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  2. juls

    ShadowRose's graphics

    @ShadowRose oh my, Taylor, that is freaking awesome! I adore it, and you, most of all! I may be using use this on TDA also (forgot to put that up top, lol)
  3. ShadowRose

    ShadowRose's graphics

    @juls i have realised that i'm a sucker for making graphics with cats on them, so i attempted a little bit of a GoT/cat mashup graphic i included a version both with and without a quote, feel free to choose one or to request any changes!
  4. I managed to get my entry up in time Season of Love [M]
  5. MrsDarcy

    you-make-me-wander's reviews

    Hi Susana, I'm back for another of your lovely reviews. You wrote that you were busy, so there's really no rush - just whenever you have the time Story and author name: The Anne Clarke Chronicle (M) by MrsDarcy Fandom/Era: golden trio era Warnings and advisories: derogatory language, sexual content, violence Genre: AU, general, romance, humor Length: 4 chapters this far (11001 w) Summary: Ships: Remus/oc Areas of concern: just your thoughts - a bit on the writing in general would be awesome
  6. facingthenorthwind

    The Riddikulus Ship Challenge - 21 March 2019

    oooh could you please give me some F/F ships? EDIT: since pre-writtens are allowed, would you be interested in this +frank/narcissa?
  7. Rainbow-tui

    Site Suggestions and Feedback

    When might the winter holiday decorations be coming down?
  8. abhorsen.


    I’ve been doing a weekly sorting post for characters in other fandoms, and I want to know - is there any character anyone would be particularly interested in seeing? Fandoms are on my about page but include B99, Good Place, Buffy, Animorphs, MCU, Parks and Rec, and the Circle of Magic series by Tamora Pierce. ❤️

    1. galadriel



    2. abhorsen.



  9. crestwood

    The Ensemble Challenge - 3 April 2019

    @ReillyJade Hi, I'm actually accepting multichapter fics that have been started, as long as there is new material submitted for the challenge, so you're all good! Takers: lovegood27 LunaStellaCat toomanycurls Maybes: Aphoride StarFeather TreacleTart juls sapphicsunrise ReillyJade
  10. ReillyJade

    The Ensemble Challenge - 3 April 2019

    Hmm. I have a story I started years ago about Weasley family shenanigans on the day of Percy and Audrey's wedding. I wrote a complete garbage first chapter then gave up on it. I recently thought about giving it another try, starting with a heavy revision of the first chapter and then going from there. I know you said no prewrittens, but would a rewrite/continuation of a very old idea be okay? If not, no worries - I just figured it was worth asking!
  11. sunshine_locks


    random question but: how do y'all feel about slytherin teddy ??

    1. Felpata_Lupin


      Nope. :hufflepuff: #HousePride

      Okay, sorry, had to... but actually Slytherin Teddy should be fun, I guess? :P And anyway, all is fair in Next Gen, do whatever you like! ;)

    2. galadriel


      i think that would be an interesting take! i haven't read any slytherin teddy stories before so yes, do it. :D 

  12. Yesterday
  13. Renacerá


    Shhh, what's that sound?? Oh my gosh, is it the Sound of Motivation to Edit? It is!

    The next chapter of Collateral has been posted! :yay: 

  14. Felpata_Lupin

    The Riddikulus Ship Challenge - 21 March 2019

    No challenges... no challenges... no challenge... Okay, so... I've had this Regulus/Petunia plunny since forever... are they crazy enough for you? If yes, consider me a maybe...
  15. MrsDarcy

    The Riddikulus Ship Challenge - 21 March 2019

    If anyone makes a Snazzy or Snagrid story, I'd love to read it - that could be hilarious Just cheering people on here
  16. Renacerá


    I've made it my Magical Menagerie goal to read and review every Dramione story on the archives! 😮  So if you have one, be on the lookout for my feedback!

    1. MadiMalfoy


      :ninja: pssst.....I've got a Dramione novel 😏

    2. Renacerá


      Ooooh! 😍

  17. Jo Raskoph

    Jo Raskoph

    Oh my god oh my god oh my god, I have posted a story, a real story, the first one with a real plot since 2016 😱

    So many thanks to @ReillyJade!

    1. sunshine_locks


      congrats! exciting, isn't it?

