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  2. LadyMarauder

    Ask a Validator

    I just wanted to double check the rules around adding real people. I know they can be mentioned, so if a character goes to a gig of a real band, but has no interaction with them other than a dance and little sing along, is that ok?
  3. Today
  4. Ineke

    Tag Requests

    I've brought this up for discussion since we don't add genres without discussion within the staff! I'll let you know either way asap!
  5. MegGonagall

    What's your taste in fics?

    Because it’s 6am, and I can’t sleep, I figured why not. Even though most people probably have an idea about most of what I’m about to write here lol. Ships: Hermione/Severus (when she’s of age, or when they’re the same age, obvi), Scorbus, Ginny/Luna, Wolfstar, Sirius/Emmeline, Hermione/Remus, Hermione/Sirius (same rules apply for the previous two ships as for Snamione), Lily I/Mary, Tomione (through time-travel only), George/Angelina, Rose/Teddy Characters: Any of the characters mentioned in the ships above. Tropes: time-travel, post-war AU, friends/enemies to lovers, mutual pining, slow burn, next-gen Fandoms: Harry Potter Genres: angst, romance, humor, fluff, emotional hurt/comfort Miscellaneous: I just love a lot of playful bickering, will they/won’t they? All the fluffy-angst, tension, oh my goodness will they just kiss already goodness.
  6. lovegood27

    Word Association

  7. TidalDragon

    Fic Night Voting - December

    To cap off the year, this month's Fic Night will be a double feature meaning you don't have to limit yourself to one (1) story! This time you'll have a chance to vote for your two (2) favorites! Cast your votes before the clock strikes midnight on Christmas Eve! Snapshots by @MadiMalfoy six segments of a satsuma. by @Aphoride A Child's Cry by @Chelts-rhj Yes Ginevra, There is a Santa Claus by @1917farmgirl Imperio to Kittens by @aelaia Replenished by @MegGonagall
  8. Yesterday
  9. wildest dreams

    Personality Typing

    i just did the enneagram test for the first time ever and i've never felt so called out in my entire life omg tho i feel a bit better knowing a lot of us in here got the same one, maybe it's a type that lends itself to writers enneagram: 6w5 mtbi: infj hogwarts house: ravenclaw astrology: virgo sun, leo moon, gemini rising d&d alignment: true neutral temperament: melancholic
  10. dirigibleplums

    Challenge Hall of Fame

    i have a longer blog post up (along with the award graphics) but here are the results for my latest challenge ^.^ challenge name: the musical muse challenge challenge creator: moi aka dirigibleplums short challenge description: those interested would drop a comment in the thread and i stuck my spotify playlist on shuffle and then assigned them a lyric that stood out to me from whatever song popped up. the lyric would be their only inspiration and the rest was up to them! fandom(s) included: hp & of challenge winners: 1st place: six segments of a satsuma (t) by @Aphoride 2nd place: rinse and repeat (m) by @VaguelyCreativeName 3rd place: dum vivus vivamus (m) by @sunshine_locks thank you to all who entered and congratulations to those who placed ♡♡
  11. faeruhs

    Write a Bad Summary...

    i saw this thread and screamed because honestly tmt was made for a bad summary
  12. StarFeather

    Inspired by Art Challenge -- 20 December 2018

    Hi, here's my entry. I wrote this based on the partly true fact mixed with the HP world. Les Voyaguers (M)
  13. Rumpelstiltskin

    The Fanfic Favorite Challenge l December 31st, 2018

    So, I have a rough idea of what I want to do with a fanfic of Love, Not War [M] by @RoxiMalfoy so I'd like to be a maybe, and hopefully I can slip it in before the deadline . Great challenge idea, by the way!
  14. Last week
  15. Hufflepuffbookworm1990

