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  2. grumpy cat


    idfc by blackbear
  3. facingthenorthwind

    RonsGirlFriday's reviews

    Sto ry and Author Name, including link: Hermione Before the Beit Din Warnings and Advisories: none Genre angst Length: 1766 words Summary: You wouldn't find it in the Talmud, per se, let alone the Torah, but Wizarding Jewry doesn't obliviate people, and Hermione has broken the law. Ships: none Areas of Concern: Just your thoughts! You said you liked worldbuilding, and imo this (along with curses of course) is one of my worldbuildingest? Unless I'm forgetting something... (Technically, there is a fic before this that is also worldbuildingy, East Finchley Synagogue, but I like this one better. ) "Emma is your worldbuilding all about wizard jews" LOOK, sometimes, you just gotta........ write a lot of fics about wizard jews............ Current Review Request Count: 2/5
  4. belgian quaffle

    the tswift song challenge | 13 december 2019

    it is very likely that i will also be dropping out of this as well wont have a chance to finish (even i ask for an extension). hopefully someday i'll be able to finish the rest though!
  5. dreamshadow

    The Happier Holidays Challenge I Jan. 26th, 2020

    Ooh, I've been meaning to write a follow-up to Starlit Nights, so this might be just the excuse I need. As always, put me down as a maybe
  6. abhorsen.

    Rule Changes (Member Feedback)

    We're adding this under the "transparency" section: We're adding this section because we've had several members express concern over the past couple years about their privacy re: votes they cast, and while we're rewriting the rules, we want to clarify who has access to that information.
  7. abhorsen.

    Archive Issues/Bugs

    Yep! The other themes would take some tweaking to work with a couple of the changes we made, and I'd rather put my energy toward fixing the bugs in these two and maybe then working on a third that's cooler toned.
  8. Yesterday
  9. starlitcastles

    December '19 Bulletin

    Oh my gosh, I feel so bad for missing last month's bulletin but anyway, whoo it's finally December! Happy December! Also sorry you probably have to hear this alot but honestly, stellar amazing work on the graphics for this month's graphics, Bran! Also never participated in the holiday event so here's to hoping to gift people this holiday season seeing as this is the time for spreading holiday cheer and giving! ;w; Sorry to hear that you had to step down but it's understandable and thank you for your hardwork and time you spent! ;w; @Rumpelstiltskin Congratulations to Eva ( @just.a.willow.tree) on joining as Auror! Congratulations to Ineke ( @Ineke) and @down-in-flames on also now being Professors as well! Also congratulations @juls on joining the Prefect team! Hoping that everything goes well for all of you! Congratulations to @RonsGirlFriday and @pookha for being featured as this month's Head Students! Very much well deserved! Congratulations to @sibilant for winning the Order of Merlin Award! Thank you so much for all your hard work and time! You definitely deserve it! Also hoping to read one of your stories sometime! ;w; Congratulations to @Bunbury on having your story: Phineas Nigellus: Vampire Hunter being featured as Story of The Month! Congratulations to those of you whose stories were featured this month as well! Happy birthday to all of you celebrating in December! I hope this month is a wonderful, amazing, and great one for you all! Thanks for another great bulletin this month! I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday season and or December!
  10. RonsGirlFriday

    Would You Like To Play Rosencrantz?

    Hasn’t this been studied?
  11. Last week
  12. RonsGirlFriday

    Write a Bad Summary...

    This thread is hysterical. Why did it die?? For Ignatius: For Irrational: And for some real literature: For Gone Girl: For Goblet of Fire:
  13. RonsGirlFriday

    HPFT Confessions

    Reviving a great thread! 1. I wish I could be a fly on the wall in other Houses’ common rooms. What do they talk about in there?? 2. Writing/reading FF and being part of a community like this is so addicting for me that I can spend days not getting anything else done. 3. I have an absurd fantasy that somewhere JKR is reading one of my fics and going, Yaass girl! Nailed it! 4. I have not seen/read Cursed Child and am not entirely sure I want to, because I like having the next gen as a bit of a blank slate, and also I like my headcanon coming from wonderful fanfic I read. 5: ^ Seconding this! Putting your work out there amongst thousands of others can be nerve-wracking, and if even just a couple of people comment that they love what you’re doing, it is so validating and makes it all worth it. I will probably never be a famous writer, but having a couple internet buddies drop reviews on my silly little hobby makes me feel like a million bucks.
  14. RonsGirlFriday

