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    • maraudertimes

      maraudertimes  »  victoria_anne

      Ahhhhh! I'm currently reading the third book in Ash Princess!!! SUCH a good series!!! ❤️ 
      · 0 replies
    • prideofprewett

      prideofprewett  »  Aphoride

      Hi there! I've seen you around, but don't think I ever took the time to introduce myself. I'm Courtney, so hi! Can you tell I'm terrible at introductions lol? I also just want to say that I checked out your tumblr page and I am cackling at this reblog of yours because like if that isn't me, I don't know what is haha.  
      · 3 replies
    • prideofprewett

      prideofprewett  »  abhorsen.

      Hi Branwen! Admittedly I cannot remember if I ever said hi (or anything to you really), so sorry if this comes across as a repeat. Anyway, I just wanted to stop by, say hello, and thank you for all the work you do to make this such a fun site! It's been a lot of fun to connect with folks on here, so thanks so much for your part in keeping things up and running  Also, living in a Mid-Atlantic state, boots define part of my existence as well. I think I wear boots from September-April.  
      · 0 replies
    • prideofprewett

      prideofprewett  »  page thirteen.

      Hiya! I'm Courtney and I don't know that I necessarily ever stopped by to introduce myself. I've been kind of lingering on your graphics request form and just perusing all the lovely work you do there! I see (if memory serves correct) that you also write a lot of original fiction. I always kind of stand in awe of people who are able to do that and do it well. Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hello.  
      · 0 replies
    • Renacerá


      I...wrote a new story? Here: The Depths+
      · 0 replies
    • la_topolina

      la_topolina  »  Felpata_Lupin

      Hello Chiara! I made you a picspam for Fried Artichokes and Old Songs❤️

      · 1 reply
    • RonsGirlFriday


      What is writing?
      · 1 reply
    • victoria_anne

      victoria_anne  »  juls

      Hi juls! We've never really spoken before so I'm just popping in to see how you are 😊 What have you been reading/writing/watching lately? What are you grateful for today? Hope you're doing well, and thank you for all your prefect-y goodness!
      · 0 replies
    • victoria_anne

      victoria_anne  »  Ineke

      INEKE we have not spoken in forever! How are you? How's work? Tell me something good that happened to you recently. Are you reading or watching anything good at the moment? 😊 Thank you for being a validation machine, we're so lucky to have you! 💕
      · 0 replies
    • victoria_anne

      victoria_anne  »  RogueSlytherin

      Hey! So we've never really spoken before but I enjoyed reading your replies to my questions in your journal! What are you studying at the moment? And I feel you about the multiple projects, haha. I don't get bored, but I do lose steam, usually when stories aren't plotted properly. Can you tell me a wee bit about your OF idea? 😇
      · 0 replies
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    • GKWriter
      For the entertainment of @RogueSlytherin and @prideofprewett (and I think @RonsGirlFriday might have expressed some interest in this as well), I've uploaded another extract from my postwar espionage story: I'm probably going to end up doing some editing on this but the essentials will remain the same...
    • prideofprewett
      I'm crying at this omg 
    • prideofprewett
      I LOVE your headcanons about Squibs! I mean totally sad, but also kind of how I see it happening, especially during the beginning/middle of the 20th Century. Because you know, people weren't as forgiving or accepting of things different than them. (Shameless inserts a plug about the Muggle with Magical Abilities Orphanage I'm planning lol). I love the thought of Mrs. Figg settling into some semblance of a normal life, finding happiness there, but also still having loose ties to the Wizarding World.   And omgawsh you're so sweet! I feel like a one trick pony writing nothing, but Weasley family stuff, but they're just so soft and fluffy and squishy (with a pinch of domestic angst) that I can't stop LOL. 
    • GKWriter
      @RogueSlytherin Hi - thanks for stopping by!  To answer your questions: [1] I think it's because I still have a firmer idea of Blaise in my head than Theo. I see Blaise as clever and having a love of bespoke fashion and a very high opinion of himself. He's definitely one for the finer things in life and a bit of a snob and sees himself as more Italian than British because his father's relatives in Italy have a lot more time for him than his mother in Britain.  [2] I think they are going to be the same characters, yes. In my mind, Padma and Parvati sat in the same compartment of the Hogwarts Express as Daphne and Pansy at the start of first year (because Pansy seems to know Parvati in the flying lesson in PS) and Padma and Daphne become and stay friends. So Theo and Blaise come into it because they are friends with Daphne.  [3] Ha! What draws me to espionage is the characters - full of eccentricities and psychodramas... 
    • Hawksquill
      This is exactly how I feel about it.  It looks really good and would have been my dream game 10 or even 5 years ago.  Now I can't bring myself to preorder it.  I guess if I really wanted to play it, I could wait and get a secondhand copy somewhere, but I'm not sure if I'd even want to do that.  I understand that JKR had nothing to do with the development of the game and that the devs and programmers worked really hard on it, but I've been monetarily boycotting the HP franchise for years now and it would feel disingenuous to stop now just because I've been dreaming of an open world HP game since I was a kid.  I might watch some Youtube videos of the gameplay to see if that scratches the itch?  The other thing is that even if it looks good, I'm also prepared to be disappointed by it - I really wanted to enjoy Hogwarts Mystery and Wizards Unite and I just didn't.  It would almost be a relief if I ended up watching a playthrough on Youtube and didn't like it!  
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