    Original Fiction Discussion/Feedback

    I got inspired for another OF (My third one in 3 three years). It centers around a set of 20-somethings who are trying their hardest to start a food truck with the help of their sliightly eccentric mentor with a sprinkle of rekindled romance with one of the girls.
  16. Mottsnave

    How to post graphics in a story

    Thank you, yes, this is a huge help! And yes, having a written how-to as well as the video somewhere on the site would be nice, since sometimes it's harder for folks to access videos. Like when you're at work. But of course I would NEVER be doing fanfiction at work. Never. Thank you!
  17. Chemical_Pixie

    Reviews by TidalDragon

    Hey Kevin! Mind if I grab a slot? It's also worth double points if you're doing RvG this month! Story and Author Name, including link: A Woman's Place (M) by Chemical_Pixie Warnings and Advisories: Sexual Content, Violence, Consent Issues (Severe), Hate Speech, Domestic Abuse, Substance Abuse Genre: Action/Adventure, Drama, Angst, General, Hurt/Comfort Length: 3 chapters; 10,119 words Summary: There are thirty-nine (39) known members of the Order of the Phoenix. Only twelve (12) are women. Ships: Alice/Frank, Lily/James, Molly/Arther, Tonks/Lupin, Fleur/Bill Areas of Concern: I'd love to have your perspective with this stories. I'm not sure how many chapters you're willing to read, but you can take your pick, since this is a collection of short stories. Alice's themes are workplace discrimination and a woman's identity after marriage. Marlene's themes are homophobia, sexual assault, hate speech [this chapter comes with a tw]. Dorcas's themes are xenophobia, youth voice, and effects of colonialism.
  18. Oooh, no worries at all! I'm glad to be getting such a great amount of entries already and it really makes my day that you had such fun writing it! I can't wait to read it! Taker TreacleTart - Tis The Season: December 1st, 2002 - Advent facingthenorthwind - +chanukah is a minor holiday PaulaTheProkaryote ShadowRose - +bake my wish come true [m] dreamgazer220 - +Starlit Nights (T) Maybe juls Crimson Quill MalfoysAngel lovegood27
  19. northbound24

    The Productivity Thread

    Create a writers journal so I can interact more with you lovely people
  20. Pixileanin

    Original Fiction Fall Goals

    @StarFeather I think you've hit on something very intriguing! I can't wait to see what you've come up with for this nagini concept!! Batman is struggling to juggle all the things. We haven't put words down for two weeks. It's most distressing, but I plan to have some writing blocks coming up. (crosses fingers) @Cassius Alcindor Welcome to the cray cray portion of the site, where we try to do things inside our minds without all the fanfare. I agree that planning and plotting are two of my favorite things, and then when it comes to actually writing OF, I lose my oomph. (Hands over oomph to you) Good luck with your idea, and please allow us to cheer you on from time to time! @Rumpelstiltskin You can do this! Remember that novels are a marathon and not a sprint. Those 300 words will add up over time. Good luck on your chapter this month!! (crawls back under rock until next week)
  21. StarFeather

    Nagini and Maledictus (M rated sparingly)

    Thank you @potionspartner, @TreacleTart for stopping by to tell us your thoughtful opinions around Nagini. I feel like concocting your ideas and I'll try writing about the Nagini- themed fanfiction wisely.
  22. adorably cute

    adorably cute's reviews

    both slots open!
  23. MrsDarcy

    you-make-me-wander's reviews

    Hi there! Can I grab a slot? Pretty new to all this Story and Author Name, including link: The Anne Clarke Chronicle (M) by MrsDarcyFandom/Era: Harry Potter / Trio Era Warnings and Advisories: derogatory language, profanity, discrimination, sexual content, violence (later on and not too dark) Genre: humor/romance/generalLength: 2112 (first chap) Summary: Ships: Remus/OC The review doesn't need to be an in-depth analysis, just looking for a few lines of constructive feedback:)
  24. Unwritten Curse

