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Found 19 results

  1. WriteYourHeartOut

    Ask a Staffer

    If you have a question about the site (including anything on our forums, archive, or social media) that you'd like a staff member to answer for you, please post below and we'll be happy to help you out! ^.^ Please note that answering questions in this topic is strictly for staff members to handle. Members who post here should only do so to ask a question.
  2. scooterbug8515

    Archive Issues/Bugs

    I know this topic is for the forums or will this topic suffice for both forums and archives? There are a few minor things I've stumbled upon in our archives. 1. OCD me noticed that there is a paragraph that isn't double entered down. Nothing major I'll try to find it again in just a bit to help you find it. EDIT: 3rd paragraph just below the list of banned fanfic 2. Skin changes. (The skins are lovely and I'm a fan of Sommerbrise) However, when I checked out Night Sky I noticed that the little drop down to change skins vanished. (at least it did on the FAQ page) 3. FAQ page... #2 of How do I join is missing from the list. It goes 1 3 4 4. Site Guidelines, this isn't a bug but a request/an issue where I am blind. Can there be a quick link to them somewhere? Like at the bottom of the page is the TOS and I'm able to get to the guidelines via the TOS but I can't find a link just to the guidelines lest I go to the TOS first. (On another site things are set up similarly and I got frustrated looking for the guidelines failing to realize they are only linked in the TOS.) 5. Guidelines state that stories must contain a minimum of 100 words but when submitting a story there is an option to post Drabbel which is slated as -100 so either it's option needs to be removed OR Guidelines needs to mention this exception which I'm not sure what/how that is. EDIT 6. Editing stories - that is a little confusing... I edited in a banner and it took me a minute to realize that I had to select 'add story' again to edit which isn't intuitive. Don't know if this can be edited but something I thought would be worth mentioning. 7. This isn't a bug but more of a question and I'm not sure where to put this but I wanted to inquire about the Arranged marriage rule. I don't want to make waves but all references to arranged marriages are rated M? That would seem to mean the Movie Brave by Disney would have to be rated M because the main plot point is an arranged marriage that is defied. The same would be true of an agreed to arranged marriage which is fairly common in certain cultures even today. I just wanted to verify this rating considering some arranged marriages are consensual, some are asked for and some while intended don't happen. I mean it seems like it would potentially be a pure blood practice for HP not to mention it is a historical thing. EDIT 2 8. There seems to be a correlation issue of sorts. When adding a new story there is a section called story notes, however when the story is published what is typed in that section is listed as the story summary. 9. This is a suggestion rather than a bug, an easy way for authors to get to their author page to see what users see when they go to your author page. I like looking at the list of my stories with my banners instead of just looking at the list in manager story and clicking into the stories. So a link to 'view author page' would be awesome and super helpful!
  3. If you would like your username changed, please reply with the name you would like it to be and whether you'd like it changed on the archive as well. You can find a masterlist of all of the name changes below. AbraxanUnicorn -> @PinsandKneazles adorably_cute -> @belgian quaffle Asphodelic -> @Llysh Chemical_Pixie -> @kuusi palaa danicasyer -> @starlitcastles Dojh167 -> @sinnersandsapphics dreamgazer220 -> secretdreamer esmeraude -> @apondinabluebox faeruhs -> @copilot firewhiskey -> @firewhiskey_ginger forever_dreaming -> @sibilant gaia (beatrix) -> @Zinnia Grey greisful -> @vellichor hopelessDREAMs -> @pixiedust javu -> @Alwynse MadiMalfoy -> @magemadi onestop_hpfan18 -> @livingfree PaulaTheProkaryote -> @crowsb4bros pixiedust -> @hopelesslyaddicted RoRoWeasley -> @singmetothesun secretdreamer -> @dreamshadow ShadowRose -> @down-in-flames Sleepingbagonthesofa -> @something wicked starbuck -> @grumpy cat StarFeather -> @Tanda Theia -> @galadriel You-Make-Me-Wander -> @WanderWitch
  4. abhorsen.

    Archive Tag Requests

    Please see +this archive post for information about requesting tags.
  5. crowsb4bros

    Anonymous Feedback Form

    We've provided an anonymous feedback form that you can use for anonymous site suggestions, feedback, concerns, questions, etc here+. Your name, email address, etc will not be collected. You may continue to use tumblr asks anonymously as well if you prefer. Just like with tumblr asks, we will respond to all posts that require a response. If you'd prefer your comment not to be posted and responded to, please mention it in your anonymous feedback!
  6. abhorsen.