  18. beyond the rain

    The Riddikulus Ship Challenge - 21 March 2019

    I'll be a maybe! I use this hp ship generator and it's come up with some real gems to choose from! Tom Riddle x Alice Longbottom Gilderoy Lockhart x Sybill Trelawney Millicent Bagnold x Alastair Moody Molly Weasley x Lucius Malfoy Lily Potter x Salazar Slytherin
  19. @galadriel and @Crimson Quill here's a few entirely odd suggestions for you both, including ridiculous ship names I'm just going along with as why not. Severus Snape/Gilderoy Lockhart (Snazzy) Hermione Granger/Madam Hooch (HermiHooch) Rubeus Hagrid/Severus Snape (Snagrid - I've just read one of these and almost died with laughter, didn't know it could be a thing) Remus Lupin/Rita Skeeter (Re'ta Skeeter.. geddit?) Oh these are terrible.. er.. good luck! feel free to use anything else you may come across if you feel it better. The idea though, is that it's pretty terrible. Maybes: Dojh167 galadriel Crimson Quill
  20. Crimson Quill

    The Riddikulus Ship Challenge - 21 March 2019

    yeah, i would like to hear a pairing.
  21. galadriel

    The Riddikulus Ship Challenge - 21 March 2019

    What an excellent challenge! I am definitely in the mood to write something ridiculous. Could you give me a couple of random ships please? I'll be a Maybe for now.
  22. @Dojh167 Hey! Oh goodness such a quick response! Ofc I can, I'll give you two suggestions as you may hate one.. and I'm nice. Bellatrix Lestrange/Pomona Sprout or Ginny Weasley/Petunia Dursley Good Luck.. and I genuinely applaud your skill as a writer and supreme awesome being if you make anything out of these.
  23. Can you give me a F/F ship? (not involving Luna)
  24. Challenge Name: The Riddikulus Ship Challenge Fandoms: Harry Potter only please. It's the only fandom I read religiously and the possibilities even with just this one fandom alone are utterly endless. Accepted Ratings: Anything! Challenge Details: Has there ever been a pairing that you've so desperately wanted to write, but never quite been able to push yourself to do so? Like.. you believed them to be impossible? ridiculous? improbable, implausable.. you thought you'd be laughed away from the computer with the mere suggestion of even attempting to write these two individuals together? Well.. if this has ever sounded like you, this is your challenge. When I say 'Riddikulus' Ships, I mean utterly ridiculous. The crazier, the better. Some examples (definitely don't have to be used just some ideas): Donks (Dumbledore/Tonks) Panslebolt (Pansy Parkinson/Kingsley Shacklebolt) Madame Flitwitck (Madame Maxine/Prof. Flitwick) Sqogwarts (Squid/Hogwarts - YES THE CLASSIC!) If you need some suggestions or a pairing provided then please add it to your reply below and I'll happily come up with a creative ship for you. Do your worst best. Make me laugh, make me cry, write some purely ridiculous awesome. Rules: Deadline 21st March 2019 Must follow site & archive guidelines and TOS Must be posted on HPFT Archive Prewrittens are allowed Multichaptered fics only need one chapter completed, no wordcount/story length requirement Multiple entries are allowed No standard 'unusual' ships: eg. Dramione, Snamione etc etc (they're written so much and made so plausable they aren't ridiculous) You have to have fun. Prizes: Every submitted story/chapter recieves a review. 1st Place: x5 story reviews & link in my sig for a month 2nd Place: x3 story reviews & link in my sig for a month 3rd Place: x1 story review & link in my sig for a month & maybe some shiny award fics, if I can get some in time for presentation! I genuinely cannot wait to read your submissions. Good Luck & Have FUN!
  25. aelaia


    Does anyone else struggle with wanting to post a sequel before they've even finished the original? 😐 #whosaidsequelswereworse

    1. Renacerá


      YES! I have Collateral written, but I have to edit and post it. But I'm way more excited about its sequel. Ugh. #TheStruggle

  26. facingthenorthwind

    Swap Stories 'Round the Campfires

    I had totally forgotten I'd already recced a Pix story but I'm back with another. Rise Up Billywig Nation by @Pixileanin is SO CUUUUTE!!! It's an absolute delight and a light in these dark times.
  27. galadriel

    Reading Challenge 2019

    so glad the animorphs books are quick reads, they make me feel super productive and are great for getting back in the reading zone. my personal goal is to finish the series this month and then move on to heavier books. I guess my goal of 12 books this year has gone out the window. Books Read: #1 to #39 - Animorphs Currently Reading: Animorphs book 40
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