Deray in particular on my weekly bullet journal layouts because they just.

    So 900/10 for Pod Save the People is my point

    1. sibilant


      Yessssss. On Being with Krista Tippett is also like that for me. She did an interview with David Truer (Native American writer) and it just totally floored me.

    2. abhorsen.


      Ohhh, I’ll have to check it out!

  20. MuggleMaybe

    • MuggleMaybe
    • magpie

    It's great to see you around! :) 

    1. magpie


      thank you! ❤️ it certainly has been a while 

  21. Stella Blue

    Stella Blue

    dear graphic artists of HPFT, is there anyone who would be interested in making three award graphics for me?

    (unless you entered in the elements challenge)

    1. crowsb4bros


      I don't mind!

    2. Stella Blue

      Stella Blue

      Rad! Thanks! I'll pm you

  22. Hufflepuffbookworm1990


    I’m trying to write the Yule Ball Scene for my story about the great granddaughter of Winston Churchill. I can’t decide if she’ll go with Dean (her eventual boyfriend and best friend) or an OC.

    The only thing that’s holding me back from getting them together before May 1998 is the fact that Dean briefly dates Ginny in their sixth year.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Hufflepuffbookworm1990


      Do you think Dean is the type to ditch his date (my OC) to dance with the actual girl he wanted to go with Padma (who went with Ron)?

    3. Lost_Robin


      Possibly? To be fair, he would be a fourteen year old, and he might not realize what he was doing, especially if they went as friends?

    4. Hufflepuffbookworm1990


      Yeah, that’s true. My OC won’t realize at the time why it hurts so much that he ditched her but doesn’t mad at him for very long. Especially after Seamus tells Dean that she’s upset with him.

      I should mention that my OC, Seamus and Dean are best friends despite my OC being a Hufflepuff.

  23. FlamingQuilltips


    A huge shout out to everyone who read and reviewed my works even though I was on a huge hiatus and haven't written in ages. You guys, that made me cry especially  when I'm struggling to get back to writing., it was a lovely boost I love you all ❤️❤️❤️ 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. FlamingQuilltips


      YESSSS!!!! I might have signed up for two challenges I intend not giving up on 😄 

    3. MuggleMaybe


      texting youuuu ❤️ 

    4. Felpata_Lupin


      Hey ladies! Can I join you long distance? I miss our Skype writing dates... :ninjavanish: :rose:

  24. Hufflepuffbookworm1990


    Has there ever been a story where Bill was not the oldest like he had an older brother or he was actually born in 1968 while Charlie was born in 1970? Like Rowling originally said Charlie was 8 years older than Ron and not seve

  25. CambAngst


    I did a thing. It's a small thing, but still a thing. His Favorite Student [T]

    1. Veritaserum27


      I'll be stopping by later today.  ☺️

    2. CambAngst


      Interested to know what you think. :thumbsup:

  26. Noelle Zingarella

    • Noelle Zingarella
    • MrsDarcy

    Beth!! :waving:

    1. MrsDarcy


      Noelle!! :bliss:

  27. DanyFire


    I need to get back into my writing. I haven't written in so long. WHat should I work on? An existing story or a new plot bunny?

  28. grumpy cat

    grumpy cat

    the door with the orb starts to glow silver and you reach for the handle... (your second room is open)

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