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  1. Yesterday
  2. RonsGirlFriday

    Felpata_Lupin's reviews

    Hi Chiara!! I have new chapters up for this one! Story and Author Name, including link: Must Be One of Arthur's Boys (chapter 2) by RonsGirlFriday (and here on AO3) Warnings and Advisories: T, none Genre: Drama, Humor, General Length: Chapter 2 is 3505 words Ships: Arthur/Molly Summary: Slices of Weasley family life through the years, featuring Arthur and his sons (and particularly the one who is the spitting image of him, in more ways than one) Areas of Concern: Just your thoughts! Current Review Request Count: 5/5 in two weeks
  3. melian

    The Make TreacleTart Cry Challenge | 15 April 2020

    hey can I have prompt 27 as a starter? Just to give me some ideas. Thank you.
  4. BellaLestrange87


    peter's dream by lennie gallant
  5. ImaRavenclaw

    Archive Tag Requests

    Could there maybe be congenital disorder/genetic disease and chromosomal disorder kind of tags in the inclusivity tags? There doesn't seem to be anything that applies to someone with a genetic condition such as say Wolff-Parkinson White syndrome. Thanks!
  6. 1917farmgirl

    HPFT Discord!

    I tried to join but it says my invite is invalid. What should I do?
  7. BellaLestrange87

    The Trope Stew Challenge | 1 June 2020

    Hmmm... can I have a reroll as well?
  8. Last week
  9. greisful


    hello y'all just in case y'all didn't know but i'm fully fluent in albanian as it's my mother tongue and i've also reached an intermediate level of german (so enough to hold a regular conversation). Albanian - greisful Afrikaans - MileyMalfoy Arabic - TreacleTart British Sign Language/BSL - esmeraude Bulgarian - Nhaz Catalan - nott theodore Croatian - starbuck Danish: MrsDarcy; ForbiddenBeauty Dutch - Ineke French - 800 words of heaven; TreacleTart; Felpata_Lupin; Lost Muse; BellaLestrange87; val; VaguelyCreativeName; prongsbeak; ShadowRose; BookDinosaur; nott theodore; faeruhs, tatapb, ImaRavenclaw German - Lost Muse; Nhaz; VaguelyCreativeName, Merlins Beard, ImaRavenclaw, greisful Greek (classical/biblical) - sapphicsunrise Hebrew (Modern) - facingthenorthwind Hindi - 800 words of heaven; Lost Muse; FlamingQuilltips Icelandic - Merlins Beard Italian - TreacleTart; Felpata_Lupin; Nhaz; val; Eirene, tatapb Irish - Margaret Japanese - BookDinosaur Korean - Eirene Latin - sapphicsunrise; VaguelyCreativeName, Merlins Beard Mandarin - just.a.willow.tree Norwegian - Cassius Alcindor Portuguese - prongsbeak, Merlins Beard, tatapb Russian - Nhaz Sanskrit - FlamingQuilltips Serbian - SnapeLove Spanish - just.a.willow.tree; TreacleTart; sunshine_locks; Stella Blue; Renacerá; prongsbeak; MileyMalfoy; nott theodore Tamil - FlamingQuilltips Telugu - FlamingQuilltips; sunshine_locks
  10. potionspartner

    The Title-tastic Challenge 1 June, 2020

    Wow! @Jen25. You must have been inspired! Just reading the summary--I bet it's going to make me cry. Takers/Maybes @Noelle Zingarella Letter X @northbound24 Letter Q @sunshine_locks Letter Z @abhorsen. Letter Q Entries yes, i'd do it again by @Jen25
  11. ImaRavenclaw

    ImaRavenclaw's Reviews

    @Chemical_PixieThis is based on Safety Not Guaranteed isn't it????! Okay not gonna lie, I did fall asleep during that movie, but I will 100% give this a try!! 1. Irrational (Chapter Two) by RonsGirlFriday 2. Certain Peril (Chapter One) by Chemical Pixie
  12. ImaRavenclaw

    Another Random Pairing Challenge | 25th May 2020

    Okay love! Sounds good. I am soooo excited to read your thrupple!
  13. potionspartner

    The Origin Story Challenge | 11 April 2020

    Finished mine! It's . . . uh. . . detailed. The Artist
  14. grumpy cat

    the hot mess / beautiful disaster challenge | 17 may 2020

    we're looking forward to reading all of your entries! (possible) participants:
  15. Jo Raskoph


    Title: of trolls and nifflers Author: just.a.willow.tree Link(s): HPFF Length / Completed: 3116 words / Yes Pairing(s): Cho Chang/Pansy Parkinson Genre(s): Fluff Summary: Cho has no idea what she's doing when it comes to Pansy. Why do I love this fic and am recommending it to everyone who wants something to make them smile? Well for one it has Cho trying in a very cute Ravenclaw-like fashion to figure out scientifically what it is about Pansy that… Oh, just everything about Pansy. The important questions like: Why did she come back for eight year? Why did she not say "hi" back to her? And most importantly what does her paper plane throwing mean? But that's not all there is, it also has an incredibly cute established Lisa Turnip/Susan Bones relationship, a christmas gift giving event and is just overall the kind of fic that leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy. It was exactly what I didn't know I needed to read to make social distancing feel less cold. So, go! Read and feel the warm fuzzies
  16. 800 words of heaven

