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    Prefect Fall Writing Challenge: [Insert Name Here] Results The entries were spooky, pumpkin-filled and autumnal. From urban legends about Hogwarts staircases to funerals to Greek myths, the entries to the Prefect Fall Writing Challenge had it all! If you haven't read all the entries, we highly recommend you do: @Chelts-rhj Queen of the Underworld - Prompt: Myths and Legends @Amortentia1992 In The Forest (M) - Prompt: Halloween/Autumn @Finefrenzy__ Eyes Like Steel (M) - Prompt: Halloween @Chemical_Pixie Trick Step (T) - Prompt: Myths and Legends, Autumn @northbound24 A Halloween Wake - Prompt: Halloween @potionspartner The Sound of Sacrifice (T) - Prompt: Pumpkins (Autumn) @juls Ghost in the Attic (M) - Prompt: Myths and Legends @Diogenissa Hollow Fences (M) - Prompt: Myths and Legends @Alwynse Pie-Eating Barbarian - Prompt: Autumn @TreacleTart Aguardiente - Prompt: Myths and Legends @StarFeather Chaos Around a Ginkgo Mountain - Prompt: Autumn However, there can only be three winners! They are as follows... [drum roll] Third Place Pie-Eating Barbarian by @Alwynse Prize: Award Graphic, PicSpam related to your entry, WJ Questions Alwynse writes about a fun fall festival where Lily Evans agrees to go out with James Potter only if he wins the annual Pie-Eating Contest. Marlene plays a great antagonizer of Lily about her true feelings for James. This is a cute, fluffy piece great for a quick pick-me-up! Second Place The Sound of Sacrifice by @potionspartner Prize: Award Graphic, PicSpam related to your entry, WJ Questions, One (1) Additional Review Barbara puts a twist on the purpose of those ever-present pumpkins during Halloween and the autumn season. This story follows the life and sacrifice of one of Hagrid's giant pumpkins during Harry's third year at Hogwarts. The pumpkin takes its sacrifice as the reason for Harry being able to continue his journey to defeat Voldemort, which is a nice touch for something most people consider to be a background element to the plot in Prisoner of Azkaban that gets the spotlight. First Place Aguardiente by @TreacleTart Prize: Award Graphic, PicSpam related to your entry, WJ Questions, Customizable About Me Dividers, Feature in the Prefect Blog Kaitlin weaves a tale of a young man walking alone through the streets of Quito, Ecuador late at night. He has memories of his aunt telling him of a ghost story about the Guagua auca, a demon that takes the form of a baby. As he moves along and remembers more of what she told him, the streets get more and more eerie and deserted, and he begins sobering up. His senses heighten as do the readers' until the climactic ending. Her use of a true myth from Ecuador illustrates Kaitlin's knowledge of other cultures and draws upon it for this beautifully written story. Congratulations to our winners and all of our participants! Your participation reviews will be coming soon. Prize winners can contact a Prefect about what story they would like their additional review(s) on! @TreacleTart please contact @Rumpelstiltskin about how you'd like your About Me Dividers to be customized if you'd like them. Please rehost and credit @facingthenorthwind for all prize graphics.
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    Hey HPFT family! Ive been incredibly lucky to spend most of the year doing the thing I love most: traveling. Instead of requesting gifts for myself, I’d rather spread the love around. My wishlist: - Reviews for our lovely staff members - Reviews for our wonderful prefects - Reviews on a story by an author you’ve never read before - PicSpams for a new member - Authors Questions for someone you’ve never spoken to before - A message to let one of your HPFT bffs know just how much they mean to you. - A message to a staff member letting them know a moment when HPFT might’ve helped you or just generally what the site means to you - Recommendations of your favorite fics in the proper recommendation threads! Wishing you all the happiest of holidays!
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    Dropping this here for everyone's amusement.
