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  • Happy Pride month! <3
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  • Minister Fenley is embroiled in scandal. Will her career survive?

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  1. Today
  2. something wicked

    something wicked

    Really important things to do at 1am:

    1. Sleep. 
    2. Update WJ and make it look all pretty? ☑️
    1. belgian quaffle

      belgian quaffle


    2. something wicked

      something wicked

      @belgian quaffle #fortheaesthetic

    3. belgian quaffle

      belgian quaffle

      @something wicked am fairly sure i did something very similar only a few weeks ago since really, the aesthetic is like 50% of why we do anything😂

  3. Yesterday
  4. Chelts-rhj


    Claws! Please stop by the common room to leave some campaign feedback for the House cup event!!

  5. Lacey Black

    Lacey Black

    I'm looking for a beta for my blank meets blank challenge piece! Would anyone be willing? 

    1. Noelle Zingarella

      Noelle Zingarella

      How long is it? I can probably do it.

    2. Lacey Black

      Lacey Black

      @Noelle Zingarella it’s just over 5k

    3. Noelle Zingarella

      Noelle Zingarella

      DM it to me. I can get it back to you by tomorrow evening, if that works for you.

  6. galadriel

    • galadriel
    • crestwood

    josephhhh :hug:

    1. crestwood


      Nim! Hello ❤️ How have you been? 

  7. Lacey Black

    Lacey Black

    1150 words!!! Woohooo

    Almost done this challenge piece!

  8. something wicked

    something wicked

    going back to a WIP that hasn't been touched in months and instantly misspelling the main characters name is the biggest level of guilt trip and i would like to formally apologise to my own story for the neglect


  9. Tanda


    I never knew so many fanfiction writers had already written Princess Mononoke at Ao3. 🤔

  10. Last week
  11. Lacey Black

    Lacey Black

    Having an unplanned Harry Potter marathon because of the 3 year old asking for it.

    Parenting win 🏆 

  12. Tanda


    Have you ever tried writing the crossover, like Harry Potter and How to Train Your Dragon?

    1. Noelle Zingarella

      Noelle Zingarella

      I haven’t, but this one sounds really cool!

    2. Tanda


      Just happened while I wrote drabbles @galadriel's writing prompt, a bit of Princess Mononoke with Charlie Weasley and Harry Potter.

  13. Finefrenzy__


    Calling all Snakes to the common room 🐍 Please help us decide some things for our campaign by submitting your vote to the poll ❤️

  14. sibilant


    Review swaps anyone? I could take up to 5!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Noelle Zingarella

      Noelle Zingarella

      I love swapping! What can I read for you?

    3. sibilant


      @Noelle Zingarella either this or this, maybe? (or really whatever catches your eye on my AP!) i’m going to keep reading Moonlight, unless you’d like me to read something else? :)

    4. Noelle Zingarella

      Noelle Zingarella

      @sibilant sounds good! Thank you 🙂!

  15. Noelle Zingarella

    Noelle Zingarella

    Chapter 17: Proxy (M)  of Moonlight is up! 

  16. Chemical_Pixie


    Drabbles! Microfiction! Poetry! Intersectional Feminism!

    Sound intriguing? Like something you want to write?

    Sign up for the "Feminism is for Everyone"++ Challenge today!


  17. The Quibbler

    The Quibbler

    With Minister for Magic campaigns revving up, will the Ministry's secret Heliopath sanctuary lose funding? See page 2 for more.

  18. Lacey Black

    Lacey Black


  19. northbound24


    The first chapter of Fortune and Glory is up!: Here

    1. Tanda


      The summary in the New Story thread sounds interesting. :)

  20. grumpy cat

    grumpy cat

    wizards of the world, unite!

  21. MadiMalfoy


    Calling all Claws to the Tower for immediate campaign business! 🦅

  22. down-in-flames


    me rn @ all of the finale things:


  23. sibilant


    Just posting this disclaimer rn, any posts I like during the finale are from a purely personal standpoint with no staff perspective at all. It’s just me appreciating or getting excited, or okay, laughing at misery :P

  24. The Quibbler

    The Quibbler

    BREAKING! Femley steps down amid allegations... but is Stubby Boardman's new hit the real culprit?

  25. down-in-flames


    so it seems the minister has called an emergency press conference at noon est today?? i bet she’s only going to continue to deny all the allegations, but you never know... :shrugs:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. galadriel


      i don't know what to believe at this point but her press statement should be interesting, at the very least...

    3. MalfoysAngel


      I’m going to be at work and miss it! Someone Pls take notes for me! 

    4. northbound24


      Looks like the Ministry's going to hell in a handbasket

  26. Lacey Black

    Lacey Black

    Guys!  What in Merlins name is happening with the ministry right now?! I just got caught up with all the latest news!

    I've never been one to believe the rubbish that Skeeter woman comes up with but...I haven't trusted the Ministry in some time...


  27. Rita Skeeter

    Rita Skeeter

    Find out what truly lies behind the Minister's mask! Pick up a copy of my latest book, 'Lady Femley: Minister to Murderess' today.

    1. Dojh167


      Sounds like my kinda lady

  28. MadiMalfoy


    hi hello I need to talk to someone about Hadestown bc I think I'm in love with a new show

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