    Reading Challenge 2020

    1) The Bookwork Crush - Lisa Brown Roberts 32) Love Lettering - Kate Clayborn 35) Diana: Princess of the Amazons - Shannon Hale, Dean Hale & Victoria Ying 47) Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys: The Case of the Missing Adults! - Scott Bryan Wilson & Bob Solanovicz 48) The Legend of Korra: Ruins of the Empire, Part Two - Michael Dante DiMartino & Michelle Wong 49) As Kismet Would Have It - Sandhya Menon 50) The Taming of the Shrew - William Shakespeare & Shakespeare Society 58) The Unbeatable Squirrel Girls Beats up the Marvel Universe - Ryan North & Erica Henderson 61) Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, Vol 1: The Interconnectedness of All Kings - Chris Ryall, Tony Akins & Ilias Kyriazis 62) 50 Museums to Blow Your Mind - Ben Handicott & Kalya Ryan 65) Twelfth Night, or What You Will - William Shakespeare & BBC3 Radio 79) The Comedy of Errors - William Shakespeare, Alec McCowen & Anna Massey 80) Ms Marvel, Vol 1: No Normal - G Willow Wilson & Adrian Alphona 84) Silver Shark - Ilona Andrews 86) A Mere Formality - Ilona Andrews 90) Measure for Measure - William Shakespeare 103) Gratitude - Oliver Sacks 107) Richard II - William Shakespeare & Oregon Shakespeare Festival 110) Beard in Waiting - Penny Reid 114) The Legend of Korra: Ruins of the Empire, Part Three - Michael Dante DiMartino & Michelle Wong 115) Oliver Sacks: The Last Interview and Other Conversations - Oliver Sacks, Terry Gross, Charlie Rose, Studs Terkel, Lisa Burrell, Tom Ashbrook & Robert Krulwich 126) A Right Honourable Gentleman - Courtney Milan 150) Henry VI, Part I - William Shakespeare & Arkangel Shakespeare 159) Love's Labour's Lost - William Shakespeare & Arkangel Shakespeare
  17. RonsGirlFriday

    RonsGirlFriday's reviews

    @Noelle Zingarella and @grumpy cat, your reviews are done, and between Hot Dad Tom Riddle and Sexy Oliver Wood (Now with Feelings!), I'm like: (PS, @grumpy cat, I saw your comment on my Novel Nest about maybe getting back to Irrational at some point -- I am always up for swapping more chapters if you ever feel interested in doing that again; just PM me or something -- absolutely no pressure, but I just thought I'd bring it up since I think I sort of dropped the ball before!) So, guys, my review thread is going on a little hiatus for a while as Camp NaNo is upon us, so no spots open at this time. BUT (wait, there's more!) I'll be eager for feedback on whatever I post during April NaNo, so I will be offering review swaps during that time! Whenever I'm up for a swap on something new I'll post it in a status on HPFT and Twitter. And, of course, I'm open to multi-chapter swaps, so for my repeat customers, if there's something of yours I've been reading and you'd like to take a look at some of my already posted stuff in exchange, please feel free to PM me or something!
  18. ImaRavenclaw

    Theres Only One Bed Challenge | March 31st

    Well, I feel like crap for triple posting but unfortunately the editing period has passed so here is my link for HPFT - Summer at Quidditch Camp+ (Teen)
  19. ImaRavenclaw

    Review Tag

    I read and reviewed Young Gods+ (M) . Fabulous stuff! I would really appreciate reviews on What We Were HPFT+ (M) but any story is fine. hpff page+ & hpft page+
  20. RonsGirlFriday

    Squee-Worthy Reviews!

    The Artist Formerly Known As WeasleyTwinMom left me this review on Irrepressible on AO3 and it shall nourish me through all the impending doom of Camp NaNo: If people aren't careful, I'm gonna end up writing more dorky smut.
  21. pookha

    Ask a Staffer

    Branwen already has it, but thanks!
  22. livingfree

    Stella Blue's Reviews

    Story and Author Name, including link: Chapter 1 of Broom Cupboard (15+) by livingfree (AO3) Warnings and Advisories: 15+ / lgbt / mild sexual nature / mild language Genre: drama / romance / humor Length: novel (wip) Ships: Albus Severus Potter/OC (muggle) Summary: Albus Severus Potter was focused on making a name for himself as an Auror despite being the boss's son. The last thing thing he expected was to have a muggle come traipsing along, especially when his sexuality was still locked in the broom cupboard. Areas of Concern: none, mostly just looking for some love Current Review Request Count: 2/5 thanks!
  23. livingfree

    Birthday Reviews Masterlist

    [b]Birthday:[/b] November 13 [b]Penname(s):[/b] livingfree / livingfree87 [b]Archive Links:[/b] AO3 | Fiction Press
  24. livingfree

    Word Association

  25. MadiMalfoy

    Hermione Granger

    When I write Hermione I focus a lot on her reliance of logic and the proper order of things. She's very much a person who doesn't really listen to her emotions very well, and is often quick to judge others. I also like to make sure her courage comes through in important moments because even though she's got a lot of Ravenclaw characteristics, she's in Gryffindor for a reason! IDK I have a lot of feelings about Hermione as a character but those are the main things I try to hit with her in a story.
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