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    The Nifflers That Stole Christmas!!! Twas the night before Christmas and all through Hogwarts, not a magical creature was stirring, not even a House Elf. The stockings were hung by each fire place with care, In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there. The students were nestled all snug in their Common Rooms, While visions of Sugar Quills danced in their heads... It appears, however, that all of the shiny packages set out for the sleeping students and staff of Hogwarts this year HAVE BEEN STOLEN!!! When conversing with the House elves, it became apparent that several of the school’s Nifflers got loose over the holiday break and were scouring the castle for shiny, glittering things. This ended up being all of the beautifully wrapped presents waiting for all of our Hogwarts members here at HPFT... Oh no!!! In a report from Hagrid, he stated that the Nifflers just "couldn't resist" the sparkly lights and shiny wrapping paper. These festive holidays of giving have always been a weakness of the Niffler species. But please, nobody panic!! Your Staff/Prefect Team have come up with a plan to save Christmas!!! In order to remedy the situation, we will need to collect a “Missing Items” list from all students and staff members alike; that way we can band together as a site to help everyone 'reclaim' what has been stolen from them by those pesky Nifflers. In order to make this ensure that this is a fun event for everyone, please read over and follow these Guidelines: Please create a new topic with your "HPFT Holiday Wishlist" here in this forum so that members can see what it is you would like to be Gifted with this Holiday Season. You may ask for any type of Gift that can be gifted to you by our members here at HPFT. Some examples may include: Reviews, Writer's Journal Questions, Story Banners, A new Signature/Icon set, A Profile Cover Photo, About Me Page Headers, PicSpams, a PodFic for one of your stories, a fic/poem/drabble to be written for you, etc... Feel free to be as creative as you wish!! There is no limited amount to the number of gifts that you may ask for in your wishlist, however, please be advised that there is also no obligation for other members to fulfill every item listed. This event is purely for fun and for our members to spread some love & cheer this Holiday Season!! Please do not ask for specific members to fulfill your wishlist requests. This is meant to be a surprise gift-gifting spree event, and we want everyone to be able to gift on their own terms, without feeling any unnecessary pressure. If you are a Graphic Artist and you would like to make a graphic that someone has asked for in their wishlist, but you feel as though you need some time to complete the graphic, you may post in their Wishlist topic to "Claim" the requested graphic. However, we are only allowing up to a 3-day-hold (72 hours) on graphics. If you do not post again to state that you are still working on the item, it will be free for another artist to make for the wishlist member. We hope everyone enjoys these festivities, despite those pesky Nifflers, and has fun spreading holiday cheer to fellow members - both new & old - all around HPFT this Holiday Season!!!
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    Welcome to the November '18 issue of In the Spotlight -- your monthly recap of achievements, complete with extras and interviews from all the wonderful people we've recognized this month. We have for you all the usual suspects (Order of Merlin, Story of the Month, and more) as well as the brand new Monthly Dilemma for you all to answer AND last month's drawn winner. Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry in the Prefect's Autumn Writing Challenge! We have had a marvellous time reading all your entries and should have results back to you relatively soon. Until then, sit back, relax with a hot beverage, as we bring in some of the coldest parts of the year. The November Order of Merlin was awarded to the one and only @galadriel! Nim is a wonderful force of enthusiasm that has descended upon HPFT. She has been so kind as to entertain us all with a few interview questions! How long have you been a part of the Harry Potter fanfiction community? Ah, I think I ventured into the world of fanfiction back in 2013 and joined the HPFT forums in 2016 when it was brand new. I went on hiatus in 2017 though and found my way back in 2018 - so that's about 4-5 years of being a part of the community. What is your favourite part about working behind-the-scenes? I love being on the other side during events! It's so great to see the different ways in which each of the housesapproach the tasks and the fun that everyone has. I also love the feeling of satisfaction I get from being able to give back in some way to a community that's been a huge part of my life over the last few years. Favourite type of fanfiction to read/write? Angst angst angst. Minor characters, mishaps, murder, suspense, interesting sub-plots! Anything that hits me with all the feels. What is your OTP? I... don't think I have one? I like some pairings more than others, but I'm not opposed to reading anything as long as it's written well. I'm currently shipping