    Word Association

  15. RonsGirlFriday

    I Love my Love with an A

    I love my love with an I because he is intelligent. I hate my love with an I because he is infuriating. His name is Isidor, he comes from Indiana, and I gave him an iguana.
  16. Crimson Quill

    Sirius Black/OC

    Title: crushed little stars Author: @poppunkpadfoot Link: Click Length / Completed: 4772 words / Yes Genre: Angst, Drama, Romance Summary: Reason for recommendation: Kayla is a very accomplished writer in regards to her portrayals of Sirius and this story is a perfect example of it. Kayla crafts a brilliant clever inner monologue for Sirius as he copes with the oncoming war, changes in his friendship with James and his new muggle love interest. I think this story is so good because Kayla is able to balance a lot of different plot strands to make a really well rounded engaging piece. I'm really excited about her use of Iain who is Sirius' ongoing love interest (makes his debut in hitting the ground). He has lots of potential as a character which is why it's so amazing that kayla is currently working on the next in the series!
  17. Crimson Quill


    Title: Say Goodbye Author: @toomanycurls Link: click Length/Completed: 4954 words/ Yes Pairings: Sirius Black/Remus Genres: Fluff, Drama, Humour, Romance Reason for recommendation: Rose has created this coming of age fic featuring camping, wolfstar and celery. She has really cleverly used sharp and witty dialogue to create a wonderful and believable dynamic between the marauders. The marauders are brilliantly fleshed out in a small amount of words to create likeable and well rounded characters. She balances the humour and lighter elements perfectly with the snapshot about the darkness to come in their lives after Hogwarts. it's wonderful piece of writing!
  18. victoria_anne

    Other Fandom Masterlist

    The Dark Crystal+
  19. victoria_anne

    The Dark Crystal

    Well, I'm really hoping I'm not! The Dark Crystal has always been a niche fandom, but I'm hoping there's one or two other fans here I can talk about it with I can't remember my introduction to the movie, but I've loved it since I was young! I'm a big fan of puppetry and weird things, so I was never scared like I know some people were for the first time! I recently saw it in the cinema, and watching it on the big screen is a completely different experience, it was amazing! I really enjoyed Age of Resistance, too! It made me laugh, it made me cry, it sparked my imagination again. I love the characters, the music, the effects, the world--everything! My favourite character is Deet, but it's very hard to choose between so many favourites! Since then, I've been listening to a podcast called Trial By Stone (which is recorded in Melbourne, yay!) It features interviews, discussions, news and the latest in merchandise, and is really worth the listen if you're still craving some Dark Crystal content So lets chat! What was your first experience with the Dark Crystal? What do you think of Age of Resistance? What Gelfling clan would you belong to?
  20. RonsGirlFriday

    Felpata_Lupin's reviews

    Hey!! Mind if I drop in again with a fluffy romance ? Story and Author Name, including link: Irrational (on HPFT) by Ronsgirlfriday (and here on AO3) Warnings and Advisories: T, mild sexual content Genre: romance, humor, fluff Length: chapter 1 is 3976 words (fic is a WIP, up to 6 chapters so far) Ships: Percy/Audrey Summary: Knowledge belongs to the head - wisdom, to the heart. Areas of Concern: Just your thoughts! (And did you say you cross post reviews?? I included my links to the fic here on HPFT and AO3) Current Review Request Count: 4/5
  21. Noelle Zingarella

    Noelle Zingarella's Reviews

    @Chemical_Pixie my pleasure! 1. Simplicius 2. Chemical_Pixie Slots Closed for now!
  22. victoria_anne