    Archive Wish List

    Please use this thread as a 'wish list' for archive features, additions, etc aside from tags (the protocol for which can be found here). That includes new tutorials, clarification in tutorials/other pages, additional pages, changes in interface, etc. We make no promises about being able to deliver on any requests; they're just a wish list.
  7. WriteYourHeartOut

    Site Suggestions and Feedback

    HPFT is an amazing community, but bumps in the road are still bound to happen, especially because we often try out new ideas that may or may not work out as perfectly as planned. Whether they're new ideas or old ones - or even things we haven't tried yet at all - you can make the site better with your suggestions! You can make suggestions about the archive, the forums, our events, or our social media. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, you can check out our anonymous feedback form +here. Please post your suggestions here rather than starting a new thread; if the staff feel it's warranted, we will move the conversation to its own topic.
  8. Hello, all! We've been working on some fairly significant rule changes for awhile (mostly revolving around the archive), and as per our current +site rules, we want to give our members the opportunity to give feedback before finalizing them. We want to emphasize that while we will consider any concerns expressed and do our best to address them, we will not necessarily integrate them into the final rules. Following the results of several feedback polls, we finalized a draft of the new site rules that you can access below. Highlights include: Combining the forum and archive guidelines into a single document. Narrowing where advisories are necessary, particularly around T-rated fics and references. Moving "fuck" to be a T-rated word, based on the feedback poll +here. Removing the 25% on sexual content. Removing/combining advisories that don't get much use and/or have a lot of overlap with other advisories, based on the feedback poll +here. The planned changes include: Combining the 'self-harm' and 'eating disorder' advisories due to overlap and for the latter, lack of author use. Removing the derogatory language advisory due to overlap with the hate speech advisory and lack of reader use. Removing the 'spoilers' advisory due to lack of reader use and inconsistent author use. Removing the stalking advisory due to lack of author use and overlap with 'domestic abuse' and/or 'consent issues' advisories. Relaxing our rules limiting numbers of awards or chapter images, leaving multiple reviews on the same chapter, and linking to material directly in the chapter. The main reason we're making these changes is to make the site easier for both authors and readers to use. Right now, the advisories can be difficult to navigate, and they're also required so broadly that they don't necessarily function to warn readers of potentially triggering content, which is what they're intended to do. We think that these changes will improve both of those things, and after the new rules are finalized, we encourage authors to go back and edit their ratings/advisories to reflect them. We will also be revising tutorials to be more specific and clear. We're including our draft below in the spoiler tag, and you can find the googledoc +here. You're welcome to give your feedback in this thread or in the google doc - whatever you're most comfortable with. Please make sure you leave it by December 16th. Thank you!
  9. abhorsen.

    Clarification on "Safe Space"

    We've gotten some questions lately about what we mean when we say that we want our site (including both our forums and our archive) to be inclusive/a safe space, so we'd like to offer a little clarification. When we say that we want to be a safe space, we mean that we want HPFT to be a place where people can participate without being afraid that they will be attacked for who they are - especially if they belong to groups who are often attacked, invalidated, or even have their physical safety threatened in many other spaces. This is something that many members of our community have experienced, and our staff's efforts to show that we value their identities through site events, activities, and broader site infrastructure is something that many members have said that they appreciate about HPFT. We're using the word "identity" very deliberately here, because there is a difference between identity and opinion. "Identity" (e.g., gender, race, sexual orientation) is something that one cannot leave at the door any more than one can leave one's lungs there. While opinions can also be a core part of how we define ourselves and how we interact with the world, there is ultimately a difference between what one thinks and who one is - and while we broadly support our members' desire to explore ideas and learn from each other, we do have some limits on what topics and opinions we allow on the site (which are enumerated in the +Content Guidelines). Additionally, we do not allow hate speech, slurs, harassment, or personal attacks. While we understand that policies similar to the one we've outlined here are often more heavily concentrated in some political parties than others, HPFT as a site does not have any political affiliation. Everyone who is willing to follow our rules is welcome to participate here. If you find that some members frequently make comments on the site that are not against the rules but do make your time on the site less enjoyable, we have an option in account settings to +ignore content from specific users that you are welcome to use.
  10. abhorsen.