Hermione/Neville so, SO hard though so if anyone has recs, send them my wayplease ! What is your favourite non-HP fandom? I'm going with my top three - Merlin, Doctor Who andLoTR - because it's too difficult to pick just one. What are three of your favourite writing locations? My little writing corner at home is my top favourite because I've set it up in a way that it induces creativity, with paintings and posters all around it, and the wall adjacent to my desk is covered with bookshelves. When I want a change of scenery, I usually go to a little bookstore nearby - the coffees they serve are all delicious and they have a space for writers and students to sit and work so I tend to have interesting conversations with people there. My third haunt is an outdoor cafe for when I don't want to be within four walls and it also satisfies my caffeine needs. If you HAD to cut one of your characters out of one of your stories, who would it be and why? Gosh this is SUCH a difficult question. Umm. I'd go with Jamila, one of the minor characters in the novel I'm writing. While I like her and wouldn't want to cut her out, she's not as important as the other characters and cutting her out wouldn't lead to major holes in my story. This November, we recognized @teh tarik's To Boil Telephone Porridge | 煲電話粥 [M]. We have featured this story in our In the Spotlight in the past as both the winner of the Spring Quarter Prefect Challenge as well as for winning a Story of the Month title for Slytherin House's monthly awards. As such, it is with great pleasure to see this story featured as sitewide Story of the Month. R E V I E W C O L U M N As stated above, this story has run miles across the HPFT Forums and our hearts, so much so that it has been recognized for its glory on a number of levels. If you haven't read To Boil Telephone Porridge, I cannot emphasize enough to click the above link. The plot follows the life of Daniel, his journey to discovering himself, and how he is shunned by his family and society in doing so. It explores Malaysian politics and society and what role they have in negatively impacting the LGBTQ community as well as what kind of impact an ostracising family can have in life and relationships. Most importantly, it explores self-acceptance, external acceptance, and allowing forgiveness. This story has such a strong message weaved throughout its depths. It is truly a pleasure to read and absorb. November also brought in two new Head Students with it! We recognize @WriteYourHeartOut and @potionspartner for their incredible feats on the Forums and the Archives, who have a knack for spreading that sense of wholeness and community that HPFT is known for. We had the opportunity to ask them some fun questions and they, in turn, bestowed upon us some wonderful answers. T A N Y A ' S I N T E R V I E W Why did you pick the House you are in? I always get sorted intoeither Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw when I take sorting quizzes, and I do feel pretty evenly split between the two, but I think the reason I always choose Hufflepuff over any of the other houses is simply because Hufflepuff's are who I, at the end of the day, aspire to be like. I don't always feel like a good Hufflepuff, but calling myself one anyway keeps me consistently trying to be a better person. If there’s one story of yours you would like to tell us about, what would it be and why? Unsurprisingly, I would say Lying Josephine [M]. It's been my baby for eight years, and it's very close to my heart. Even though I'm terrible at actually getting myself to write it, I'm really attached to the characters and the story line and the relationships and all of it. I wish I could just finish writing it already, because I love where it goes, and I have a handful of really wonderful and loyal readers who I desperately want to share the full story with and see their reactions and talk about these secret moments I've had planned for so many years. Someday it will happen! Tell us your favourite joke. It's cute that you'd think it would be something appropriate for this site. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever broken and how did you break it? My mom's van. I was camping with some friends, and I guess the sound we all heard the engine making meant it needed oil... And I also guess you shouldn't drive two hours without any... But how were a group of teenage musical theatre nerds supposed to know that?! What character would you like to trade places with for a week, if you had to choose one? Janet from The Good Place, probably. She knows all the things! Like. Every unanswered question about my life I would suddenly just know. (Which is both amazing and terrifying, but totally worth it.) What was your favourite TV show growing up? I really loved Hey, Arnold! as a kid. And as a teenager, probably Dawson's Creek. Hard to choose, though, cause I grew up in the90's, and everything was the best then. B A R B A R A ' S I N T E R V I E W Why did you pick the House you are in? Because Claws are the best! I love random facts just for the sake of knowledge. People at work often roll their eyes at me because of my "gifted" answers to questions. A few weeks ago, we actually took a Harry Potter personality test as part