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  1. Today
  2. Lost_Robin


    I'm Not Okay (I Promise) by My Chemical Romance
  3. The Bowtruckle and the Nifflers had my heart! I love how they actually built up a relationship between them and Newt. I do agree with you, the Zouwu was cool. I'm a cat person myself, and could just imagine cuddling with that death machine. I can't wait to see what new magical animals appear in the next movie.
  4. magpie

    The Productivity Thread

    Got a few goals for this week: Get two things in the queue Advance to the next league in Duolingo Hastily plan for NaNoWriMo Attend film festival Halloween costume (!)
  5. down-in-flames

    the tswift song challenge | 13 december 2019

    sure! your random number is 16, which is the best day! participants (takers and maybes combined): abhorsen. - #113: the archer belgian quaffle - #112: cruel summer BellaLestrange87 - #81: wonderland crowsb4bros - #69: you are in love dirigibleplums - #33: the way i loved you dreamshadow - #87: look what you made me do, or #40: back to december grumpy cat - #93: i did something bad MalfoysAngel - #31: white horse, or #100: i forgot that you existed Pixileanin - #16: the best day something wicked - #97: dress, or #72: style
  6. Yesterday
  7. toomanycurls

    HPFT Annual Survey

    Hi everyone! Last month we put out our annual site survey and we got 31 responses! Many of the respondents took time to also leave comments which have been largely helped us interpret the data from the survey. You can read the body of comments we received +here (M). Below you can read through a summary of the results broken down by house. The range was as follows 5: Strongly Agree 4: Agree 2: Disagree 1: Strongly Disagree Overall this shows us that our prefects are a core strength we have for fostering the community and being a resource for members. We clearly still have room to better explain the House Cup points system and ensure that the FROGs are both fair and enjoyable. Many of the actions listed below are direct responses to the scores. We've also had great feedback on our events and have decided that we'll do quarterly event surveys so that we get feedback while the events are still fresh in mind. This table shows how many people selected each response for the events from last year. Lastly we looked at which months work well for each house) and the site overall). November and December are the two months that stand out as months where we should avoid HC activity as people are generally unavailable then. This is crucial information as we schedule events throughout the year. Based on the site-wide feedback, we've discussed and are moving forward with the following changes: Balancing points of HC events more evenly throughout the quarters Allowing non-gamekeeper staff participation in HC events to address too few participants (as outlined +here) Less inter-house collaboration in HC events FROGs awards will no longer be worth HC points We are also in the process of discussing proposals around: Making part of reviewing event focused on reading FROGs nominees to encourage more inter-house voting Changing scoring for the reviewing event to give smaller houses more of a chance Reducing number of archive advisories/changes to archive rules (feedback poll +here) Adding low commitment activities that don't just focus on reading/writing/reviewing Changing length/format of 2020-2021 house cup Activities to foster inter-house friendships In the coming weeks, we will also be: Clarifying definition of HPFT as safe space, including our language on welcoming and inclusion Clarifying our social media policy re personal accounts, including for members of the staff/prefect team Better explaining the HC scoring system throughout the year. Thank you to everyone for participating in the survey. You can provide feedback at any time either by reaching out to a member of staff or submitting ideas through the Anonymous Feedback forms on googleforms or Tumblr.
  8. Lost_Robin


    I'm getting a Sobble. So far, I've really liked all of the designs. But, to be fair, I'm a huge fan of Pokémon. I feel like they've been more reticent than usual about the games, which is a little worrying.
  9. magpie

    The Scandalous Challenge | 30 November 2019

    I think I have an idea that fits this challenge. The question is whether it’ll actually get written or not.
  10. Elena

    Pretty Little Liars

    Late to the party, I just binged watched this on netflix and I'm obsessed!
  11. Elena

    The Vampire Diaries

    Have you read the books? The first 4 really. That's where my Online name comes from
  12. Elena

    Original Fiction Fall Goals: 2019 Edition

    If you are participating in NaNoWriMo this year, they have a new site and the buddy list didn't transfer over. My name there is Elena78. I'm trying to finish my OF this year for publication.
  13. sibilant

    The Emoji Game

    This game is pretty simple: you write a brief story with emojis, and the person after you is supposed to interpret the emojis and write out the story. Example: Story: Olaf melts in the summer (M because youtube) (Note: it can be a totally random story; I just went to the Olaf example because it was most clear!) Starting off:
  14. Last week
  15. Veritaserum27


