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  1. Today
  2. LadyMarauder

    LadyMarauder's Reviews

    Hi @RonsGirlFriday - your review is up! Two spots open!
  3. RonsGirlFriday

    Stella Blue's Reviews

    Thank you so much for the thoughtful review! I hope it's not too soon for me to come running back for another! Story and Author Name, including RATED link: Ignatius chapter 3 (T) by RonsGirlFriday Warnings and Advisories: Suicide warning included out of caution, for a passing reference only (does not happen) Genre: Dark, drama, angst Length: Ch 3 is 4216 words Ships: None Summary: The lost sheep. The prodigal son. A sinner who might be a saint. Areas of Concern: More of your wonderful thoughts about anything! Current Review Request Count: 4/5 in past 2 weeks
  4. abhorsen.

    Ask a Staffer

    @potionspartner - It really depends on the context. The imperius curse does not automatically require a slavery advisory, though the length of time the person is under it for and how you're portraying their experience might push it over into that category.
  5. Noelle Zingarella

    Noelle Zingarella's Reviews

    @RonsGirlFriday @CambAngst your reviews are done! Great job, both of you TWO SLOTS OPEN
  6. Yesterday
  7. Jo Raskoph

    The Origin Story Challenge | 11 April 2020

    I'll be a maybe with the origin story of my OF Danielle Hamilton from my stories Sunflowers in December and The Obliviator. They're both set in the Harry Potter universe, but this character is a muggle so the challenge entry will probably be OF.
  8. down-in-flames

    Review Tag

    read+reviewed consequence for cause by @CambAngst!
  9. crowsb4bros

    Word Association

  10. CambAngst

    RonsGirlFriday's reviews

    Hey! I really enjoyed your review on chapter 3. You definitely summed up where I was going with Ginny's doubts and fears, along with all the rest of the teens. I'm glad it came through. May I re-request for chapter 4? Story and Author Name, including link: After Destiny [M] by CambAngst Warnings and Advisories: Mature; Hate Speech, Consent Issues (Severe), Sexual Content, Slavery, Spoilers, Substance Abuse, Violence Genre: Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort Length: novel; currently 230,000 words Ships: Many; primarily Ginny/Harry and Hermione/Ron Summary: Children. Warriors. Heroes. Victims. Survivors. Harry Potter and his friends struggle to move on with their lives after the Second Wizarding War. Areas of Concern: Chapter 4 is a really heavy chapter from Ginny's viewpoint. Lots of things come out. Also, Hermione and Ron start to work out their plan for the summer. I'm really curious as to whether Ginny's reactions seem right and proportionate, as well as what you make of Harry's "plan" for the meeting with McGonagall and the Minister. Current Review Request Count: 2/5 Thank you so much!
  11. Pixileanin

    Original Fiction Winter Goals: 2020 Edition

    @RonsGirlFriday The voice to text is part of Google, and it's already on my phone. It's really difficult to wrangle for long speaking, because it still takes about three paragraphs and REPEATS them in text form after doing it the first time. The only solution I've found so far is to hit the little check button at the top to save my progress every two paragraphs or so, which seems to dump the voice to text memory. It's sort of working, but there's a lot of back and forth that I'd rather not do. I don't think it's designed for the lengthy stuff I'm using it for.
  12. WriteYourHeartOut

    Delete/Edit/Move my Topic/Post

    If you have a topic or post that you'd like deleted, edited, or moved to a different forum, please fill out the form below and post: [b]Topic Title:[/b] [b]Link:[/b] [b]Reason for Request:[/b] [b]Edit*, Delete, or Move? (To what? To where?)[/b]: *Please make sure when requesting edits that you include exactly what you'd like to replace the post with so that the staff only has to copy and paste. After your request has been fulfilled, your post will be deleted.
  13. Felpata_Lupin

    victoria_anne's reviews

    Hi, B, my love! I'm back for more, hope you don't mind... Story and Author Name, including link: All the truth about Jimmy Portman by Felpata_Lupin Warnings and Advisories: Consent Issues (Mild/Moderate), Domestic Abuse, Sexual Content, Substance Abuse, Violence Genre: Angst, AU, Drama Length: 36 chapters and 104924 words Ships: Remus/Peter, James/Lily Summary: Areas of Concern: shake-what? Current Review Request Count: 2/5
  14. Noelle Zingarella

    The Happier Holidays Challenge I Jan. 26th, 2020

    I'm fashionably late to this party, but my entry is in the queue
  15. down-in-flames

    MadiMalfoy's Reviews

    hiiii i'm popping in with a request for you to continue with 9.9 Story and Author Name, including link: 9.9 out of 10, highly recommend by down-in-flames Warnings and Advisories: hate speech, sexual content, substance abuse Genre: romance, humour, AU Length: chapter 3 is 6600 words Summary: 2 bets. 10 days. Endless shenanigans Ships: james/lily Areas of Concern: just your thoughts! [2/5 open requests]
  16. down-in-flames

    Felpata_Lupin's reviews

    hi chiara! i've got a new chapter of 9.9 out that i'd love your feedback on Story and Author Name, including link: 9.9 out of 10, highly recommend by down-in-flames Warnings and Advisories: hate speech, sexual content, substance abuse Genre: romance, humour, AU Length: chapter 6 is 4892 words Summary: 2 bets. 10 days. Endless shenanigans Ships: james/lily Areas of Concern: just your thoughts! [1/5 open requests]
  17. Last week
  18. nott theodore