    Percy Weasley

    Title: Ignatius Author: RonsGirlFriday Link: HPFT+ Length / Completed: Complete at 11963 words Genres: Dark/horror and drama Summary: The lost sheep. The prodigal son. A sinner who might be a saint. Reasons for recommending: This story offers a little insight into Percy's last days at the Ministry, how he came to be at the Battle of Hogwarts, and what happened afterwards. It deals with some heavy themes, but it's an incredibly deep and satisfying story in so little words. I think Melanie captured Percy's feelings and motivations really well.
  23. RonsGirlFriday

    victoria_anne's reviews

    Why are you so awesome? This is a new one-shot I've recently posted! Story and Author Name, including link: Ridicule Us by RonsGirlFriday Warnings and Advisories: Mature, derogatory language (just a lot of F word at some points) Genre: Dark, drama Length: 2659 words Ships: None Summary: George and Ron are older and wiser. But a battle with a boggart reveals that their deepest fears have endured the test of time. Areas of Concern: Whatever you think Current Review Request Count: 5/5 
  24. toomanycurls

    Ask a Staffer

    I think we try to cap it around 5k just so we aren't spending an hour just to get through the text.
  25. grumpy cat


    title: notes from the ravenclaw bulletin board author: @Lost_Robin link(s): here+ length / completed: 11 chapters, completed pairing(s): none genre(s): general summary: reason for recommending: i may be slightly obsessed with this fic? it only consists of notes left on the bulletin board and yet it manages to tell an entire story, detailing some of the happenings during harry's fifth year, but of course, from a ravenclaw standpoint. but this is not a simple retelling, or even an attempt at it, because you get involved with the characters leaving the notes, there's an entire plot revolving around ravenclaws and their shenanigans and how they deal with umbridge. and also it's a perfect snapshot of ravenclaw culture and how life could be living in the tower. lots of study sessions and traditional debates and such *_* i don't think i've ever read a fic that dealt so well with depicting an entire house. it's also funny as hell and you'll definitely laugh while reading it. especially when you read about toadopolis. because i can't rec it without mentioning toadopolis, it's one of my favourite things
  26. Bunbury


    So, I still have a ton to learn about opera, and I've listened to way more operas than I've seen live. But I love when I have seen and I'm pumped to check out some of your recs! All-time favorites: Tristan und Isolde (Wagner), Don Giovanni (Mozart), Salome (Strauss). Also the whole Ring Cycle which I'm counting as one. Also like all of Mozart. Obsession of the moment: Pelleas et Melisande (Debussy). I kinda want to listen to only it until I die, is that bad? Randomest fav: La nonne sanglante (Gounod). This is the literal plot: a dude mistakes a blood-drenched ghost-nun for his girlfriend, hilarity ensues. Also there's a chorus of the dead. Opera composer I most want to hear more of: Verdi! I've neglected him So far my favourite of his operas is Otello (minus Iago's villain song, what were you thinking Verdi). Favourite aria from an opera/operetta I don't love: "Lascia ch'io pianga" from Rinaldo (Handel). Somewhere between the crusades and the mermaids and the descent into hell I kinda lost the thread. Aria I sing the most in the shower: "Se vuol ballare" (Mozart), "Ah, la paterna mano" (Verdi), "When I was a lad" (Gilbert and Sullivan). Apologies to all my roommates and neighbours Operatic character with whom I most strongly identify: Most days I feel like a monstrous hybrid of Figaro and Wotan Operatic moment that will always make me smile: The closet scene in Figaro Operatic moment that will always make me cry: The leb wohl in Walkuere
  27. RonsGirlFriday

    hopelesslyaddicted's reviews

    Heyyyy, mind if I come back since nobody has jumped on this? I know you don't care for 1st person, so I'll switch gears here with a different story of mine! Story and Author Name, including link: Ignatius (T) by RonsGirlFriday Warnings and Advisories: I included a suicide advisory in an abundance of caution because a character makes a hypothetical passing reference - but it doesn't actually happen and isn't discussed further Genre: Dark, drama, angst Length: Chapter 1 is 2825 words (overall fic is 4 chapters, completed) Ships: None Summary: The lost sheep. The prodigal son. A sinner who might be a saint. Areas of Concern: Whatever you think Current Review Request Count: 5/5
  28. MadiMalfoy

    Call for Stories - December

    Story Title: The Dancing Fairy Link: clicky+ Penname: MadiMalfoy Will you be available for Q&A? If so, do you prefer live video, live audio, or text only?: Maybe, depends on how long family stuff goes that night! At the very least, should be able to have text/pre-answered questions
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