of a training exercise. The asinine computer tried to tell me I was a Slytherin. I was so horrified that I refused to when they asked us to stand up when our house was called. (Not that I have anything against Slytherins. It just isn't me. I always get caught when doing even slightly questionable things.) If there’s one story of yours you would like to tell us about, what would it be and why? That's a hard one. I've only been writing for just under a year, but my works are fairly varied: slow-burn, tohumor, to psychological thriller. My main characters are everything from the expected to the obscure HP characters to pumpkins and cows. However, I guess I'll pick: I Hate Multi Colored Days. I wrote it for the Unreliable Narrator Challenge. It's looking at the challenges of having autism from a little boy's perspective. It's also an autobiography of my family. If you know anyone who has autism, I encourage you to read it. What is your favourite emoji? Emojis? Those are those cute little faces everyone adds to their sentences instead of periods, right? Just kidding. I've tried to use them occasionally but have spent less than 0.001% of my brain power contemplating them. I've seen some people use one hiding behind a sofa. That one is cute. If you were magically transported into a movie, which movie would you prefer it to be? Definitely a Jane Austen romance: Emma, Pride and Prejudice or Sense and Sense ability. HP comes in second place. Name one mythical creature you wish actually existed. House Elves. I hate cleaning my house. If you were moving to a foreign country but could only pack four [4] items, what would they be? 1. Bottled water. I don't like carbonated water some countries thrive on. 2. Chick-fil-A It's more American than apple pie 3. A soft pillow. Not that other countries don't have them, but you can never betocareful about getting a good night's sleep. 4. My family-although they would hate the move, I'm not leaving without them. \O/ This is where we all get to peek in each other's common rooms to help celebrate their monthly achievements! Please put your hands together for these phenomenal members and stories. Gryffindor House saw @Crimson Quill as their member of the month and @Sleepingbagonthesofa's Yaxley [M] as their story of the month! They have both been so kind as to entertain us with some responses to interview questions! A B B I ' S I N T E R V I E W Give us your best House Pride shoutout! what can I say? our bunch are loud, proud and slightly insane. What is your favourite activity/event/thing you hold in your House? Why? I love that our common room has been so lively currently! they have been introducing lots of stuff recently, I love RvG. I always have a lot of fun reviewing and I think reviewing is a great way to encourage writers and it's nice to be giving love to my fellow housemates so it's a nice game to little push to review more too. If animals could talk, which one would be the most annoying? I feel like it would be a dog, that sounds mean but I think they would always want your attention or need something so they wouldn't leave you alone which can be good thing for some people or just not for me. If you could go anywhere in the world (no matter the cost) where would it be and why? Somewhere I could see Elephants in their natural habitat so India or Kenya..something like that D E N I ' S I N T E R V I E W Give us your best House Pride shoutout! I present to you... This tweet that I stole off the Gryffie Group Chat! (And thank you to Sam who tweeted this, allowing me to be very lazy months later! ) What is your favourite activity/event/thing you hold in your House? Why? The Common Room was has been so busy recently are there are so many things to choose from! It's quite small but every month Gina includes a game in Printed with Pride, I love having a go and seeing what everyone else's answers and results were. It's such a nice wee thing to look forward to. What was the last song you sung along to? Africa by Toto. If you were given an unlimited amount of money to open a museum, what kind of museum would it be? I would have a museum containing all of the socks, hairpins and pens that I've lost over the years along with cards that would tell me where the hell I lost them in the first place. Hufflepuff recognized the wonderful @Dojh167's Pretty Little Thing this November as their housewide story of the month! Ravenclaw recognised the lovely @Margaret as their member of the month and @Chelts-rhj's Queen of the Underworld as their in-house story of the month! M A R G A R E T ' S I N T E R V I E W Give us your best House Pride shoutout! I'm not fully sure what this is asking (and I'm sure I'm missing something obvious). What is your favorite activity/event/thing you hold in your House? Why? Probably the Nargles. It's great to see all the stories that get nominated and perhaps learn of some excellent stories you'd overlooked. And, of course, it's amazing to have one of your own stories nominated for an award. What is your least favorite trope/cliche? Falling in love solving everything and/or the plot just being a device to get two people together. I'm not a fan of romance anyway, but it particularly irritates me when I'm reading a really interesting premise and it