    Archive FAQ

    Joining HPFT's Archive Why should I join? Well, we're obviously a little biased, but we think we've got a great site here! Our community is full of enthusiastic and engaged members, and our staff are responsive to member input - whether it's concerns, ideas, or questions. If you're a writer who's looking for reviews/feedback in particular, we've also got a lot opportunities for you to get that. See spoiler tag below for details: How do I join? Just fill out the form +here! I forgot my password! What do I do now? To recover a lost password, click, +here and enter the e-mail address with which you registered. Your password will be sent to you shortly. Can I change my penname? You can't, but the site administrators can! Just email us at validator@hpfanfictalk.com or post in +this thread. How do I contact the site administrators? You can e-mail us at validator@hpfanfictalk.com, contact us using our +contact form, or PM any of our +aurors here on the forums. Posting Stories on HPFT's Archive How do I post stories? If you have not already done so, please +register for an account. Once you've logged in, click on +account information and choose +add story. The form presented there will allow you to submit your story. See spoiler tag below for more details: What kinds of stories/fandoms does HPFT allow? While most of HPFT's initial members primarily write Harry Potter fanfiction, HPFT is a multi-fandom and original fiction archive and we're very eager to become a great resource for a wide variety of stories. As fics from other fandoms are posted on the archive, we'll be happy to add in categories for them as well; you can request those tags +here. There are some themes and fandoms that we do not allow on the archive, including identifiable depiction of living people; glorification of certain topics (e.g., self-harm, sexual assault); and stories based in any Disney-owned property. Please review the +site guidelines and +terms of service for more details. What is validation, and how long does it take? HPFT requires members to submit their stories for validation by a staff member before they can be accessed by the public. This is to ensure that HPFT remains a safe space for everyone - i.e., that ratings and reader advisories are properly utilized, and that the few things we prohibit do not make it into stories. The wait is dependent on the staffers' free time; in times of heavy volume, validation could take up to four days. Why was my story rejected? There should be a note specifically in your rejection letter about what the story was rejected for; if you need further clarification, please feel free to email the validator or PM them on the forums! The most common reasons for rejections are that the story: Did not include the appropriate rating and/or reader advisories, Included material that is not allowed on the site at all, Contained significant formatting errors - e.g., text was too small to read, and/or Included a graphic that was not credited. How can I appeal a rejection? If you speak to the validator and still feel that your story shouldn't have been rejected, you may appeal the decision. See spoiler tag below for details: How do I use tags? When you post a story, you'll choose a category (i.e., fandom/original fiction). If you choose a fandom with multiple sub-fandoms, like Harry Potter, you'll choose both the main fandom and the sub-fandom. Fandom, rating, and advisories (if applicable) are the only required tags; all other tags are optional, but we highly recommend you use them to indicate significant characters, pairings, and other aspects of your story. How do I request new fandoms, characters, and other tags? Once you've uploaded a story that requires new tags for fandoms, characters, and/or ships, you can either request them on the forums +here or email us at validator@hpfanfictalk.com. What is Certified Author (CA) status? Certified Author status (or CA status for short) is a privilege given to authors who have consistently shown that they have good judgment and can follow our rules. It allows them to bypass the queue. We do automatic CA reviews on all of our authors a couple times a year, so you don't have to take any action to be considered - just make sure that you're using appropriate ratings/advisories on your submissions and are following the rules when you review. You can read a little more about that process +here. Where do people get their graphics? Most either get them from or graphics section +here or check out dedicated graphics sites like +The-Dark-Arts or +Shadowplay. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to a staff member. Thank you!
  11. abhorsen.