    WHAAAAAAAAATTTT?! How did I not know this was a thing. @abhorsen. Every damn time. Seriously. We are sooooooo connected. I'm just gonna leave this here...
  16. starlitcastles

    October '19 Bulletin

    Hello! I haven't gotten a chance to properly comment on the Bulletin last month as I hoped but going to try and do so this month since I have some time to sit down and read it properly. ;w; Oh, and of course, the spooky woodsy theme for this month's bulletin with Taylor Swift I take it? Even if it's not spooky, still loving the color scheme? Still love it! Just going to warn you all but if you see how lengthy this is, then my bad, but I'm going to spreading my happiness and congrats to all of you who were featured this month! ;w; Congratulations to Katie ( @RoRoWeasley) on becoming Prefect! Just yesterday, you seemed to be a newer member of the site as well as Hufflepuff but also recall seeing how much you done for the site and can't wait to see how you fare as a Prefect too! Also congratulations to @Dojh167, @sibilant, @Ineke, and @grumpy cat for becoming gamekeepers as well! Congratulations to @Aphoride and @crestwood for being Head Students this month! You guys deserve it! Also congratulations to @Chemical_Pixie for having On Track be featured on Fic Night! (I think I recall reading some of it and still needing to finish it but love it so far from what I've read--will try and properly review it soonish!) Congratulations to the admins of this site: @abhorsen. , @crowsb4bros, @Alopex, and @toomanycurls for winning the Order of Merlin! It is very much deserved! (I actually been waiting for this to happen, not gonna lie, but now that it's happened, whoo whoo!) Thank you for always doing your best and putting your hard work, time, and effort with this site as a whole! I feel that many have said what I wanted to say but I still would like to mention that I feel that guys do a truly wonderful job of making the site the best it can be while also trying to work through obstacles, big and small, as well as figuring things out, helping and guiding those who need in the right direction or clarify things for those who are puzzled, and making sure the site is beneficial yet enjoyable for many others and that is very much appreciated! Congratulations to all whose stories is featured this month as well! Lastly, congratulations to @Rhaenyra for having Fake It Till You Make It featured! I'm going to add this to my To Read List but the plot sounds really interesting! Happy birthday to all of you guys that are celebrating and or born this month! I hope you guys have a relaxing, great, awesome, sweet, and fantastic month this month! (Sorry to anybody whose birthday I missed! ;w;) Concluding this, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you who worked on this bulletin--I kind of refer to you guys as the Bulletin Squad! I hope this month goes wonderfully for you all! Thank you for always keeping updated! See you guys next month hopefully!
  17. Hey, can I join in? This month, I'm going to work on a particular weakness of mine, highlighted by the two years of failure I've experienced in it: writing the OF short story. I'm gonna try to finish an OF short story in the next week. It's in bits and pieces and mostly disarray on my computer. It's tried to expand into a NOT short story, and I'm refusing to let it. I even have a How to Write a Short Story course I can run it through. Deadline, October 30th. Here it goes...
  18. CheekyTorah-Lex

    The Knockout Challenge - Round 1 | Deadline: 30 November 2019

    I am swapping my entry for this one: Goodnight, love
  19. magpie

    Film Challenge 2019

    Nashville: For such a large cast of characters who each have their own stories going on, Altman does an incredible job of capturing details that define our players and their relationships with each other, as well as documenting the time period and the landscape they inhabit. Those are the images that stuck with me: the "I Love You" scrawled on the bathroom mirror, Tomlin signing with her children, the big American Flag ominously waving in a breeze. Incredible performances from everyone involved, and the music was great. The Birds: Part of my personal Halloween watchlist. I always forgot the power of this one, which becomes hugely apparent during the scene where crows land on the playground. Everything before is feels rather functional, but after the scene the movie shifts into an almost radical mode where it really feels like the end of the world - everyone sort of forgets the social structures that defined their actions in the first half and starts to focus on survival. The lack of a score adds so much to the film - each scene still manages to surprise in some way, since there's no music to prepare you. Carrie: Another Halloween watch. Everything about the prom scene still feels iconic. The production design, with its glittery stars and crepe paper and glowy lighting - Carrie with her stole and flowers - it's almost transcendent, very dreamlike. That whole moment is just perfectly orchestrated, and then it comes crashing down into a bloody mess of destruction. Also watched Pscyho, In Fabric, Misery, and American Graffiti.
  20. CheekyTorah-Lex

    Lacey Black’s Reviews

    I will complete these above promised reviews and then I will be closing my review request thread for a while
  21. Felpata_Lupin