turns out the whole thing is just a device to get two characters together and the whole plot is forgotten or tied up quickly in order to focus on the romance. Or when a character has a serious problem like PTSD from the war and then falls in love and is instantly cured. What was the last thing you Googled? Well, I googled this site to come on here, but the last thing I went looking for information on may have been the new philosophy short course in the new Junior Cert. syllabus. C H E L T S ' S I N T E R V I E W Give us your best House Pride shoutout! ‘Claw Pride!! Thank you to all the super smarty pants that support me and my random writing capabilities! Couldn’t do it withouty’all. What is your favorite activity/event/thing you hold in your House? Why? While I don’t often put my ideas in, I really like ‘think pink’. I mean, I’ve been agonizing over “Bottle death and brew glory at sea” for weeks now. It’s what I doodle on my yellow notepad when I’m pretending to be working. What is your favorite scent? LAVENDER! Omg. I have this lavender eucalyptus candle form the renfaire I work at during spring. It never lasts me all year. Pick a month and give it a tagline! September- Voir la vie en rose, one leaf at a time. Slytherin saw the lovely @juls as their member of the month and @Rumpelstiltskin's We, Lawbreaking Citizens [M] as their in-house story of the month. J U L S ' S I N T E R V I E W Give us your best House Pride shoutout!  First off, I just want to thank my Slytherin family for voting me as 'Snake of the Month'. That just tickled me to death (in a good way, I assure you.) I love how welcoming everyone has been since I've joined. I'm so happy I took Elena's advice to come here. What is your favorite activity/event/thing you hold in your House? Why? I'm going to have to say the 'Count to Ten before the Staff Interrupts'. I think I'm the cause for it being bumped up to '15'. Sorry!!! We did get quite a few wins, and I rather enjoyed the camaraderie of it all.Hopefully it picks back up after NaNo. Another - the Review Swap thread. None of us can EVER get enough reviews. Or give enough reviews. Enjoying each others prides and joys just brings us all closer. And, of course, the Basilisk Bodega. Where we all just climb in our baskets with our plushies, blankets, drink of choice and just chat away. What would be a perfect day for you? A perfect day for me is a nice cup of coffee (hot or iced), a book to read and some time to write. OR - going somewhere special with my boyfriend and having fun. Gatlinburg is our close place of choice. So much to do there. We haven't even gone to one of the dinner shows yet. But we did go to 'The Titanic' for my birthday one year. If you could have any super-power/magical ability, what would it be and why? My friend, Mandy, had a character once ask one ofcharacters, if I would want to fly or be invisible. I picked invisible. I still would. It's a lot easier to not to be noticed in life. Be in the background. I was a shy person back when, and I hated to have to speak in class. I even quit violin when I found out we had to do a recital in front of the school. I'm a bit more outgoing than I was back then - but, not by much. R U M P E L ' S I N T E R V I E W Give us your best House Pride shoutout! Go, SlytherWIN! Thank you, Snakes, for being a huge part of my life -- you're all a part of my family and I'm not sure what I'd do without you lovelies. #fraternity #familia #love #loyalty What is your favorite activity/event/thing you hold in your House? Why? There's a lot of places I love in the snake pit, but I think my mostfavorite thing is the Silver Quill (our quarterly newsletter). It's awesome to be able to explore the previous quarter of Slytherin achievement and celebrate with my housemates. If there are only two types of people in the world, what are the two types? Slytherins and Not-Slytherins. Describe your favorite time of day using only emojis. If you aren't already aware, this is our recent blog addition -- the Monthly Dilemma! Each month we will be asking you a question and you can respond to each question by commenting in the corresponding blog post. Anyone who comments in the blog post with an answer to the question is put into a randomized raffle to win a little prize. You will have until the 15th of the following month to answer the question to be entered into the raffle. Winners will be announced in that month's Monthly Dilemma section. Last month's raffle winner is @Pixileanin! Congratulations, you have won -- one free review! Please contact a Prefect to let us know where you'd like it.  This month's dilemma is: what is the most overrated holiday food? You have until December 15th to answer! This month's winner will receive one [1] free review on a story of your choice. _________________ credits: graphics [headers/dividers] -- deni monthly dilemma drawing & question -- sarah interviewers -- madi, deni, sarah, nix, rumpel review column -- rumpel | prefect reviews -- nix layout -- rumpel
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    I’ll get this started! My three wishes: - A review for one of our amazing prefects - A review for one of our amazing staff members - A review for someone you’ve never reviewed before Happy Holidays HPFT fam!