    Stella Blue's Reviews

    Because your first review was so incredibly fantastically wonderful, I'm back for another on chapter two. Story and Author Name, including link: Project Azkaban (M) by Unwritten Curse Warnings and Advisories: Self-Harm, Sexual Content, Suicide, Violence Genre: Action/Adventure, Dark/Horror, Drama Length: 2 chapters; 5818 words Summary: Ships: Teddy/Victoire Areas of Concern: Does it grab your attention? Is the mystery set up well? How is the pacing? Is it believable?
  25. Unwritten Curse

    javu's Reviews

    Story and Author Name, including link: Project Azkaban (M) by Unwritten Curse Warnings and Advisories: Self-Harm, Sexual Content, Suicide, Violence Genre: Action/Adventure, Dark/Horror, Drama Length: 2 chapters; 5818 words Summary: Ships: Teddy/Victoire Areas of Concern: Does it grab your attention? Is the mystery set up well? How is the pacing? Is it believable?
  26. Felpata_Lupin

    Felpata_Lupin's reviews

    @Sleepingbagonthesofa finally done with your request. Sorry it took me so absurdly long... I've enjoyed reading on so very much! Just as a fyi, I will probably not review for requests until the end of the year. I'm behind with (read: I have yet to start) the judging of the entries to the Unreliable Narrator Challenge and I would like to focus on the wishlists as well... You can still request, if you want. Just know that it will take a while for me to get back to you. Taking the chance to wish everyone a very happy holiday season!
  27. hopelessDREAMS

    hopelessDREAMS' reviews

    My rules are simple. ~ Only stories from the HPFT archives ~ I'm only accepting one story at a time. - ex: chapter one, then chapter two. This includes one-shots. ((unless I'm really into it and can't stop reading then expect a whole review at the end)) ~ Please allow for a couple days turnaround time. ~ One slot at a time until further notice. ~ All ratings are fine, but nothing too graphic, please. What I'll Read ~ Fluff ~ Cannon ~ Minor Characters ~ Original Fiction ~ Next Generation ~ Maurader Era ~ Fandoms that include, but aren't limited to: HP, Riverdale (archie comics), The Flash and Arrow. ~ Any that involves Newt. What I Won't Read ~ Adult/Minor ~ Smut ~ Extreme violence ~ Poetry (idk if I've even seen an actual poetry story outside of what the Sorting Hat says at the beginning of each term and other small areas outside the series; plus, I'm just not honestly a big fan of it.) ~ Absolutely no r*pe or anything of the sort. No exceptions. This doesn't mean I won't read other stuff, it's just what I'm comfortable with. So fill out the form below and give me something to read!
  28. We are thrilled at seeing fantastic beasts (magical creatures) which look real in the film. My child's favorite is the Niffler. I like the the Bowtruckle and the Dragon, of course (advertisement: please make an entry  @Dragon Tale story challenge hosted by...me. ). I try to like Nagini (oh, Merlin, please save her!) and snakes. Snakes or dragons are sometimes sacred creatures in Asia, on the contrary, they seem to be often hated in the Western countries. I'd like to introduce dragons in Asia.↓ I prefer western dragons to Asian ones, they are wingless serpentine creatures. In that point, the Occamy may be similar to them below. ↓ I like wings, you know I am in the Ravenclaw House. http://allaboutdragons.com/dragons/Japanese_dragon (all) What is your favorite magical creature in the films, Fantastic Beasts I or II?
  29. WriteYourHeartOut

    Delete/Edit/Move my Topic/Post

    If you have a topic or post that you'd like deleted, edited, or moved to a different forum, please fill out the form below and post: [b]Topic Title:[/b] [b]Link:[/b] [b]Reason for Request:[/b] [b]Edit*, Delete, or Move? (To what? To where?)[/b]: *Please make sure when requesting edits that you include exactly what you'd like to replace the post with so that the staff only has to copy and paste. After your request has been fulfilled, your post will be deleted.
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