    Reading Challenge 2020

    I've had a reading goal of 50 books for the last few years and struggled to hit that lately (I tend to start out pretty well and then fade off at the end of the year), so I've revised my goal to 25 books this year. I got some great books for my birthday/Christmas, so I want to get through most of them. More general reading goals (though without specific numbers, because I don't want to beat myself for not reading certain things if I'm not in the mood for them) include reading some more non-fiction for fun (as opposed to for my MA last year) and reading more diverse books. Read: 1. Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman 2. Letter to My Younger Self by Jane Graham (eds) 3. Sunny Side Up: A Story of Kindness and Joy by Susan Calman 4. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie 5. Dumped, Actually by Nick Spalding Currently Reading: 6. History Is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera
  19. Ineke

    Bullet Journals

    Okay no posting pictures bc my spread is u g l y. But I think I may have found a system that somewhat works better (ie setting goals for myself what I want to accomplish each month, though some are going better than others), but the problem remains in keeping it up to date bc I'm woefully behind. so if anyone has tips for that do let me know but maybe i should use it as an agenda of sorts too bc im so disorganised lately i have to check my schedule app daily to see which location im working at in the first place and i know i have 3 concerts coming up but im lost on the order of where it is so
  20. Pixileanin

    HPFT Discord!

    I am also on Discord. Feeling weird about this, since I'm only on Discord for Pokemon Go.
  21. Oregonian

    Changing from Narrative to Screenplay OF

    Hi, Madi. I just started posting my screenplay Relics, which I wrote a couple of years ago for my Screenwriting classes at the local college, and then I saw your topic! Everything that Joey says in his answer above is good advice. A lot can be implied in a scene heading of a few well-chosen words. "Aurelie enters a spacious kitchen." The reader of the screenplay knows that they are reading the script of a movie, which is a visual medium, so they will envision a suitable kitchen, and even if it is not exactly like the kitchen you envision in your own head, it doesn't matter. Any detail that is crucial, such as a butcher knife on the counter top, will get mentioned. "A butcher knife lies on the countertop." The story, being largely visual, is told in actions as much as in dialogue, so "Denis walks through the field to the barn" evokes a scene in which the reader will supply their own details. "Denis climbs down the ladder into the trench. He walks along the trench to where the skeleton is. He stops." Specifying the necessary non-verbal action provides the (figurative) skeleton of the scene, on which the reader can hang the details, just as we can envision a living dinosaur by seeing its (actual) skeleton. Sound effects can be specified. "Birds are TWEETING in the trees." (Sounds are capitalized for the sake of the sound-effects guy.) You can specify a series of brief, wordless scenes with a connected theme. This is called a MONTAGE. (You will see a couple of examples of that in Relics, especially after I post all the Acts). It can be a series of items (thus producing a kind of description) or a series of actions. In a real screenplay (which Relics is not; it will never be produced), the screenwriter does not specify what people are wearing (the costume designer decides that) or what the characters look like, or what the buildings look like, unless there are definite reasons. For example, in Relics, it was necessary, for the plot of the story, that Denis and Silvestre be tall, blond, and blue-eyed. I took uncharacteristic liberties in describing the archaeologist Tony Newcomb and the interior structure of the chapel with more sentences than necessary, but not by much. It is a fun challenge to figure out ways to convey an idea visually that appeared in your original story verbally. The scriptwriter can become quite inventive. Your science fiction setting might need a bit more specificity in descriptive details, since it will be more alien that the "spacious kitchen" I mentioned above. But try to stick to a minimum of specific weird items, only what's strictly necessary for the plot. A screenplay is a different technique than a novel or short story, but it is fun to get into the swing of it! Hope this helps. Vicki
  22. MadiMalfoy

    The Science Fiction Challenge | February 15th, 2020

    Yes of course! I'd love to see what you come up with for The 100 Ah neat, I've seen some episodes of that series so sounds great Also, just under a month left to get your entries in! Participants: @Noelle Zingarella @crowsb4bros @Simplicius @potionspartner @Finefrenzy__ Entries: Episode X: Homicidal Space Badger by @northbound24
  23. Ineke

    Archive Tag Requests

    yes you may! both have been added
  24. Done with @Noelle Zingarella's moonlight, chap 14. A great chapter! Two slots open!
  25. sunshine_locks

    The Story Beneath the Song Challenge | April 4th, 2020

    @juls hiiii thank you for joining your song is seesaw! lyric video here+ (M)!
  26. CheekyTorah-Lex

    Username Change Request/Masterlist

    @crowsb4bros thank you
  27. down-in-flames

    Fic Night Voting - January

    It's time for another round of voting! This month you'll have until 11:59 GMT on 23 January 2020 to decide which of our nominees should have their story featured in this month's Fic Night! As always, please do not vote for yourself. The Nominees Fortune Cookie Says by @CheekyTorah-Lex Pesky Pixies by @CheekyTorah-Lex
  28. RonsGirlFriday

    hopelesslyaddicted's reviews

    Hi friend! Would love if you’d take a look at this old fic I’m resurrecting! Story and Author Name, including link: The Stars Were Dim by RonsGirlFriday Warnings and Advisories: T, none Genre: General, drama, angst Length: WIP, chapter 1 is 2460 words Ships: None Summary: James was a professional Quidditch sensation. A bright and shining star. An unstoppable force. Until a well-aimed Bludger shattered his shoulder -- and his dreams. That was the year the stars went dim for James Potter. Areas of Concern: Does it interest you? Do you finish this first chapter feeling like you care about James and what’s going to happen? Also any of your other lovely thoughts about anything! Current Review Request Count: 4/5
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