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    The wait was agonizing, and I just wanted it over with. Impatient but eager, I stared up at the stars, hoping to make the process go faster. I had been dreaming of getting sorted for as long as I can remember. Really, I just wanted affirmation of what I already knew. I belonged in Gryffindor, where the brave dwell at heart. Everyone who's ever been anyone (alright, not everyone) was in Gryffindor. The wait was making me more and more anxious; I hardly noticed where the other students were being sorted. By the time my name was finally called, it was with a great deal of self-restraint that I didn't immediately run up to the stool. The Hat felt odd on my head; it was so large I could barely see in front of me. It was also the oddest sensation to have someone talking in your ear. "Ah, impatient are we?" the Hat said with amusement. I nearly rolled my eyes until I remembered what my mother would say if I did. Really, I know I am a Gryffindor. It was hard to imagine what other choice there cou- "GRYFFINDOR!" the Hat shouted.
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    Amazing to see so many participants! Congratulations to the winners especially Kaitlin for your victory!!
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    According to a thing on facebook, bisexual people don't sit in chairs properly. I feel simultaneously so called out and so validated.
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    I guess it's true that nothing calls to a Gryffindor more than a friendly competition including the words "review battle"! You're all totally nuts and I love it
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    every single month i am completely blown away by how intense the gryffindor review battle gets... it is the eleventh and we've already got seventy-five points on the board between both teams. HOW ARE YOU PEOPLE SO MAGICAL.
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    This is so humbling. With all the great writers in this challenge, I did not expect to win at all. Thank you so much for the awesome challenge and congratulations to the other winners and participants!
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    Thank you for setting this challenge, prefects. Seeing the numbers of the participants, I feel the community is back in full force. I really appreciate the old and new power of the members.
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    wow, this turned out huge but enjoy!
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    I left a review for @toomanycurls on Lightning Love chapter 2 (M) https://hpfanfictalk.com/archive/reviews.php?type=ST&item=1067 Since Kaitlin is such a generous person with her wish list this month, here are my three wishes: -a review on The Next Great Adventure by TreacleTart -a review on Tyranny (m) by TreacleTart - a review on Underground (m) by TreacleTart.
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    Hey hey, it's that time of the week and I'm feeling LUCKY!!! Let's see how we did at the close of November and celebrate our words! One of the most difficult things about writing OF for me is not having an entire community to discuss plot points with. We just don't get that great "wouldn't it be cool if (character A) did this crazy thing instead of (crazy canon thing)" and having loads of people fanning all over our ideas. It's HARD to do this kind of cheer-leading for our original characters and original plots and original WORLDS solo, people. I often feel this great sense of being sucked into a dark room where all my ideas that once felt fresh and exciting just fade into the shadows. And that's kind of an inside joke, because my OF world has this whole mess of people who literally live in the 'shadows'... and no one gets this because it's OF. Sigh. I'll laugh with myself here. So, if you're still with me, and you're still responding to my weekly pokes, please feel free to tell us what you discovered about your OF recently that you haven't discovered before. Even if it's something that seems as trivial as "my MC's hair color changed three times... I think he's obsessed with hair dye!". LOL! Just keep it to 50 words or less. Here's my progress: This week, I completed my monthly word count goal. In my How To Write a Novel course, one of the lessons talked about setting a word count goal for yourself, and then sticking to it. Not in the sense of "write as much as you can", but something very reasonable. Doable. THEN, (and this is the important part) DO NOT INCREASE YOUR GOAL. Hit the goal. Succeed. And do it every time. What she explained was that sometimes happens is, we meet the goal, and then say, "Hey, I did it! I can do MORE!" and we increase our goal until the goal is not achievable any longer. That's when we fail. Our muses don't like to fail. It's a way of setting ourselves up for failure. So I did this. My goal was three writing sessions a week, with a goal of about 300 words each. I can consistently do this in about an hour, even if the words are hard. My weekly goal was 2,272 words. I wrote 9000 new