    Certified Author Status

    New and edited chapters submitted to our archive must be approved by an auror (archive validator) before they're made visible to the public, to ensure that they follow our archive's site guidelines. Every so often, we evaluate author accounts to determine whether to grant them Certified Author status (or CA status, for short). Being a CA allows you to bypass the queue and post your chapters directly to the archive; it requires a lot of trust not only in your intentions but also in your ability to interpret and apply our rules, so we don't hand it out lightly. We do, however, want the process to be straightforward, so here's a quick rundown of what we look at when we're doing a CA status review. Rejection rate and number of chapters. During a given review, we only consider authors who have at least 25 chapters uploaded and a rejection rate lower than 7%. Falling into that group doesn't guarantee that you'll get it; it just means that we'll consider you. Broadly speaking, the lower your rejection rate and the more chapters you've uploaded, the better your chances are of getting CA status. Reasons for rejections. Some rejections are more concerning to us than others. Rejections because you submitted too many chapters or had to be reminded to bump up your rating for language don't concern us as much as rejections because you forgot to add an advisory for sexual assault or self-harm. The latter doesn't disqualify you, but we will look at the rest of your history more closely to see if you've used the advisory or rating correctly in other situations, and we'll hold off if we're unsure. Correct use of ratings/advisories. We give authors a lot of room to explore very sensitive/mature themes, and since CAs have the ability to post any story without going through the queue, we want to feel confident that they understand the rules and how to assign rating/advisories appropriately. As such, a track record of using a wide variety of ratings and advisories correctly may work in your favor, where stories that are mostly rated A may not. Issues that come up in our CA review. Before bumping authors, our archive staff goes through and does a quick review of their work to make sure that there isn't something that was missed the first time around. If we find something, we may just ask you to add the advisory/change the rating and bump you anyway, but we may also just hold off on bumping you instead. There are other things that may enter into consideration, but those are the main things we look at. We do not take subjective issues like quality, someone's forum activity, or friendships with staff members into account. If you have any questions about CA status, you are welcome to contact any archive staff member.
  12. We've been in the process of rewriting the archive rules + tutorials for the past few months to make them simpler/easier to understand. That concern was raised a couple times in our end-of-year feedback as well, so we'd like to get a sense of which archive advisories members are using as readers - i.e., what advisories might make you avoid (or seek out) a story? If you have any commentary to add as well, please feel free to leave it below or reach out to the staff privately. Thank you!
  13. Hey, HPFTers! The staff have been discussing changing the hate speech/slur advisory, and we'd like to ask you all for input. The things on the table: Terminology. One thing we've been talking about is changing the label to "Derogatory Language" - we're concerned that the current phrasing might come across as carrying implications that aren't necessarily accurate of the stories that are labeled with it. Context. We've also discussed changing the rule to make it a little more clear-cut. There are two options that we see: require the advisory whenever slurs are used according to to that definition regardless of context, or only require them when they're used in an insulting context. I've put a poll up - please choose all that apply and leave a comment if you'd like to (or have a different suggestion) by March 10. Thank you!
  14. Hello!! A few things -- we're ready to test a new review feature and will take the first 5 people to respond to this thread as testing subjects. To qualify for this you must have: A story on HPFT that's up to date/complete compared to where it's been published elsewhere Reviews for that story from another site that you've saved Time (like 30-60 minutes) Once we have a few rounds of testing I'll feel more comfortable releasing this to the world. Please respond that you're interested and I'll PM you with more information! The other exciting point for this post is -- please vote for the next archive feature you'd like tho see. These are: Add kudos to a chapter/story similar to AO3 Keep chapters published when they go in the queue for editing If you haven't noticed this yet, when you edit a chapter it is no longer visible on the site due to the way our chapter files are stored. Mark chapters as read (or unread) and put stories on your reading list View who has marked an author as their favorite While I've had other suggestions re: search and review order, I'm not tackling those at the moment (as they involve ripping apart how something works as opposed to adding something new, which is easier).
  15. BellaLestrange87

    Report Spam Reviews Here

    As many of you have noticed, there's been quite a lot of spam reviews on the archives lately. We're working on a way of dealing with them on the archive side, but for now, if you receive a spam review(s), post a link to it here and a validator will delete it for you. After the spam has been dealt with your post will be deleted.
  16. Hello, all! I've had a few conversations with various members over the past month, and pretty much everyone has said that they think that some kind of option to sort by the author's forum house on our archive (e.g., Ravenclaw for me) would be really useful when it came to things like monthly/yearly awards, review competitions, etc. We can definitely do that, if there's consensus that it would be a good idea. There are two possible ways to go about it, though, and I wanted to get some feedback on 1) whether you'd like it and 2) which option you'd prefer, if so. Option 1: Have an open series for each house, and allow people to add their stories to it. The major pro to this is that it's very easy to add stories - you don't have to do it one at a time. It's not really sortable, though, which isn't ideal. Option 2: Have a new category for the common rooms - similar to the inclusitivity category, the themes category, etc. This option would be fully sortable (so you could look for a angsty Scorbus written by someone in your house), which is awesome, but you'd have to add the tag to each of your stories individually, as well as change them all over if you changed houses. Option 3: Leave it as is, without any option to sort for house. Feel free to reply with any comments/requests for clarification as well. <3 Thank you!
  17. If we do make this an option, I'm thinking I'll include the option in the themes category, though if you have another thought, please feel free to share it as well.
  18. We're tweaking the archive's menu options, and one thing we're thinking about is which search option to keep. We don't feel like it makes sense to have more than one, so we wanted to check in with you guys to see what you would prefer. Keep in mind, too, they we will not be taking 'fandoms' off regardless, which is one of the browse options (and probably the one used most often) & search includes a link to the advanced search, which is really useful if you're looking for something specific. Thank you!
  19. Hello friends! As we continue work on the official HPFT Archive, we want to know your preferences about reviews and ratings and we hope you'll express those opinions by voting in the poll above. We would also like your opinion on the ability to leave ratings without leaving a review. Questions and additional feedback are, as always, welcome by replying to this thread as well. Before voting or replying however, please take time to read the explanations for each option. Reviews with a "star" rating: This permits readers to not only leave a text review on your story, but to assign it between one-half (1/2) and five (5) stars. A story's "star" rating would be visible to members and guests. Reviews with likes/dislikes: This permits readers to not only leave a text review on your story, but to indicate whether they "liked" or "disliked" it. Likes and dislikes would be visible to members and guests. Reviews with no rating system: This abolishes ratings and only permits text reviews to be left by readers. Finally, please tell us whether you would hate, love, or be ambivalent toward giving members and guests the ability to assign a rating (star or like/dislike) without also leaving a review. Thanks for your feedback!
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