    MadiMalfoy's Reviews

    Hi Madi! I thought I'd profit of your free slots, hope you don't mind... Story and Author Name, including link: Twelve ways not to break the Bristlecone's Law by Felpata_Lupin Warnings and Advisories: Consent Issues (Mild/Moderate), Substance Abuse Genre: Humor Length: 602 words Ships: none (maybe a hint of Jily?) Summary: James makes love potion for "science" Areas of Concern: just your thoughts? I wrote this story for the HC opener and I don't consider it my best writing, but I haven't got much feedback on it so far and I'm just curious... Current Review Request Count: 3/5
  22. Felpata_Lupin

    Felpata_Lupin's reviews

    @Noelle Zingarella done!
  23. potionspartner

    Challenge Hall of Fame

    Challenge Name: The Fan Non-Fiction Challenge Challenge Creator: potionspartner Challenge Description: Write about something using a genre within non-fiction. Fandom(s): Anything but Original Fiction Challenge Winners: 3rd Place Beyond the Veil by @Tanda 2nd Place The Highly Unprofessional Correspondence via Office Inner Memo @CheekyTorah-Lex 2nd Place Suspension de l'incrédulité: a fan non-fiction by @Noelle Zingarella 1st Place The Atypical Assignment by @FlamingQuilltips Congratulations! Please see my blog for details and your prize graphics.
  24. Noelle Zingarella

    The Wizard Tales from Many Lands Challenge | 24 November 2019

    Yay! And nice to meet you--I joined the site while you were on hiatus I think. Possible Participants: Entries:
  25. grumpy cat

    Post-War Slytherins

    my whole drastoria series centers around post-war trauma. it's from astoria's pov who i headcanon as gryffindor, but it also touches upon draco and daphne. astoria is a lot more broken than draco in my stories, because of what happened during her last year at hogwarts, and especially during the battle of hogwarts (not saying what since that would be a spoiler). so, ironically, someone who, before the battle/war, was happy, full of life and so on, is much more broken after than draco. he's still pretty broken but because for draco, the war meant living with voldemort, being forced to kill dumbles, being under the influence of his crazy aunt bellatrix and basically everything that made his life living hell, the time after the war is better. he's still got his family (sans-bellatrix) and he's alive. i headcanon narcissa and andromeda reconciling after the war, which means draco gets closer to andromeda, and by default, teddy. and they all help each other in overcoming their individual traumas. daphne is another story. since in my world, the greengrass family is a criminal syndicate who during both wars worked with both sides (the death eaters and the order), it means they're sort of like switzerland in being neutral and they're profiting heavily from war. daphne has always been raised to be pretty cool, cunning and level-headed (basically the opposite of astoria), so she's managed to not get caught up in much of anything that happened during her last year of hogwarts, by her own design and by the fact that she's a greengrass. so she's a lot more put together post-war than anyone else, but still, i do think she's been affected by war, though she's very good at suppressing it.
  26. MuggleMaybe

    House Characteristics

    Double posting to share my updated (but still WIP) version of the above chart the parts in black are the toxic traits of each house. AND I also made this one which is different
  27. Earlier
  28. crowsb4bros

    Plagiarism Help 101

    Hi guys! From time to time members have had issues with their stories being taken from one of the archives they published on and reposted without their consent. We do recommend occasionally searching for key phrases in your stories and your titles to check for plagiarism. If your story is plagiarized on our archives, we'd like for you to message either a validator, admin, or email the validator email (validator@hpfanfictalk.com). Wattpad is usually pretty good about removing stories quickly. You'll need to go the description page for the story that has been reposted. On the right-hand side of the page there is a box of information containing a link 'Report this story.' Provide as much information about why you are reporting as possible. Press 'Submit'. AO3 is also very responsive in terms of dealing with plagiarism. Like with wattpad, you'll need to provide links and quotes to show your story has been plagiarized. You'll submit this to the Policy & Abuse Team (here+). There's currently a site in Russian called fanfics.me (M) that's reposted at least one story from one of our members. This site reposts fanfiction without permission and then pockets the ad revenue. Google chrome has an extension that will translate the page to your language so I highly recommend checking using that. You need to submit the takedown request to the host site and, then, your works and, if you request this, any piece of information about you should get deleted from FFM after the hosting company processes your request (usually it takes 2-12 hours). It is simple to do, quick and very efficient solution. Here+ is a simple guide on how to fill in the authors' right violation claim form at the host site along with suggested complain text and some advice with regards to e-mail exchange with the hosting company. If you need further support, feel free to contact us to see if we can assist you!
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