words this month, which, daily, didn't seem like a lot, but it all added up. There were times when I only had little fifteen minute or twenty minute writing spurts, but the wc was low enough that I hit it. YAY!!! And as much as I THINK I can do more, I'm going to keep this goal. Especially since December is going to be all kinds of crazy. I did not finish my short story like I had hoped this month. I'm adding that to next month's goal. This will happen. Okay, so as I'm babbling about stuff, here's what I discovered about my story: I met a new character that at first seemed like window dressing, but introduced a mind magic element to my world that I had previously been worried wouldn’t fit. His circumstances showed the questionable ethics associated with said magic as well. Yay for increased conflicts! (45 words) That's it for me. How about you?? @MadiMalfoy Did Thanksgiving give you the time you wanted? How was NaNo overall?? @teh tarik You're rocking those goals!! It's probably not what you hoped for, but it's WORDS, so celebrate them! Has your neck gotten any better? @StarFeather Does that mean that you entered the contest? I'm proud of you for finishing the story! I hope you get some time to write soon. Any new words? @galadriel Yay for writing mentors!! My short story fell... short of its goal. lol. Nice to hear that yours is coming along! Chapters are good! What's cooking now? @scooterbug8515 I hope that Dragon Academy is coming along. How's the revision? I know revision can be long and lonely. (Cheers from the sidelines) You can do this!! @Rumpelstiltskin New words? New thoughts? Any thoughts on words? ONWARDS TO DECEMBER! ARGH!
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    Are you ever itching to go home from work for the day so that you can go write?! I'm so desperate to get my hands on my notebook today, it's ridiculous. Dream-induced ideas end up in this, as usual
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    I've been away for literally years, but would anybody be interested in participating in a Bake-Off AU challenge? (If that's been done before, please let me know!)
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    Username: galadriel thank you!
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    not spoilery: i think a surprising lesson of the harry potter series is that going evil makes you ugly?? like, young voldemort and young grindelwald were both hot, and then they went full evil and both look horrific. don’t go to the bad side, kids, you’ll get all pale and crusty and weird.
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    I LOVED IT! Spoilers and squealing: I'd love to hear other theories!
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    My initial thoughts with a lot of spoilers Despite being very complainy about parts of the movie, I did enjoy watching it.
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    Keep-Away From The Nifflers!!! "You better watch out. You're gonna pout. You'll likely cry, I'm telling you why!!" As you may have heard; several of the school's Nifflers got lose at Hogwarts over the holiday break, and they have been running rampant all throughout the school - stealing every single shiny gift that they could get their paws on!! But we're not going to let a little Niffler crisis like this stop us from spreading around the holiday Cheer - oh no!!! In order to help Members continue to spread Holiday Cheer to others even in the midst of this Niffler mess, your Staff/Prefect Team have put together a fun little version of Pass-the-Parcel to keep open all throughout the month of December. To maintain order so that the Nifflers cannot wreak havoc (again), and so that Headmistress McGonagall doesn’t have to banish them all back to their habitat for the remainder of the school year, we will need you to read over the following guidelines before posting/commenting in the Pass-the-Parcel Game Thread: The First Member to reply to this topic will get a FREE gift!! (You do not need to leave a gift for the person who posted the thread.) After that, the next person to comment will then leave a gift for the person who posted directly above them, and so on. Posts in this topic are not to be made until after you have delivered your gift for the person who posted last. If someone posts before you get a chance to comment, you are welcome to deliver your gift directly to the person's wishlist topic (if they have one). When posting to pass-the-parcel, please either provide the next person with a direct link to your wishlist topic, make a short list of three gift-ideas that you would like to receive, (these should be quick/easy items that can be completed by anyone), or you could just simply say "Surprise Me" and leave everything entirely up to the next poster to determine a Mystery Gift item for you!! And remember... HAVE FUN, and Happy Holidays, everyone!!
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    ...............claiming the about me page headers/dividers i hope you like them! let me know if you want more dividers - i just went by what was currently in your about me but i can make more